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  1. Jake

    Does anyone know what Gaga's highest note on Cheek to Cheek is? Specifically interested in the highest chest belt/mixed voice note.

  2. Jake

    Slay me Taylor. The world is not ready for this pop masterpiece.

    1. IntegrityKnight

      the world has gone mad today
    2. PdogtheDaibutsu

      Did you say masterpiece lol
  3. Jake

    Alejandro is SUCH a good video.

  4. Jake

    Just realizing how much Gaga reminds me of Patti LuPone. . .

    1. Andy McQueen

      Love both! <3
    2. rarigoes

      that couldn't be a bigger compliment :)
    3. MikeGoneGaga

      I'm not alone. :D
  5. Jake

    They're playing the ENTIRE ARTPOP album at my Hot Topic :party: heard Donetella playing and broke my hip rushing in. Now Fashion's on and sounds flawless :legend:

    1. Red

      Are you having a media blackout now that you broke your hip?
    2. Jake

      Yes. But I have a gold wheelchair so it's all good.
    3. Rocky

      "heard Donetella playing and broke my hip rushing in"

      nnnn :toomuch:
  6. Jake

    I love the lyrics during the bridge of "Do What U Want". She's not only saying she fears being let go by her lover, but also losing the fame and the adoration, and if that means doing what they want with her image, so be it. Double meaning Gaga>>>

  7. Jake

    Dope is so beautiful. . .I just thought it was okay at first but now I think it might be my favorite. When that bass hit I took a few chills. She never disappoints.

  8. Jake

    Literally have no idea what Gaga was thinking when she changed the Aura vocals to that nasal mess. . .

    1. Titzlol

      R.U.N Kidding, I like the new vocals though(: But I thought there would be more changes defidently.
    2. Grimes

      "Monsters must hate the vocals, I'll change then completely, oh.... "
    3. Jake

      I wanted her to calm them down some to make the song less abrasive, but it sounds like she pinched her nose and intentionally sang off pitch haha I didn't like the ARTPOP changes, but at least that song is still good. I'm going to have to build up a tolerance for Aura now.