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  1. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: What is going on in Gaga's head at this moment   

    I think she kinda liked it. You hear "Gaga, you look so beautiful!" all the time. It probably felt nice to hear that kind of compliment with her real name.
  2. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: 4 previously unheard Spice Girls tracks leak online!   

    Someone needs to send me a download link for these :O
  3. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Album Cover for Madonna's Rebel Heart Super Deluxe Edition   

    Yeah the unedited Versace pics were a disaster. I'm really not seeing your point.
  4. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Album Cover for Madonna's Rebel Heart Super Deluxe Edition   

    She's 56 years old in bondage gear. No thanks. Menopause isn't sexy.
  5. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Album Cover for Madonna's Rebel Heart Super Deluxe Edition   

    Praying the pre-photoshop version of this cover never leaks
  6. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Guess the name of LG 5   

    Chic to Bleak 
  7. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: "Cake Like" Added to Lady Gaga's BMI   

    Prepare for the #1 smash single "Cake Like"
  8. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: How You Get the Drug (Ke$ha vs T.Swift Mashup)   

  9. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Ariana Grande meets Avril Lavigne   

  10. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: VIDEO: "I'm so sick today"   

    I love how all of her bookmarks are Gaga related lollll
  11. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Katy Perry   

    Free for me

  12. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Katy Perry - This Is How We Do (ft. Riff Raff)   

    So bad 

  13. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: PREVIEW: EAU DE GAGA X FAME (FAN ART)   

  14. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Cheek to Cheek Album Discussion   

    HOLY SHITTTTTTT!!! Grey Gardens please and thank you! I'm sure I'll love it, but nothing will ever beat Jessica Lange's version.
  15. JimmyUrine added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj - New single "Anaconda" releasing on July 28th   

    She should remix it with JB and call it Bieberconda. 

Status Feed

  1. JimmyUrine

    This salad tastes like pussy

  2. JimmyUrine

    I seriously hate the newest version of iTunes soooo much

    1. Didymus

      Same. The last one was perfect for me.
    2. JimmyUrine

      Me too. Now with this one, the album sorting is all screwed up, and all of my music keeps renaming itself and moving to random places in the library >.>
    3. Pandora

      No I love it. The new album background colouring is so cool
    4. amenART

      i luv it
    5. Mr Josh

      It's great.
    6. ALX

      agreed. it makes it difficult to convert files when you switch from album to songs
    7. Didymus

      70% of my album covers makes these weird grey border things happen, I've tried everything but nothing works, not even using the official iTunes artworks :awkney: Bs.
    8. Mr Josh

      Never heard of that issue before
  3. JimmyUrine

    I literally have no graphic skills at all, and oh my god this looks so awful, but... I really just had to. http://deadhooker-in-a-trunk.tumblr.com/post/102619325460

  4. JimmyUrine

    Partynauseous added to BMI :O

    1. Astraeus

      It was added to BMI when she performed it in May lol
    2. JimmyUrine

      Jesus **** how am I always so far behind?!!?!
  5. JimmyUrine

    Uhhhh so Temple got added to Gaga's BMI today

    1. Koreku

      hasn't it been there for a while now?
    2. Iggy Azalea

      It's been there a while. Someone else posted about it like yesterday or the day before.

      it got added ages ago
    4. JimmyUrine

      Oh lame. I saw something new got added, and I had never seen Temple on there before. Must have been the today show bg cues or something then.
  6. ChicaSkas » JimmyUrine

    well done Tyler <3 <3 Good job in audio! :)

    1. JimmyUrine

      Thank you :)
    1. JimmyUrine

      I actually do haha. I don't like it anymore, but I have 4 different versions saved on my computer lol. You want them all?
    2. ChicaSkas

      oooh yes please boo <3
    3. JimmyUrine

      Okay I'll email them to you! Whats your address?
  7. JimmyUrine

    Why the **** is there suddenly a U2 album in my recently added on iTunes?!?!?!?!

    1. Spyro

      because they gave their album away for free to every itunes customer. Stealing gaga ha discount crown.
    2. Morphine Prince

      Because music not the bling.
  8. JimmyUrine

    The Marry the Night video was just Gaga telling us about the time she got her nipples and clit pierced at the same time.

