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  1. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: Marina and the Diamonds   

    so i made a remix of Electra Heart using the newly released acapella from Betatraxx

    hope you all enjoy :)

  2. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: "Cheek To Cheek is the end of the beginning of my career!"   

    but Cheek To Cheek isn't Gaga's album? :huh: making an album with an artist as a feature only wouldn't be part of her contract, meaning CTC has no affect on the amount of albums she's required to make for Interscope
  3. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    me too :giveup: the odds of it leaking arnt very high, but its possible!
    considering none of us would have ever expected Brooklyn Nights to actually leak, another version being leaked doesnt seem so impossible after all :laughga:

  4. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    if you compare this snippet to the demo we have, you can hear that its 100% a different vocal take, its not possible to edit something so much that it sounds like a completely different way of singing without it being extremely noticable :shrug: and also, the reason the new vocals may not sound mastered, is because they very well might not be! Brooklyn Nights is still an unreleased song, and will have countless demo versions that included mastered and unmastered vocals ;)  if Gaga does plan on ever releasing Brooklyn Nights, it'll be a completely mastered and mixed version that isnt this 'newer' version in the snippet. i get that you're skeptical, and i was at first! but after adding everything up, and having the information that i have on people having this, i know for a fact its a newer version :yes:
  5. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    not possible.

    to do pitch alteration on the vocals only they would require the official studio acapella, as the instrumental stays in perfect pitch ;)
  6. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    it is her, trust me :)
    there isnt any way someone could record OVER her vocals at the end of the "one brooklyn night'll do" part without it sounding like a hot mess, it just isnt possible


    Yep! i dont know exactly how many people have it, but its definitely in circulation :yes: 

  7. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    the snippet was orignally posted by a member here named 'MonsterVlad' but he removed it from his Soundcloud, not many people payed attention to it but it is official
    luckily someone ripped the snippet:
    if you notice, the 'have a drink with your former self' part is a completely different vocal take, not as soft as the demo vocals :)

  8. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: @ARTPOP32886 is posting BN final version   

    its fake

    there IS however a final version of Brooklyn Nights on the wherabouts, which has completely different vocal takes on parts of the song :)
  9. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: "Venus" confirmed as the second single, released worldwide on 10/27   

    we haven't heard Venus yet tho, opinons can change :shrug:
  10. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: "Venus" confirmed as the second single, released worldwide on 10/27   

    can the OP add the prod. info? :) the producer for Venus is an 'upcoming female producer' named Audrey Napoleon
    shes already confirmed to fans that she is indeed the producer to this song, as she hinted in her Tweet
    "@audreynapoleon   1h
    Men are from Mars aren't they ⏰"
    "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

  11. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: Perez Hilton Drama: Gaga Twitter, Perez stalks Gaga and responds   

    He still hasn't explained why he was at the building tho :awkney:
  12. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: "Applause" now available on iTunes Worldwide!   

    https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/artpop/id687737873 try this link :)
  13. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: "Applause" now available on iTunes Worldwide!   

    Go buy it! :party:  :party:  :party: :party:  
    For those of you who cant find Applause, when you open Lady Gaga's page on iTunes change sort by 'Bestseller' on the album section to 'Release Date', ARTPOP should appear and through that you can purchase Applause :)

  14. ElectricHooker added a post in a topic: Marina and the Diamonds   

    Theres only 2 record stores where i live and none have Marina :( when did you get yours? its gotten so much rarer recently, even the over-priced ones are selling o.o

Status Feed

    1. Ross

  1. ElectricHooker

    To anyone who loves Bonnie McKee or just likes her new song American Girl, i made a remix of it for you all! feel free to listen! link is in the comments, enjoy :)

    1. ElectricHooker

  2. ElectricHooker

    Does anyone here have the studio acapella to Bonnie McKee's song American Girl? i know some people have it bc its on the public domain, and i really need it for a remix D:

  3. ElectricHooker

    http://www.marinaboards.com/ join Marina Boards guys :hor: 800 member leak approaching, 2 more members required
    1. Natsu

      New Marina? am coming
    2. MarryTheSequins

      what will they leak?!
    3. ElectricHooker

      3 Stem packs were leaked, go check em out! :)
  4. ChicaSkas » ElectricHooker

    Benny! do you still have the filters of The Lady Is A Tramp that you made on the old GGD :flutter: <3 hope so, I'd like to hear them :) love, Chica

    1. ElectricHooker

      Do you mean the badly made Solo Version i did? :P my audio skills were quite bad back then, but if you do mean that as i dont remember making any filters for that song, then yes! i still have it :) would you like me to give you a DL link?
    2. ChicaSkas

      yes please i would love it boo <3
    3. ElectricHooker

      the quality is quite bad, as well as the filter itself, but here you go!<3 http://www.mediafire.com/?sq9xj9ic4b4xsg9

      if you want me to try making a better version i can :)
    4. ChicaSkas

      thanks boo !!!
  5. ElectricHooker

    What exactly are we waiting for with ARTPOP, like, Gaga is better now, and there will be singles done for it, sooooo

  6. ElectricHooker

    My mood just went from being unbelievable awful to the happiest its been in a long time omg so happyyy!

