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  1. Bambino added a post in a topic: Taylor on Katy: "I'm never going to talk about her"   

    This "feud" is so boring and stupid. What are they even fighting about?
  2. Bambino added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    Notifications don't load.
    Also the hide posts/threads feature seems to be missing.
    You can't reply to statuses unless you go to the member's profile if you leave a comment on someone's profile, you can't delete it.
  3. Bambino added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga announces Shiseido commercials!   

    she looks good.
  4. Bambino added a post in a topic: Performances: The 2009 VMAs OR The 2015 Oscars?   

    Each of these two performance impacted Gaga's career in its own way, but which one is your favorite?
  5. Bambino added a post in a topic: Cher Praises Madonna   

    Such good friends!

  6. Bambino added a post in a topic: Gaga has MORE google searches in US than when ARTPOP was released!   

    Many :fan: If what the public thinks of Gaga is not that important, why do they enjoy all the praise Gaga is getting lately? So they should just sit down and keep enjoying dat praise.

  7. Bambino added a post in a topic: Gaga has MORE google searches in US than when ARTPOP was released!   

    inb4 people say they don't care what the public thinks of her :smh:
  8. Bambino added a post in a topic: Katy Perry reportedly working on new album with T. Swift diss track   

    If this is true, then it's fucking st u pid :smh:
  9. Bambino added a post in a topic: Will AHS open many doors for gagas acting career?   

    I think it's up to her. I'm pretty sure she received offers to be on movies or TV shows but she probably turned them down. So if she does good this time and wants to go on, it depends on how she sees it.
  10. Bambino added a post in a topic: VOGUE: Don’t Call It a Comeback: Lady Gaga Hasn’t Been Here for That M   

    The praise is f u cking unstoppable.
  11. Bambino added a post in a topic: Ellen Jokes About Gaga Being Engaged To Tony Bennett   

    Ellen :lmao:
  12. Bambino added a post in a topic: Bobby Campbell is the best thing that ever happened to Gaga ! <3   

    She's also happier and more positive now than she was before and that's the best part of it :legend:
  13. Bambino added a post in a topic: What do you think Gaga is working on today?   

    It can be anything. She has a lot of projects to work on this year :party:
  14. Bambino added a post in a topic: ITS COMING BACK   

    Everything is so great now :nooo:
  15. Bambino added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    This is exciting :party: I think she'll release something around the time she'll be on the show. That would be great anyway :legend:

Status Feed

  1. Bambino

    Admin is it possible for GGD to look like this ? That site is also updated and it looks much better. The categories images can replace the little default ones. Everything would look amazing tbh.

    1. Iggy Azalea

      It looks like every other and our old forum layout. :awkney: 

    2. Bambino

      It has the updated software, which means threads, PMs, statuses work the same as here but the layout is easier and more usable imo.

    3. Pandora

      I kinda agree. Not as basic as that but I see what you mean. It could be cute. We don't HAVE to push to be so unfunctional and different

    4. Phoenix

      What Iggy Azaza said but I like round avis. :) 

    5. Eric

      I like this much better than the layout we have now

    6. Bambino

      Admin can take the exact theme they have on that site and make Gaga-ish, customize it but make it easier to surf and more functionable.

    7. RBNLM

      This looks boring i think we have to wait till everything is fixed i'm enjoying the updates

    8. Bambino

      It looks boring because it's the basic theme but if admin took the same exact theme, edited the colors, added a Gaga pic.. etc! it'd look great.

  2. Bambino

    I get emails everytime I receive a PM. I can't fix that in Notifications for some reason.

  3. Bambino

    Eres mi nuevo viciooooo!!!

    1. Guille

      Jamming to it RIGHT NOW :nooo: 

    2. Bambino

      The song is amazing. Sad she's not promoting it anywhere so far. I hope the album is soon.

  4. Bambino

    Now can we add profile headers please?

  5. Bambino

    I appreciate Admin's hard work but the categories look awful now. Really they looked better before. Images will make surfing harder.  Maybe this IPB update isn't the best.

    1. bionic

      I like the photos but I wish we still had the 'last post/when' thing.

    2. Bambino

      I hate them. This "update" took more features than it should've given. We literally had more things on the old theme.

    3. bionic

      Most of them are coming back. Some have been replaced. Some are thankfully not coming back.

    4. Pandora

      @Bionic I agree. I think it looks beautiful but I think maybe we should have maybe have a 'The Latest' section (perhaps underneath the statuses or somewhere in that region :laughga:) which shows a list of some threads which have most recently been posted in? Do you know what I mean? Similar to ATRL

    5. bionic

      ATRL's is a mess tho :laughga: Speaking of ATRL, when they getting their update? :laughga: 

    6. Pandora

      That's not my point. I'm just talking about how they have a little tab which shows thread that are currently active. Idk about their update. @Bamb what stuff has been taken away?

    7. Bambino

      The categories pics could've been smaller. But really tho if everything wasn't so ready why did we have it early? We were doing fine with the previous theme i think :laughga:

    8. Bambino

      The hide feature is gone.

      Deleting your comments on other profiles is gone.

      Viewing all statuses is gone.

      Searching results as posts is gone.

      Searching statuses is gone.

      You can't comment on statuses unless you go to a member's profile.

