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  1. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Pink Hair with Grayish Blue Roots Appreciation Thread   

    [quote name='Alien Tulip' timestamp='1357250598' post='2080552']
    I don't care if its "the born this way wig". She needs to make it reappear during artpop and honestly the pink hair she wore last leg of the born this way ball was nice and all but it would have looked better if the pink was lighter and had blueish gray roots

    anyway posting more of this godly wig


    i dont know what that cockroach thingy on her head is but if it wasnt there,it would have been an amazing wig


    marrythesequins your pictures arent showing
    omg whered you get the first pic?? i need it in hq!
  2. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Gaga looking cute in San Jose today (1/17)   

    [quote name='Lyzz the Monster' timestamp='1358476005' post='2142757']
    Could that be the case? I guess her black face during 99% of TFM era was to hide her happiness then

    [quote name='Alien Tulip' timestamp='1358476354' post='2142781']
    You sound like some of the fans here who take everything way too seriously
    thats the point lmao.
  3. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Gaga looking cute in San Jose today (1/17)   

  4. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga working on secret project with Steven Klein   

    [quote name='Pop' timestamp='1358439412' post='2138318']
    Steven Klein is an absolute genius, hush.
    ok i looove his photography, and i've seen practically every photoshoot he's ever done.
    that being said, i can assure you that he reuses his imagery way too much. its seems too dark and monoclored for artpop and unless he does a more bright and vivid concept, then i don't really want him directing something on artpop. so you hush.
  5. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Alien Gaga Appreciation Thread   

    omg yes. love the space diva alien surrealist look.
    [img]http://i.imgur.com/AlzW9.jpg[/img] one of my favorite shots.
  6. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    if you guys want a long fulfilling "teenage dream length" era for artpop then she can't really tour right after the album drops. plus shes still touring. in 2011 there wasnt enough time to promo a worldwide tour so all the effort went into promo for the album.
  7. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='misanthrope' timestamp='1358407053' post='2137487']
    Well she relied on Garibay last time and that was supposedly a "push" but I found it quite disappointing. Maybe the RedOne single will be fantastic [i]and [/i]it will smash. I think both are equally important. Lets not forget that shes a commercial pop star.

    She said it was a "new one".

    Anyway I doubt it matters, that was well over a year ago its probably been scrapped for like ever at this point.
    born this way as a lead single was an incredible push tho. i cant believe some.....well never mind im[i] not [/i]gonna get into it.
    and yes, shes a pop star but she doesn't rely on her laurels. redone seems like he does. but whatever im ready to be proven wrong when we hear what songs she worked on with redone.
  8. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='TimAteMyHeart' timestamp='1358402599' post='2137411']
    It was already out. We had the whole album weeks before we heard those demos. I'm sorry, but you're beginning to reach, and not in an exciting way.
    that beat is government hooker. like its incredibly obvious and anyone who says otherwise is completely delusional.
    here's what happened:
    she was looking in her phone while that beat was playing when she said "oh i dont wanna play that one i think its new" she was referring to whatever she was looking at. the beat that was playing in the background was "i can be cool, do da doo doo..." it was probably the concept for gov. hooker before djws made the official beat in vegas. plus, that was back in july, a year and a half ago. im sure she's written over it or forgotten about that beat. we should stop mentioning it lol.
  9. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='chris777' timestamp='1358368736' post='2135372']
    You guys obviously forgot that a lead single with RedOne is the best way to smash and get that worldwide success. And is perfect for a comeback. Just Dance and Bad Romance are the perfect examples
    but that logic is basically relying on your laurels and past successes. we can't keep wanting gaga to resort back to redone just for commercial success because he doesn't seem to really push himself. i mean judas was a push, and i loved it, but you guys always refer to his past successes and formulas when saying gaga needs to work with him more, or that he should produce the first single.
  10. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: "Lady Gaga wanted to give me a lap dance" reveals Charlie Sheen   

    [quote name='thefamekills' timestamp='1358373923' post='2135715']
    Don't get mad at me, get mad at Charlie Sheen for saying it! I'm just reporting what he's said.
    oh no i know it wasn't directed at you at all. i'm just trying to diffuse the blow before everyone floods this thread with "Ohemgee so teh rumors ARE TRUE! " because there was no collab with britney -no-talent-spears to begin with.
  11. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: "Lady Gaga wanted to give me a lap dance" reveals Charlie Sheen   

    phew, kay now that i dissolved any future delusion, lemme just say, i think this was gonna be meant for the cake video. even tho its not an official music video, it was pretty x-rated. it seems like thats what this was for.
  12. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Chicago Tribune: Lady Gaga tries to keep courtroom talk a secret   

