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  1. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion - Applause: 200K+ projection (Week 1)   

    The songs is AMAZING and is doing well in the charts, and it's just the beginning. I can't wait to see how it turns out after the music video and the performances! 
    God bless da queen :legend:
  2. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Gaga working with NASA & ARTPOP news   

    Wish NASA?

    I can feel something big is coming
  3. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Vincent Herbert: Gaga to perform at Obama's inauguration   


    Would be an awesome promo for a new single
  4. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: BTWBall 2.0 CHANGES   

    [quote name='Josip' timestamp='1357997949' post='2117085']
    [/quote] Bless you!!!

    Her vocals, the outfit, everything looks so perfect! I waited so long for this performance, thank you!
  5. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: BTWBall 2.0 CHANGES   

  6. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga performed at the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Concert   

    [quote name='TeoX85' timestamp='1355626687' post='2010137']
    It took me 3 seconda to forget about Xtina existence.
    [b]Her voice? DEAR LORD![/b]

    IKR? She better put some of that energy on ARTPOP
  7. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga performed at the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Concert   

    [quote name='HausOfCarlos' timestamp='1355626058' post='2010090']
    no, you can hear here: [url=""][/url]
    [/quote] "doesn't matter' everywhere

    however, thank you!
  8. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga performed at the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Concert   

    Her voice blew me away! OMG the energy, the dancing...

    Mike & Gaga together are unstoppable
  9. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Born This Way, Edge of Glory hold on strong   

    Slay Like Lady Gaga

  10. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga performed at the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Concert   

    So excited to watch them rock the stage with our Queen

    by the way, how many hours to go?
  11. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga with Rolling Stones   

    They better slay my life with that show
  12. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Zedd on ARTPOP: It will knock your D in the dirt!   

    If I only knew what it means

    Anyway, I'm really excited!
  13. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Born This Way Ball 2.0 is coming!   

    I think this will only get even better tbh
  14. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga confirms Born This Way Ball tour DVD   

    Thanks lord
  15. JoseLittleMonster added a post in a topic: Gaga Sad After Monsters Comments On Her Weight   

    She is an [b]ARTIST[/b]!!! why is her weight relevant to everyone? she has to be judged by her music and her art not by her body!

Status Feed

  1. JoseLittleMonster

    Can someone help me with a tattoo design? I want to get "it's too cold outside for angels to fly" in my arm but my writing it's awful, help please!

  2. JoseLittleMonster

    Princess Die ft. Lana Del Rey would be epic tbh

    1. Vamp

      I am REALLY hoping that is fake. Not here for that.
    2. WarriorPrince

      it would slay me so hard
    3. heavyMetalGAGA

      lana's overrated. glad it's fake.
  3. JoseLittleMonster

    Homophobic people should not be able to come to Gagadaily tbh

    1. Vanilla

    2. JoseLittleMonster

      Because even when they try to be nice they are offensive anyway
  4. JoseLittleMonster

    Can we just stop making threads about Gaga's weight? I can't believe this is a thing

  5. JoseLittleMonster

    Someone has to tell me how to make a GIF from a video snippet :giveup:

  6. JoseLittleMonster

    Can someone explian to me why everybody on twitter is like "lot of people want to meet Gaga too, you ungrateful *****" what am I missing?

    1. msclairvoyant

      IDK but I'm hearing that fans where calling her Fame party boring to her face and she was upset. Other monsters are not happy.
    2. msclairvoyant

    3. JoseLittleMonster

      OMG, now I get it! of course she must be upset! I guess they are ungrateful ***** for real!
    4. DirtyPonyRebel

      Some people thought they got ripped off because they paid 140 american dollars to meet her and they only got to take one pic and sit with her for a minute, apparently they expressed their discontentment directly to her and she looked saddened by their feedback.
    5. Zilla

      ONE person did that
    6. JoseLittleMonster

      So, they expected to spend the whole night drinking and dancing with her? lol. Thanks for the info anyway.
    7. DirtyPonyRebel

      Yeah, that was really uncalled for. She's really sentimental about how fans feel towards her so I hope it doesn't affect her all that much.
    8. misanthrope

      This fanbase always gets generalized by the actions of specific irrational people.
    9. DirtyPonyRebel

      @leviticus, tell me about it.
    10. JoseLittleMonster

      Not only this fanbase! every fanbase has the same problem.

      @DirtyPonyRebel: I hope so too :ohno:
    11. omglion

      Not only fanbases, how about the world!
    12. inuborg

      D: that is horrible
    13. Tyler D

      After fans being so ingrateful, Gaga will no more make a new perfume. She is so so so so SAD with the childish attitude of a guy. And he wasn´t even attractive, btw.
  7. JoseLittleMonster

    This FAME mini-era is slaying! the fashion is so perfect!!! :flutter:

  8. JoseLittleMonster

    Rumors has it Gaga is singing Imagine by John Lennon tonight at the BTWBall! :flutter:

    1. JoseLittleMonster

    2. J e s s e

  9. JoseLittleMonster

    ShadyGa has to write a couple of songs for the next album!

    1. Red

      We could, we could be kunts together, we are artshade, we are artshade baby.
    2. JoseLittleMonster

      :toofunny: would hit #1 trust me
    3. LeoFameMonster

      and release it at singles @ a madonna concert lmao
  10. JoseLittleMonster

    we're all born naked and the rest is drag! :tea:

  11. JoseLittleMonster

    Nekci Menij show episode 10 was a mess, I didn't understand nothing!

