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  1. Cherry added a post in a topic: Gaga & Bobby join Live Nation   

    Look at Live Nation's clientele (Madonna, U2) and look at Atom Factory's (John Mayer, Greyson Chance). Literally the only thing Troy has gotten right recently is John Legend's "All of Me" and that only blew up because of a luckily-timed Grammy performance. They were working it to radio for a long time (since August or so) with mediocre results.

    Also, Shakira's latest project failed because of weak material, but it was supported heavily by Live Nation.
  2. Cherry added a post in a topic: Gaga & Bobby join Live Nation   

    if it gives you any indication, Madonna has been handled by Live Nation from MDNA onwards.
  3. Cherry added a post in a topic: Gaga & Bobby join Live Nation   


    slay a bit Gags :rip:

    EDIT: nvm... I thought that was a typo for 2.7 million for ARTPOP , not her total album sales :rip:
  4. Cherry added a post in a topic: Gaga & Bobby join Live Nation   

  5. Cherry added a post in a topic: Why do a lot of people seem to hate Dope?   

    The lyrics are awkward and clunky. The central "need you more than dope" hook just doesn't work.

    Honestly, it's not THAT bad. I can listen to it all the way through if I'm in the mood. But the chorus still makes me cringe.
  6. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    The music video is a big part of why it's popular.
  7. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    Umm can we talk about the fact that my church's worship album is top 20 on iTunes?!?! Crazy.

    And it should be noted that this is in addition to physical copies they are selling at every church location.
  8. Cherry added a post in a topic: Gaga Charts Discussion - Gaga Earns 3rd #1 Album   

    Gaga needs to stop releasing singles from ARTPOP after "G.U.Y." and lay low until she's ready to release the next album.
  9. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    on pop radio. on all formats it literally just entered the top 40 today.
  10. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    Not anytime soon. It's not even top 40 on overall radio yet and it's going to have to keep its sales momentum going until it gets much higher on radio.

    If "All of Me" can't do it it's probably going to be that disgusting Lil Jon song.
  11. Cherry added a post in a topic: G.U.Y goes TOP 30 on Pop Radio! REQUEST NOW!   

    It's literally one of only two songs in the top 40 that is not in the top 300/400 on iTunes. Radio stations don't play songs if they can't prove demand to hear them.

    The song is probably about to peak very soon if it hasn't already.
  12. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    "Unconditionally" underperformed because it wasn't that good of a song. A lot of people I know didn't care for it. People clearly favored "Dark Horse" which is why it sold more and got radio play even before it was officially released. Capitol put everything they had and then some into "Unconditionally". If it had been up to par quality-wise with Katy's usual efforts it would (or should) have been a #1 hit.

    Had "Dark Horse" been the second single, it would have easily been #1 well before Christmas regardless of "Roar".
  13. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    Uhhh, don't Katy Perry videos normally send her straight to the top of iTunes? I fondly remember "Last Friday Night" and "One That Got Away" topping the chart within hours of their video releases.

    I don't think this is going to be a top ten for her. Maybe not even a top 20. I always thought it was a bad single choice.
  14. Cherry added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - list of artists w/ most #1 hits   

    Lana and Gaga are different artists in different genres with different niches and their promotional strategies are going to differ greatly.

    "West Coast" may not end up being a chart hit, but I'd be willing to bet that Ultraviolence has a stronger first-week showing than ARTPOP .
  15. Cherry added a post in a topic: I Don't Think the GP HATES Gaga, It Just Doesn't Care too Much   

    Also, there is no such thing as having "loyalty" with the 'GP' or being universally loved or hated by them. People are fickle, especially when it comes to music. For as many people as there are who love Beyoncé or think she's a good role model or whatever, you have just as many people who think she's a slut or that her music is bad. For as many people download Katy Perry songs there are just as many, if not more, people who think she is talentless and her music disposable.

    Gaga's industry is not about winning over people who don't and will never like you, it's about appealing to as many people who will like you as you can.

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  1. Cherry

    I'm at the point where I'm not even paying attention to the charts because it's causing so much negativity within the fanbase. I'm just going to let "Applause" run its course and not panic over it.

    1. heavymlover

      I agree. I don't go to the charts thread anymore, because of all the negativity. It sucks all the fun from this fanbase.
    2. Redstreak

      That's what I'm doing and I feel a lot better.
  2. Cherry

    Am I the only one not interested in listening to the leak? :/

    1. dynamite

      YES XD
    2. GreenEyes

      It is so perfect, listen to it.
    3. Cherry

      ^ I have no doubt it is, but I really want to be surprised! Also knowing it's not finished makes me want to wait for the final version.
    4. GreenEyes

      Do it :creepflop: The beginning is strange but it is literally what we have been waiting for.
  3. Cherry

    Can we please ban any new "Roar"/"Applause" threads? So annoying.