    [quote name='jo0hhnn' timestamp='1358367766' post='2135324']
    Lol if Invading My Mind wasn't written by Gaga I DON'T KNOW WHAT SONG WAS. That song is like Gaga's DNA. It smells like her
    oh i know. one of the few jlo songs i like because of that. anywho, what part of invading my mind is said to have stolen a sample? this mess is totally incomprehensible.
  13. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    i would absoutely looove for gaga to dabble with the following sub genres for artpop:
    -future reggae: like a modern, synth heavy take on it, very trippy.
    -dancehall: a dance-yer version of reggae, so why not.
    -london grime: basically dub and a little electronica british type stuff to accompany her spoken word songs, a la lady soveriegn and m.i.a.
    -liquid drum n bass: sort of like the bump music from adult swim.
  14. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: Next tour will be called the 'ARTPOP Ball'   

    hey, if she ends up using the princess high theme in artpop, then at least calling it a ball would make sense this time.
  15. DaR34lestBeitch added a post in a topic: My BTWB Experience!   

    3 syllables.....princess high?

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    crap...though that would've worked....

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      no, that was just dumb.
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      that photo couldn't have been faker :smh:
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    4. DaR34lestBeitch

      lol! omg relax. no one got hurt so theres no need to be rude.
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      but you're frustrating everyone on here, we're hungry for news and those stupid jokes just make everyone bite!
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      how am i frustrating everyone here? i dont make any trouble. and i wasnt calling you rude.
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    wow, and you have used the word "unprofessional" HOW MANY times today?? flop tbqmfh...

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      wer'e calling it an incident now , oh dear god
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      ahaha i guess so. lol catastrophe i guess would be more appropriate lol.
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    so i watched the whole chat on youtube and LOL she wasn't even bitchy. god you guys...

    1. Samuel

      People made a fuss over THAT. I can't with this fanbase, if fan bases' were characters from tv drama's, we'd no doubt be Carrie Mathison from Homeland. Lol.
    2. PaperIz

      I think it was just they she answered the alter-ego question. Of course that guy did say something about crazy so I'd be a little upset as well=p
    3. Alex Spears

      She wasn't, the questions just sucked...
    4. DaR34lestBeitch

      she didnt even leave bitchely like some idiots on here are claiming. she said okay i have to go, and then said in a cutesy voice "well i need to rest for the bon this way ball" etc. etc.
    5. Fisherman

      She answers that blue guy t-shirt and his questions r so shitty
  4. DaR34lestBeitch

    the recent turn of events are making you all act like a bunch of irrational assholes tbh. i saw some of the chat and she wasn't rude. she isn't shunning her fans, stop exaggerating, jesus ****in christ.

    1. MarryTheSequins

      She got Freddie to come over and brush her hair at one point. :flop: I'm not mad about her attitude, everyine's just so let down. Again.
  5. DaR34lestBeitch

    ugh you can see the look on gaga's face like "these questions are really dumb and basic"

  6. DaR34lestBeitch

    agh its starting! and i get to see it live right now lol

  7. DaR34lestBeitch

    ffuuu im at the skype ball an idiots are already flooding the chat with "BRASIL<3" like SERIOUSLY? no one gives a ****in ****! god. why do people think its okay to spew out random letters and exclamatory fragments about where you're from??

    1. Alien Tulip

      its so frustrating. they need to be banned from the chat?
    2. inuborg

      Oh well, Gaga knows what we want to hear :creepflop:
    3. Alex Spears

      They're from Brazil :derpga:
    4. Hypocrateen

      God, if we won't get anything because of this stupid people I'm gonna flip everything.
    5. Guille

      :tea: ZPEIN GAGS CUM 3 ZPEIN PLZ I L U V U SO MUCH (i am going to start spamming that, :nails: LOL JK)
    6. Alien Tulip

      Knowing Gaga, she'll reply to every brazilian monster since she worships that country :roll:
  8. DaR34lestBeitch


    1. Roelof

      Lol. Ready for this tbh
  9. DaR34lestBeitch

    omg just reached 666 posts! praise satan! now i can finally whip out that goat i've been meaning to sacrifice.

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  10. DaR34lestBeitch

    wow. marina has majestic tits. theyre so big!