    9. Mariann

      The activity stream is a nice way to see what's been posted recently. Also when you type you can view all status updates at once. 

    10. Yanko

      i think most of it will come least i hope so 

  6. Bambino

    nooo stop please, basta par favore nooo!!!

  7. Bambino

    Admin nooo, the new categories with images look ugly :/ Make them look as they did before :/

    1. JaysAMess


    2. TEANUS

      I like them tbh

    3. Bambino

      they look horrible.

    4. TEANUS

      Not really

  8. Bambino

    Why does postcount matter? I lost thousands of posts and I don't think it's a big deal.

  9. Bambino

    So f**king tired, I hate this feeling!

  10. Bambino

    How can I add a profile header?


      I wanna know too

    2. Adam

      Look at the upper right corner of your header on your profile.  There should be a drop down button called "Cover Photo" like customization on the old site.  You see it?  If you have a photo ready, I could upload it for you for now until we fix the bugs.


      There's only the Edit profile button up there...

    4. Bambino

      There isn't a "cover photo" button for me. I can't wait til it's available for everyone :)

  11. Bambino

    Emoticons don't work either?

    1. Henry

      You can't just type : lmao : because it doesn't work. You actually have to click the button, click categories, then click emoticons and use them from there. That's the only way it works for me

    2. Bambino

      i hate this update tbh. Do notifications load for you? they don't for me.

    3. Iggy Azalea

      What :lmao: I typed the emoticon and it worked.

    4. Henry

      Test :rip: 

      Oh yea it works now :emma:

      @Bambino Yea notifications work for me


    5. Bambino

      Let me see :awesome:

      emoticons worked here but on pms it didn't.


    6. Iggy Azalea

      Notifications are also working fine for me. People are saying they don't like the update because of the bugs, You guys need to expect bugs and we're the people who are supposed to test and find those bugs to report. :spin:

  12. Phoenix » Bambino

    Notifications still not working? 

    1. Bambino

      they're not working. what about you?

    2. inuborg

      But when does this show up on the main page for everyone to see lol

    3. Phoenix

      Same, I have around 10 and can't see any of those. :rip: It's extremely annoying.

    4. Bambino

      I have more than that and I can't see any of them. Even if I go to it gives me this error

      Fatal error: Call to a member function author() on a non-object in /home/gagadail/public_html/applications/core/extensions/core/Notifications/Profile.php on line 159.

      Same with you?

    5. Phoenix

      Yes. :(Yes. 

    6. Bambino

      I'm not a fan of this update tbh :giveup:

    7. Phoenix

      Me neither. Not sure if there's one thing that I like about it. So messy. Ugh.

    8. Bambino

      It's just that the old one had more features than this one. Emoticons don't work, notifications don't load, no hide option.. etc!

    9. Phoenix

      Not readable, avi's smaller (if that's even possible), sigs hopefully coming back, I hate how threads look like, with those things on the right, status updates and new topics, messy. Embeding is bad too. I can't. 

    10. Bambino

      Wish there was a theme switcher or something.

      I need to see those notifications :giveup:

    11. Bambino

      i think notifications work now, see if they do for you.

    12. Phoenix

      No :(

    13. Bambino

      maybe give it a little bit of time :(

    14. Phoenix

      Did you do anything speccial or did it just suddenly start working?

    15. Bambino

      nothing, it just started working by itself. but I did try to leave some tabs with pages and i clicked on notifications and left them to load for sometime, and they eventually didn't so i closed them. i did nothing.

  13. Bambino

    I have lots of notifications and they don't load for me please fix :giveup:

  14. Bambino

    love me love me

    1. definthejam

      pls RT

    2. Miley Ray Cyrus

      let me be the girl under you that makes you cry

  15. Bambino

    Notifications don't load for me and if I try to go to it gives me: Fatal error: Call to a member function author() on a non-object in /home/gagadail/public_html/applications/core/extensions/core/Notifications/Profile.php on line 159. Help!

    1. Phoenix

      Same problem here. :'(

    2. ChicaSkas

      just screenshot it and send it to admin, tweet it to him if you have to

    3. Bambino

      i read admin said notifications are lagging atm so I suppose he knows.

  16. Bambino

    Do notifications load for anyone?

    1. bionic

      yes, but slowly

    2. Bambino

      they don't load for me.

  17. Bambino » lego

    can you please unfollow me? i wanna disable that feature :) thank you!

    1. lego

      I thought it replaced friends feature. Mess.

    2. Bambino

      It's not. I heard that when you follow people, you start getting notifications about everything they do. If they post, make a status, comment... etc!

  18. Bambino

    Goodbye my +54K posts. That was a good run. Let's do it again!

    1. bionic

      Oh my

    2. bionic

      i only lost 2k :laughga:


    3. Bambino

      it's fine tho, doesn't matter that much.

  19. Bambino

    I can't get used to this. I hope it's not the final theme.

  20. Bambino

    This looks so different from what I thought.

  21. Bambino


  22. Bambino

    Some people are really flawless. That's not fair :giveup:

    1. Skrill

      yeah u f.e.
  23. Bambino

    i'm on sum dumb shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  24. Bambino

    The real "music not the bling" chanteuse is Paulina Rubio. She's just released a new single, didn't do any performances or even a radio interview, and look where she is now giving no f**ks at all