    1. Miranda Sings

      So I pulled up in the Jag, and I hit 'em with the jab like DONE-D-D-DONE-DONE-D-D-DONE-DONE
  9. JimmyUrine

    I swear to god, at the beginning of Only 1, all I can hear is "I'm a Jew I'm a Jew I'm a Jew"

    1. ItsVenusBitch

      omg now I cant unhear this :giveup: Especially the echoes! :lmao:
    2. ItsVenusBitch

      omg now I cant unhear this :giveup: Especially the echoes! :lmao:
    3. JimmyUrine

      It's a conspiracy!
  10. JimmyUrine

    Best ever version of I won't Dance. Watch out Gaga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuBKF9BM_G8&

  11. JimmyUrine

    Every time I think of Azealia Banks' career, I only think of "See, I remember you, when you were the young new face, but you do like to slumber don't you?"

    1. inuborg

      Thats weird, cause I just think of her ruining kunts
    2. Temple

      She actually wrote those about herself
    3. JimmyUrine

      @Temple should've have taken her own advice, instead of taking 5 years to release an album that nobody is hyped for anymore.
    4. Temple

      I think she's one of those very special because she's one of those people who can act terrible but you're still so interested in.
      I see the album doing well, but I'm more concerned with the quality of it.
    5. inuborg

      Can you read, those lyrics are about herself. Temple told you. And the year delay on her album was not her fault and she's be trying and successfully making steps toward releasing it
  12. JimmyUrine

    Why did Bangerz not have a 4th single?

    1. Scarlet Witch

      Because it's a horrible album
    2. JimmyUrine

      Nah I want #GETITRIGHT to be a single
  13. JimmyUrine

    It's disgusting how much I love Katy Perry's "Spiritual"

    1. jimakostsalas

      I love it too!
    2. ThatSLAYGUY

      It is a really good song
  14. JimmyUrine

    Wait a minute baby, cos you're singing my song. I don't mean to sound bitchy, but you're doing it wrong.

    1. JimmyUrine

      (Britney feature on Telephone)
  15. JimmyUrine

    Nicki's Masquerade just makes everything feel alright.

  16. JimmyUrine

    I hope Gaga does a solo Jazz album after C2C

    1. Yanko

      with original songs :yes:
    2. Torsoface

    3. Enigmatica

      Repent for this blasphemy. I pray to the Lord and saviour St.Stefani Jooane Angelina Germanota aka Holy Madonna to save you from Satan
  17. JimmyUrine

    I need a studio version of Princess Die right now. My life is falling apart.

  18. JimmyUrine

    Holy **** those Swine stems. 18 in total. Dying.

    1. Ross

      18? there's 21.
    2. Dayman

      Where do you get 21 from? There are 18 in one pack uploaded and 8 in the other one.

    4. Ross

      21 official ones. The unmerged pack.
    5. Dayman

      But not all 21 of the unmerged pack are available [yet] correct?
    6. Ross

      Correct, I guess the guy that posted 18 merged some.
    7. Dayman

      You wouldn't be able to tell which ones are merged would you? Just curious.
    8. Ross

      I would because I've had them for months. Y'all are so lucky. While the people in the chain are getting so hurt from these leaks.
    9. Dayman

      I just went back - there are some drum stems missing from their post, but I can't tell if others are merged or not.
    10. Ross

      Drums stem is merged. There's crash, percussion, snare, etc.
    11. TEANUS

      Link to all of this?
  19. JimmyUrine

    So the Swine bass stem leaks in full! ...And it's tagged >.>

    1. Kermit the frog

      link plz
    2. JimmyUrine

    3. DancelnTheDark

      Don't worry, The acapella and bass stem that leaked are from an earlier version from Swine. The full stem packs will be out in august. (Untagged)
    4. Kermit the frog

  20. JimmyUrine

    I'm just going to stop posting mashups. It's so annoying seeing people ripping off my ideas and work with slightly altered versions

  21. JimmyUrine

    Don't let a-let my booty beauty be the be the only reason you wanna ride!

  22. JimmyUrine

    Gaga should rework DWUW and rerelease it as a single, and the opening should be her saying "Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me"

    1. Scarlet Witch

      DWUW (You Haven't Seen The Last of Me Mash-up) (feat. Cher)
    2. Benji

      ^ Cher's verse should be made up of her tweets!
    3. JimmyUrine

      @Bebji wtf is mdna
    4. Benji

      @Jimmy "I was looking at tweets & saw that i really hurt someones feelings ! Im sorry.
      It was light blue background with white egg shape . Bye" DO WHAT U WANT, WHAT U WANT WITH MY BODY, WHAT U WANT WITH MY BODY!
  23. JimmyUrine

    I feel like a reworked version of the You and I jazz version might be on Cheek to Cheek