  11. DaR34lestBeitch

    this wait is numbing. i literally feel dead whenever i get up and realize there is no news.

  12. DaR34lestBeitch

    lol nice how you just created an account just to spew a bunch of hateful bull**** onto this forum and then delusionally call it the tea. pathetic. absolutely pathetic.

    1. Jase

      i banned the account straight away. some people have way too much time on their hands :smh:
  13. DaR34lestBeitch

    lol oh tina fey.... i love you.

    1. omglion

      I love you too.
  14. DaR34lestBeitch

    if gaga wearing a simple burqa causes what you guys call "a pointless controversy" maybe the problem isn't her. maybe its the people causing the pointless controversy to begin with.

  15. DaR34lestBeitch

    when was the last show where gaga performed princess die?

  16. DaR34lestBeitch

    omg gaga was up all night with the boys in the studio last night. i neeeeeeed ARTPOP. i cant wait to see the documentary of her making the album too.

    1. Oscar

      I read this but couldn't help but to laugh. laugh the impatience away to live in bliss
    2. DaR34lestBeitch

      im not being impatient i just love hearing gaga talk studio.
    3. Oscar

      lol I meant myself :PPPPPPPPP
  17. DaR34lestBeitch

    lol god so many of you are such ****in brats. gaga said a FACELIFT not a ****in FACE TRANSPLANT. lmao...

    1. Haus

      Lmao at the people expecting a new stage.
  18. DaR34lestBeitch

    ugh all this peroxide is making me woozy.

    1. Red

      Be like Princess Die and swallow each peroxide shot g0rl
    2. DaR34lestBeitch

      lol i did. i mean i died lol. this is my ghost.
  19. DaR34lestBeitch

    wait did justin timberlake release a new song today or something? or is he just gonna continue moaning about how hard it is to make music at a glacial pace while he makes his money doing other things, like making terrible movies.

    1. Americano

      hes releasing on monday.
  20. DaR34lestBeitch

    ...so i guess today's lesson is....keep yo mammas in check??

  21. DaR34lestBeitch

    FFUUU when will this end you guys??? tired of the threads, tired of the stupidity, tired of the self righteousness, tired of the self deprecating remarks, tired of the gaga-blaming, i just wanna be able to watch fashion police every friday without feeling like im being a hypocrite, and enjoy gaga also without having to over criticize her when she makes an effort to do something compassionate.

  22. DaR34lestBeitch

    gaga's "boring" factor, or whether or not shes "become basic" is not defined by what she wears, or how much you hear her name in the tabloids, or how many number 1s she has, but rather the degree of her soul as a person and ARTIST. and she my friend, has not become basic in any way.

  23. DaR34lestBeitch

    if anything gaga does seems try-hard at this point, its only because as a fan base we've been focusing on the wrong things and we cant possibly tell whats genuine, truly genuine and whats not anymore. Theres been plenty of things that fame/fame monster-ga has done back in the day that's incredibly try hard, but no one wants to call that out.


    2. DaR34lestBeitch

      ^ i love you.
    3. Flem

      I totally agree.
    4. Echo

      That's the TRUTH
  24. DaR34lestBeitch

    ya know, it really pisses me off when i see thread upon thread of you guys ripping gaga's outfits apart, criticizing her looks, saying she looks horrible, or average, or a mess, cuz you KNOW WHAT? ive seen the "pictures of you" thread and it aint exactly la creme de la crop.

    1. MrFameKills

      preach, gurl!
    2. Americano

      who cares? lady gagas fashion has nothing to do with that lol
    3. misanthrope

      And i'm tired of being bombarded with criticism for saying I personally think she'd look better if she toned up. Its not like im saying she needs to be rail thin.
    4. DaR34lestBeitch

      if it was just the clothes she put on her body, that'd be one thing, but it always seems to get really personal and god forbid something isn't the most flattering, everyone acts like she needs to look good for us all the time, and not for herself anymore.
    5. MarryTheSequins

      I agree with you, there's a difference between saying 'I don't like this look very much' or 'Gaga looks ugly', and many users can't tell that there is a difference.
    6. misanthrope


      Oh god whatever.....I can't say a single thing about her body without monsters getting in a fuss and victimizing her.

      I dislike when people overly criticize who she is as a person. When it comes to her outfits its more understandable because she likes to put emphasis on her appearance and her costumes. They're just as important as her music.
  25. DaR34lestBeitch