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  1. Ikvs added a post in a topic: League Of Legends Official Fan Thread   

    I play ADC sometimes and I don't like the idea of Bard leaving me alone in lane for 10 minutes against Graves + Leona :/
  2. Ikvs added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    It kinda looks like a Word document, lol. I wish there was more color and lines to separate content.
    EDIT: I lost 2000 posts and my avi is LQ now :/
  3. Ikvs added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

  4. Ikvs added a post in a topic: Wardrobe malfunction or ?   

    The zip probably was intented to be more centered on her back.
  5. Ikvs added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    Rita was performing? LMAO
  6. Ikvs added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    Weird, my TV says it starts in 20 minutes. Maybe it's with a pre-ceremony thing included.
  7. Ikvs added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Beyonce's leaked outtakes   

    Lmao everyone who thinks that their skin is much better is stupid. The lightning and the high resolution camera shows all the flaws of the skin you can't see naturally. If you say you have a better skin it's because you haven't seen yours in those conditions.
  8. Ikvs added a post in a topic: Katy Perry is Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain   

    When will she stop copying Katy Keene?
  9. Ikvs added a post in a topic: League Of Legends Official Fan Thread   

    I would sooo buy the Sona skin but it's so expensive :giveup:
  10. Ikvs added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Tragic teaser)   

    [quote name="JamesFox" post="6315443" timestamp="1423925664"]

    Love Me Harder had so much potential to smash but the video was disappointing, and now this :rip:[/quote]
    At least it was beautiful...
  11. Ikvs added a post in a topic: Final say: Gypsy vs. Sexxx Dreams   

    Gypsy is just bad to me, while Sexxx Dreams is the best song on ARTPOP.
  12. Ikvs added a post in a topic: New Florence + the Machine Song? "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful..."   

    That is so fucking beautiful.
  13. Ikvs added a post in a topic: 57th GRAMMY Awards - Sam Smith, Beyoncé, Pharrell win big!   

    I love Madonna but soooo underwhelming.

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  1. Ikvs


    1. UrethraFranklin

      "That presentation is wack, Ima tell you a story... about a guy I was dating..."
    2. UrethraFranklin

      *Recites New Bitch*
    3. CowSiss

      When you have no school because it's so cold I'm dripping icicles
  2. Ikvs

    Ugh I want a new computeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr

    1. Red

      Buy one
    2. Ikvs

      ^ No money :(
    3. Red

      Rob a bank
    4. What

      Build one, its cheaper
    5. Ikvs

      @What Ah yeah, I'm planning to do that but I have to save up money anyway :giveup:
    6. What

      Ive been collecting money for a year now, just finalised my build and im gunna buy the parts soon :air: hope you get one soon!
  3. Ikvs

    Yay, my mom making the most to make my Christmas day horrible.

    1. B E A S T

    2. amenART

      what happened :hug:
    3. Ikvs

      Thank you both. Well she started yelling at me like crazy because my bed is a mess :smh: I have my door closed, who cares. She started saying a lot of **** and well...
    4. amenART

      just hang out on ggd :party: and Merry Christmas
    5. B E A S T

  4. Ikvs

    F*CK IT

  5. Ikvs

    You seek eternal breath, why do you need to live?

  6. Matt Amor » Ikvs

    i need a graphic artist, r u up for the job? its pretty simple

  7. Ikvs

    Oh my God, what happened to Mariah's voice...

    1. Lisa Vanderpump

      i saw her last month and she was amazing so...
    2. Ikvs

      Well I just watched the latest AIWFCIY performance and it was awful... I'm not a hater, she can still sounds good and I love her voice but she used to sing a lot better back in the day. It's normal if your voice deteriorates a bit but the change is huge.
    3. Lisa Vanderpump

      yeah the change is massive and she definitely has her off days but honestly when I saw her her voice was like >>>>> than anyone I've seen tbh
    4. Ikvs

      Yeah I agree that her voice is amazing. I suppose she sounds better when you're actually there than a recording too.
    5. Gohan

      She has nodules in her vocal chords
    6. Ribs

      She was probably having a bad vocal day
  8. Ikvs

    Any Google-related page is loading for me... Ugh

    1. Matt Amor

      what do u mean?
  9. Ikvs

    Let's burn this city to ashes.

    1. Bae

      should i call authorities 


    2. Ikvs

      Omg how'd you find this :laughga:


  10. Ikvs

    Felt it in my fist, in my feet, in the hollows of my eyelids.

    1. inuborg

  11. Ikvs

    I hate history with a passion.

    1. Jett

      well cum to the club
    1. teo

      I hope her children manage to hide the fact that she's their mother. I don't want to see them bullied, cause of their blood relations to this woman... :toofunny: :D:D
  12. Ikvs

    I want to see how Katy Perry freaks out when she gets her first Grammy :rip:

    1. TeamGypsy

      All her fans will think of will be trashing the little monsters that now even Katy has a GRAMMY (which she won't, hopefully) - they won't be happy for her, they will be happy that now they can say that GRAMMYs doesn't make Gaga better...
  13. Ikvs

    7 weeks to go #Killmeplease

  14. Ikvs

    Ebola is possibly in my country. ****.

    1. PicklePower

    2. RebeldeFaith

  15. Ikvs

    'Froot' surpassed my expectations, so yay!

  16. Ikvs

    Can't wait for December to come.

    1. Spyro

      Come to me
    2. vespertine

      hee hew
    3. vespertine

    1. Bamboo

      I stand here waiting
    2. calmar

      Well I've stood here long enough :MANiCURE:
  17. Ikvs

    Yay for new avi.

  18. Ikvs

    Haven't used Photoshop in a looooong time.

  19. Ikvs


    1. eNvi

      I LOVE IT