    1. Redstreak

      Did you see the season one Gags reel? XD
    2. JoseLittleMonster

      yes, that was amazing!!! the funny fact is that Gaga did no mistakes!
  12. JoseLittleMonster

    No more reputation points? good :golfclap:

  13. JoseLittleMonster

    Wtf is the "neutral" thing? :wtf:

    1. Little Kermit

      It shows up as neutral when you don't have any upvotes/downvotes.
    2. JoseLittleMonster

      Just saw the thread about it, thanks!
    3. Morphine Prince

      Where is the thread? Idk how this system works yet...
    4. Little Kermit

      I believe this is the official thread about it:
  14. JoseLittleMonster

    ALL I WANNA DO IS **** YOUR BODY! I know you want it!

  15. JoseLittleMonster

    Skipping the school 3 days in a row, I need to do something :S

    1. Valentino

      You skipped school 3 days in a row?
    2. Nagini

      you've been a very bad bad boy jose
    3. Nagini

      no seriously. don't skip school. you'll regret it if you do it more often
    4. J e s s e

      a very, very bad, bad boy jose.
    5. Bae

      Were you committing a murder? :creepflop: I'll help :hor:
    6. JoseLittleMonster

      @Valentino: Yes, 3 days this week.
      @Pyrenti: No, I was just bored :toofloppy:

      By the way, I can see how iconic the telephone video is :legend:

    7. Valentino

      Noooooo whyyyyy? You must not skip school that often! :ohno:
    8. JoseLittleMonster

      @Valentino: I never do it that often, just this week, I usually do it twice a month.
    9. Valentino

      Oh, well that's not too bad. =o)
    10. Nagini

      don't encourage him! never skip school! education is too valuable.
    11. Nagini

      y u so v naughty jose? i 'm going to tell your parents
    12. JoseLittleMonster

      @GreenCreams: lol, trust me, I care about my education and I have good grades in almost every class, but skipping the school is something that I will never stop doing, I just have to do it with less frecuency.
    13. Valentino

      I wasn't encouraging him...just saying missing 2 day a month ain't that bad. Though no, you shouldn't miss any school unless you have to. =o)
  16. JoseLittleMonster

    Finally chating with Gaga on I'm so hapy right now! :cry:

    1. BlueVenusian

      Congrats! Ask her her fave color :hor:
    2. Bad Kids

      Vuitton Brown
    3. JoseLittleMonster

      She only said "how are you monsters" "I missed you" "I love you all" and then she was gone :crossed:
  17. JoseLittleMonster

    Math test today! wish me luck! :ohno:

    1. Gaga is Life

      Good luck! I hope you smash it ;)
    2. GagaOopsy

      UGH!!! I hate math!!! Good luck.
    3. BlueVenusian

      Good luck! Ace the test so.your parents will give you more GGD time :nacho:
    4. Mark

      good luck :)
    5. Driezewies

      good luck :)
    1. boysboysboys

    2. Highway Capricorn

      yes,mother bitch
    3. Nemo

      Seriously, don't.
  18. JoseLittleMonster

    I wish I could come back to 2010 and live everything again, I wouldn't change a thing!

  19. JoseLittleMonster

    I don't really get the whole Perez/Tara/Gaga situation, what going on? :huh:

    1. Highway Capricorn

      Perez said in his last post about Gaga that wearing fur is cruel and wrong and nobody should do it,then Tara shaded him on Twitter and he responded
    2. JoseLittleMonster

      I just read both tweets, thank you :D
  20. JoseLittleMonster

    I SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS, tho I do not support PETA

    1. Arturo

      ASPCA tbh :nails:
    2. JoseLittleMonster

      :golfclap: exactly what I'm talking about
    3. Arturo

      The ASPCA actually takes time to rescue animals.
      PETA just talks shit and does nothing :nails:
  21. JoseLittleMonster

    Did someone find a working link for the show? :giveup: please someone tell me

  22. JoseLittleMonster

    Princess Die has to be on ARTPOP, it's maybe her best ballad ever :legend:

    1. HybridWarhol

      Ikr. :legend:
  23. JoseLittleMonster

    "everybody needs to relax, it's just music"

  24. JoseLittleMonster

    It's not ok to wear fur, you are killian an inocent animal for fashion, their lives are more important than that!

    1. AbeTheBabe

      Shut up and go eat a burger
    2. Morina

      animals are on this earth to be abused by humans. thats how it is.
    3. JoseLittleMonster

      over my dead vegetarian body
    4. Americano

    5. JoseLittleMonster

      @Morina did you read what you write? gosh, they can feel pain, they are alive! what you are saying it's just inhumane! they deserve to be here more than us.
    6. AbeTheBabe

      PETA is a corrupted extremist organization that uses all their donations to fund their own campaigns.
      None of their money goes to the animals they supposedly want to save.
      So they can take a seat.
    7. AbeTheBabe

      The most they've done is throw food on celebrities wearing fur. How fukcing productive.
    8. JoseLittleMonster

      I don't give a crap about PETA, even tho they are corrupted it doesn't change the fact that wearing fur is wrong.