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  1. fabiocrispim added a post in a topic: Pencil Drawings   

    I did these for my ten hour Art Exam


  2. fabiocrispim added a post in a topic: Redone Re-Followed Gaga Again!   

    [quote name='NoGagaNoLife' timestamp='1338729240' post='1336667']
    I don't want my twitter to do that

    Maybe it's just mine
  3. fabiocrispim added a post in a topic: Redone Re-Followed Gaga Again!   

    [quote name='NoGagaNoLife' timestamp='1338728286' post='1336606']
    But now he isn't following her..

    My twitter randomly unfollows Gaga sometimes
  4. fabiocrispim added a post in a topic: Cheryl (Cole)   

    Does anyone have a HQ link to 'Call My Name'?
    I was late

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  1. fabiocrispim

    Who knows any good headphones? I need new ones to replace my heartbeats :hor:

    1. inuborg

      heartbeats 2.0 :hor:
    2. la fama

      Over-ear, on-ear or in-ear, and what's your budget?
    3. fabiocrispim

      It was 2.0's that broke! The left earphone stopped working and I lost the reciept :(
      In-ear and nothing too expensive, preferably £100 or less!
    4. la fama

      These ^ would be a great choice. Would probably be even better than the heartbeats at an even cheaper price.

      Other good options:
    5. fabiocrispim

      Thank you so much!
      I'll look into them!
  2. fabiocrispim

    Does anyone have the Monster Ball Tour Interludes in audio?

  3. fabiocrispim

    Nice to hear new music from The Veronicas

    1. Pop Culture

      Oh, they're back? :O
    2. fabiocrispim

      Their new single was just released!
    3. Pop Culture

      What is it called?
    4. fabiocrispim

    5. Pop Culture

      Thank you :)
    6. fabiocrispim

      Anytime! :D
  4. fabiocrispim

    Just got Gaga tickets for September 9th. YAH.

    1. Harry

      congrats! I'll be there too woohoo :)
    2. fabiocrispim

      Thanks man!
      Wahey, someone from GGD!
  5. fabiocrispim


  6. fabiocrispim

    Does anyone have a download link for Michael Jackson's This is it album?

    1. james19709

      I could get it and then upload it for you? :P
    2. fabiocrispim

      If you do that would be awesome! :D
    3. james19709

      Okay, I'll message you a link when it's done :P
    4. james19709

      Downloaded, I'll upload it now
    5. fabiocrispim

      Ahhh thank you soo much!
    6. james19709

      Check your messages :)
  7. fabiocrispim

    How can you tell if someone's blocked you on skype?

    1. fabiocrispim

      Oh that's cool, thanks man!
      What does a green arrow pointing to the persons name mean? :S
    2. fabiocrispim

      Thanks man!
  8. fabiocrispim

    Can't get a job, might just sell myself instead tbh

    1. Lulu

    2. fabiocrispim

      I get dik out 4 U
    3. Dani

    4. fabiocrispim

  9. fabiocrispim

    I've just lost my heartbeat headphones :'(

    1. Logan

  10. fabiocrispim

    Who wants a blowjob?

    1. drops

    2. Ellie Goulding

      Y U SO HORNY
    3. steven1992

      Yeahhh why not.
    4. fabiocrispim

      Massive orgy plz.
    5. Kontikki

  11. fabiocrispim

    When the guy you like isn't ready for a relationship, what the **** do you do?

    1. Ellie Goulding

      i'll be in a relationship with you tbqh.
    2. Logan

      Maintain a strong friendship with him until he is.
    3. KKILLZ

      move on :sob:
    4. Crash

      Wait, if you think he's worth it
    5. fabiocrispim

      Gah it's hard :(
    6. VisKip

      Give blowjobs?
    7. fabiocrispim

      I'll ask him
    8. Deadpool

    9. fabiocrispim

      He'll get one.
    10. Deadpool

    11. KKILLZ

      can i get a blow job :nasty:
    12. fabiocrispim

      Come to my house.
      My body Is ready
    13. KKILLZ

      *insertmybodyisreadygiffollowed by :naughty:
    14. fabiocrispim

      You better be a mouthful tbqh
    15. KKILLZ

      oh trust me bewp. i am ;)
    16. fabiocrispim

      That's what I like to hear bby ;)
    17. KKILLZ

      lmao just open wide and take it plz.
    18. fabiocrispim

      I'm always open, just force it in roight now
    19. KKILLZ

      ooo force. ;) i like it.
    20. fabiocrispim

  12. Guest » fabiocrispim

    you'v really ****ed up my mood, you know?

