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  1. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Rihanna "American Oxygen" (Preview)   

    Dancing In The Dark is uptempo, although that's for Home and not R8.
  2. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: AUDIO: Rihanna - Dancing In The Dark   

    Ahhh, I need the full song now!  And the movie actually looks cute and funny. 
    ​This isn't for R8 though, it's for the Home soundtrack.
  3. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Rihanna "American Oxygen" (Preview)   

    So many new Rih teases, omg.  And they all sound incredible! It's such a good time to be a Rih stan!
  4. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: AUDIO: Rihanna Teases New Song   

    Rih ain't playing this era. Bitch is coming to end careers. 
    And I mean, those vocals though! Her vocals this era are so on point!
  5. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Looking for fan-made The Fame Monster covers   

    ​Check the OP, he's not a fan of Coverlandia lol.
  6. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Looking for fan-made The Fame Monster covers   

    Oh at me not even reading the OP. My bad.
  7. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Madonna: "ART and POP are very separate now!"   

  8. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: "Do not discredit Gaga she made Dance music mainstream"   

    Lol, I don't think so.
    Nice to hear some positive comments on Gaga though.
  9. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Kanye on Nicki: "She kicked my ass on my own song"   

    "on the best album of the last 25 years"

  10. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    How do I add a profile banner?
  11. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    What are the new avatar dimensions? 
  12. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: World's Best-selling Female Artists of all time - Gaga ranked 7th   

    Rihanna, the real Princess of Pop. :flutter:
  13. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Fall Out Boy - Irresistible   

    Tbh, I think all the songs on the album would make great singles. 
    Oh and I forgot to add to my earlier post: Pete Wentz :heart:
  14. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Katy Perry takes scandalous pictures, slammed by media   

    Did you hit post too early? Because I'm shocked that there's not 5 paragraphs to round off your thoughts on my post.

    I haven't spoken to you in years but I'm still aware that we don't get along and you're aware of this. I avoid your posts and avoid replying to you because I know you have issues with me, so I figured it'd make things easier for us both if I simply ignore you. Yet you come in this thread, quote me and try and come at me? I kindly ask you not to quote or reply to me in the future, thanks! :hug:
  15. JaysAMess added a post in a topic: Katy Perry takes scandalous pictures, slammed by media   

    The fact that y'all got this thread to 13 pages with over 240 replies is actually embarrassing.

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  1. Prismatic » JaysAMess

    Hiiiii :hug: Can you please help me do one little favor and vote to save my friend Bloody :hug:http://www.poll-maker.com/poll243998x0dc54928-9

    1. JaysAMess

      Done. :)
    2. Prismatic

      Thank you soooo much <3 :runhug:
    3. JaysAMess

      No problem! :hug:
  2. Luiz » JaysAMess

    :sara: made my night

    1. JaysAMess

      I was checking out my friend list on here and I noticed we weren't friends. :giveup:
    2. Luiz

      i thought you didnt like me :ohno:forgot why tho :\
    3. JaysAMess

      Nooo, I could never not like you! I think we just stopped talking.
    4. Luiz

      well we'll stop talking again for a little while because i'm sleepy :flop: i'll talk to you tomorrow :hug:
    5. JaysAMess

      Aha, alright.. Sleep well, Luiz! <3
  3. Adam » JaysAMess

    God and King is you. <3

    1. JaysAMess

      Aha, lies. Hope you're well, Adam. <3
    2. Adam

      Love Emma Stone! <3
    3. JaysAMess

      Emma Stone is everything.. Cute, sexy and cool. <3
    4. Adam

      Hope you're well, too, Jays
  4. Astraeus » JaysAMess

    Nice to see you back! You probably don't remember me, but I remember you and your amazing graphics from GGD1! :)

    1. JaysAMess

      Aw, thank you so much! Very sweet of you. :hug:
    2. Astraeus

      You should stick around too :) GGD's really shaped up since 2012.
    3. JaysAMess

      Yeah, I plan to. I've been getting back into the swing of things haha :)
  5. JaysAMess » Wolf Boy

    Where did your iconic avatar go!?

    1. Wolf Boy

      i dunno, it just didnt work anymore one day lol. it's cool i dont mind.
    1. DiegoMonster

      Jay! I've trying to talk to u at skype but seems that u dont go there anymore, happy new year tho! :)
    2. JaysAMess

      PM me.. And happy new year to you too! :)
    3. JaysAMess

      Diego <3
  6. JaysAMess » cherryduuh

    Your background slays.

    1. cherryduuh

    2. JaysAMess

      Very welcome :)
  7. Adam » JaysAMess

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I love your Marilyn theme lately. ;)

    1. JaysAMess

      Hehe. :hug:
  8. JaysAMess » Sunny

    i c you viewing my profile..

    1. Sunny

      I am not doing anything bad :laughga:
    2. JaysAMess

  9. JaysAMess » Paper Gangsta

    Hey, so am I a judge, or a judge for the next season (if you decide to do one)?

    1. Paper Gangsta

      Now we allready started so it would be strange added new judge. I will consider you for another season :)
  10. Sunny » JaysAMess

    Thanks for the friend add (Is that how you call it) :sara:

    1. JaysAMess

      I thought i'd add you since you were sweet about my work haha. :P
  11. JaysAMess » Good Enough

    Feeling better?

    1. Good Enough

      About what? X
    2. JaysAMess

      What we spoke about in PM the other night.
    3. Good Enough

      Ohhhh. Yeah we're good now. I just have to get over the jealousy
    4. JaysAMess

      Glad to hear it! :)
    5. Good Enough

      Having said that...
    6. JaysAMess

      Uh oh..?
    7. Good Enough

      Just a little tiff. Should be resolved once we've slept :/
    8. JaysAMess

      I hope so. <3
  12. JaysAMess

    who said nights were for sleep..

  13. JaysAMess

    Close my eyes, click my heels and i'm home..

  14. JaysAMess

    Only love, only love can hurt like this, must've been a deadly kiss..

  15. JaysAMess

    Cheryl Cole's new single is really disappointing..

    1. Electric Venus

    2. JaysAMess

      There's nothing I can really say is good about it, everything is awful.. Even Tinie's rap.
      It'll most likely go #1 (even though it doesn't deserve to since it's so bad), with the amount of promotion she'll do for it.
  16. JaysAMess

    Cheryl Cole's new single features Tinie Tempah, I now have high hopes for this single.

    1. ScottishGaga

      Really? my expertations lowered when she announced that lol
    2. JaysAMess

      Yeah, mainly because I like Tinie Tempah and I think they'd work well together.
  17. JaysAMess

    And she needs you, this is from Matilda..

  18. Adam » JaysAMess

    It takes a twisted mind to really bring the twisted aura out of a twisted story. ;)

  19. Adam » JaysAMess

    I love that you love his movie remakes! His Halloween had a twisted taste about it that made it way better than other remakes, imo. :)

    1. JaysAMess

      For sure. His remakes creeped me out more than the originals, too.
  20. JaysAMess

    So your daughter's depressed, we'll get her straight on the prozac. But little do you know, she already takes crack..

    1. BLACKOUTbritney

      Lmao YAS lily!
  21. JaysAMess

    This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance..

  22. JaysAMess

    Strip clubs & dolla' bill$