    1. Ellie Sioux

      that's fab! what's lifted your mood?
    2. ElectricHooker

      just some news i got from a friend :D the realisation that i have only 4 days left in school made my mood even more better HAHA
    3. Ellie Sioux

      that's great! and YES school sucks i bet you can't wait to get out! :party:
  7. ElectricHooker

    I expected a summery-dance tune for Mileys new song, nothing like that at all tbh... its so bad imo

  8. ElectricHooker

    i really wish i could of been an 80's kid, everything seemed so much better back then..

    1. Nate

      Have you seen the movie "Midnight in Paris"? :derpga:
    2. Jjang

      I know right.
    3. ElectricHooker

      @Twin YES! if only the same could happen to me but instead it take me to the 1980's

      @Jjang if only time machines existed.. history would be pretty messed up but still HAHAHAH anything to get me to the 1980's would be great
    4. Nate

      I see you didn't get the whole point of the movie :laughga: When you were in the 80's, you'd want to go back to the 70's and then to the 60's and so on, because every place has its problems and shockingly, they're all the same ones.
    5. ElectricHooker

      ohhhhhh, yeah I kinda just skimmed through the movie because my mum was watching xD but I get you :P
  9. ElectricHooker

    the Rock Mix of I Kissed A Girl is so epicly fierce, bless you Dr Luke for making such heavenly music

  10. ElectricHooker

    https://soundcloud.com/djlazerlight/nicki-mina-starships anyone who likes Nicki or the song Starships please listen, feedback is always great ;D
  11. ElectricHooker

    Hello.... wherever you are, are you dancin' on the dance floor drinkin' by the bar

  12. ElectricHooker

    when you know youve got something good going when making music :legend:

  13. ElectricHooker

    anyone know a good song in B Major?

  14. ElectricHooker

    having a BTW day, woke up in the mood for some dacing to BJAF :legend:

    1. Didymus

      AMENN!! Enjoy it, gurl.
  15. ElectricHooker

    Zedd's song Codec is giving me so much life rn

    1. Glamorous

    2. ElectricHooker

      his album is so good :legend:
    3. Nick

      I love that song. Clarity is a masterpiece.
    4. ElectricHooker

      ikr! really wish i'd of started listening to him sooner, but later is better than never i guess :P
  16. ElectricHooker

    it has been 5 days since i ordered from GAME and my game still has not arrived what even is this

    1. Nagini

      call them and make them listen to ur harangue :Whitney:
    2. Nagini

      i did that once with staples and the lady was so annoyed. it's quite fun :fan:
    3. Born2BeBrave

      You've obviously never worked in customer service.
    4. ElectricHooker

      @GreenCreams ive tried calling them, got no answer >_>
      @G U Y why would i have worked in GAME's customer service? :rofl: i paid £5 for it to arrive next day, and it was despatched 4 days ago, so it should really be here by now... and it would of been nice if they actually gave me a tracking number like they were supposed to
    5. Samuel

      Blegh I hate waiting for packages, although 5 days isn't excruiatingly bad... you should've just gone down to the actual shop. Or in future just use Amazon for everything. Whatever GAME has, Amazon will have :)
    6. ElectricHooker

      i dont think 5 days is that bad either, just that i paid extra for it to be here quicker xD and i really wish i'd of gone to Amazon, i always use it but i thought of giving GAME a try for once, next time its Amazon all the way :toofunny:
    7. lodylody

      Complain and demand another game be sent out. I did that with Necki Menij's album and got two copies of it :legend:
    8. Born2BeBrave

      I wasn't talking to you EH, directed at GC for his comment about how you should call and complain.
    9. Nagini

      well you should
    10. Nagini

      He paid extra to get it at an earlier time yet it's still late. nothing wrong with complaining lol
  17. ElectricHooker

    This place is a mess tbh, it isnt even April Fools anymore :deadbanana:

    1. dynamite

      It is in most/all of the US lol
  18. ElectricHooker

    getting sick again after it being only 1 day since i fully recovered... i swear i have the worst immue system ever

  19. ElectricHooker

    The Queen and Hair Instrumentals just leaked...

    1. iAstroLeo

    2. ElectricHooker

      http://vk.com/hausofgaga top 2 links
    3. ElectricHooker

      oh now You & I also :toofunny:
    4. iAstroLeo

  20. ElectricHooker

    why has GAME still not delivered my game wat r they doin I NEED IT NAOWWW

  21. ElectricHooker

    does anyone here know if GAME deliver on Saturdays? i orded a game before 1pm on Thrusday using Express Delivery and it still hasnt arrived -_-

  22. ElectricHooker

    Zedds album :legend: so amazing