    1. SOOOON

      they should ban word katy
    2. Alex Eli

      yes i dont give a **** about her release and the forum is spammed with katy threads
    3. Blank Space

      Why?Let people discuss if it annoys you dont read that threads.
    4. bionic

      ikr? take it to the katy forum in music...
    5. lodylody

      Replace Roar with Meow and Katy with Cathryn tbh
    6. Cherry

      @HeavenMonster There are multiple threads made about it every day. I don't even read all of the threads.
    7. Blank Space

      I just like to discuss and read that people think.I always read threads but now always I post my opinion.
    8. Fisherman

    9. Hypocrateen

      :clap: :clap:
    10. Biotic

      Make an official Katy thread where all the katycats and her haters may go. No need to have half the threads in an entire page about her. I would outright ban them but I'm trying to be diplomatic :hehe:
  4. Prince Die High » Cherry

    You rock. Just sayin'.

    1. Cherry

      thanks :)
  5. Cherry

    Deleting statuses when you get owned and I'm the "****ing idiot". Cackling.

    1. Prince Die High

      The drag.
  6. Cherry

    You guyssss obviously only Katy OR Gaga can be successful; they can't BOTH be!!!1

    1. dynamite

      this is a womans world tell the troth
    2. Brooke Candy

      That's right, only Gaga.
    3. Temple

  7. Cherry

    LOL my school put me in a room with an Army Wives extra who has a name for his "fanbase". Getting Brandon Hilton teas.

  8. Cherry

    If I have to read another "who is TLC" post, I'm going to scream.

    1. ooooooops

      I don't think I helped. haha
    2. tearsnfears

      THANK YOU!Holy sh*t!I f*cking hate those posts.All these uncultured little sh*ts,I swear to God.

      I really don't get it. Waterfalls and No Scrubs are still included on things regularly enough for them to be known today. And Unpretty was the BTW of the late 90's / early 2000's
    4. Aaliyah

      Agreed :rip:
    5. ALX

      honestly though
    6. Cherry

      It's like no one on this site knows anything about music except for Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, and anyone else who's currently on the charts.
    7. tearsnfears

      ^^^THANK you.
  9. Cherry

    Where yo Grammy nominations at girl

  10. Cherry

    At least this means there will be less avatars of her around these parts.

    1. Pierre

      I know.
  11. Cherry

    Reminder to keep voting for LG as Choice Twitter Personality at the TCAs -

    1. Hypocrateen
    2. Infected

      What is this
  12. Cherry


    1. Dayman

  13. DirtyLittleMonster » Cherry

    Hey Cherry, I didn't know what I posted, was AP. I was just really excited.

  14. Cherry

    Gaga makes an insensitive comment in an NME interview and no one bats an eye. Someone says something remotely insensitive on Twitter and you all freak out.

    1. OminousWind

      what did she say?
    2. Cherry

      she used the word "retarded" in response to Madonna comparisons
    3. Aaliyah

      She said that comparing Born This Way and Express Yourself is "retarded"
    4. Knife

      Now you're talking out of your ass. There was a backlash over that..just not on GagaDaily, home of the apathetic.
    5. Cherry

      if there was any backlash in the fanbase, I don't remember it.
    6. TroubleClef

      seems she doesn't like nme:
    7. OminousWind

      There was blacklash i think she even said sorry :o but i don't recall this fanbase caring about it
    8. HausOfMark

    9. Bamboo

      Gaga even tweeted something about hating NME :rip: There was backlash. Didn't she even pledge to never use "Retard" again?
    10. TroubleClef

      "I am not stupid enough to put a record out and be that moronic. Why would I try to put a song out and think I'm getting one over on everybody? That's retarded."

    11. Cherry

      Gaga's personal vendetta against NME is unrelated to the interview where she dropped the r-word
    12. TroubleClef

      I say shit is "retarded" all the time. its colloquial.
    13. Cherry

      and perhaps making comments that some of GGD feels are 'homophobic' are colloquial for Zedd as well, which is kinda my point with this update
  15. Cherry


  16. Adam » Cherry

    Nice set. I loved her look in that shoot, always have.

    1. Cherry

      Thanks! It's a favorite shoot of mine as well.