    1. fabiocrispim

  13. fabiocrispim

    Summer needs to come back tbh

  14. drops » fabiocrispim

    Your signature... i can't *suicides*

    1. fabiocrispim

      It's beautiful <3
    2. drops

      more than beautiful, it's perfect
    3. fabiocrispim

      Preach it!
    4. drops


      LOL! i just love him :flutter:
    5. fabiocrispim

      Me too :D

      hewillmarrymeinthefuture tbh
    6. drops

      omg, he's just too sexy to be true *creys*
  15. fabiocrispim

    When you don't know where you stand with someone...

  16. Guest » fabiocrispim

    hey there :)

    1. fabiocrispim

    2. fabiocrispim

      I'm goooooooooood thanks! Yourself?
    3. fabiocrispim

      Oh god, tell me about it, it's just shit now!
      Turned eighteen on Wednesday, woooo! You?
    4. fabiocrispim

      You look older!
      Yeah it's me :)
    5. fabiocrispim

      Yeah don't use it much though
    6. fabiocrispim

      What's your skype thingy then? I'll add ya
    7. fabiocrispim

    8. fabiocrispim

      Add that!
    9. fabiocrispim

      I stand by what I said earlier!
      Go up to him!
      Seriously, you have to, it's the best thing to do.
      Even if he isn't always alone, just try, because it's better than nothing
  17. fabiocrispim


  18. fabiocrispim

    Why are you not single?!

    1. fabiocrispim

      But he also isn't ready for a relationship ;)
  19. fabiocrispim

    Madonna's best = Ray Of Light.

  20. fabiocrispim

    Men, all they do is confuse you!

    1. mirandasings

      You confuse yourself? Ok.
    2. fabiocrispim

      Yes. Yes I do.
    3. mirandasings

      ... STALKER ALERT!
    4. mirandasings

      Nice excuse :toofunny:
  21. fabiocrispim

    The guy in the Womanizer video is so damn hot

    1. Kermit the frog


      and he's gay ;)
    2. fabiocrispim

      Shutup he's gay!
      Oh I would ;)
  22. fabiocrispim

    Paparazzi on da radio!

  23. fabiocrispim

    Strangest dream last night, involves trains, guns and no train tickets, dun dun dun.

    1. fabiocrispim

      Hey :)
    2. monsterdevotion

      how are you I'm ed btw
    3. fabiocrispim

      I'm goood thanks, yourself?
      Hello Ed! I'm Fabio :)
    4. monsterdevotion

      I'm good to so where are you from :)?
    5. fabiocrispim

      Portugal :)
    6. monsterdevotion

      Oh thats cool Im from mexico you are really cute btw
    7. fabiocrispim

      Wicked! Must be nice over there! Thank you :)
    8. monsterdevotion

      you can come if you want ;) ha
    9. fabiocrispim

      As long as it's all warm and hot ;)
      England sucks :(
    10. monsterdevotion

      Sometimes the city where I live one moment it's sunny and another it's all rainy and foggy
    11. fabiocrispim

      Ohhh, that's like England, but, most of the time it's raining! Haha
    12. monsterdevotion

      Wr could cuddle!! hah :D
    13. fabiocrispim

      Wooo! Lemme just pack all my stuff and move to mexico! :D
    14. monsterdevotion

      :) do you have skype or something?
    15. fabiocrispim

      Yeah I do :)
      Do you?
    16. monsterdevotion

      Yes :) will you give it to me :P?
    17. fabiocrispim

      Sure,lemme just open it up,I always forget my username lmaoo
    18. monsterdevotion

      lmao I hve some usernames written down I always forget them
    19. fabiocrispim

    20. fabiocrispim

      lmaooo it's so funny when you forget them!
    21. monsterdevotion

      I added you! :)
    22. fabiocrispim

      I accepted you! :)
  24. fabiocrispim

    Has a cold woooooooooop!