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  1. Lamon added a post in a topic: PREMIERE: I Really Like You - Carly   

    The chorus is just too basic lmao. It reminds me of Nickelodeon.
    But it's cute, it will probably be a hit.
  2. Lamon added a post in a topic: Kanye West New Album Title and Cover   

  3. Lamon added a post in a topic: TIME: When Will Justin Bieber Have His Lady Gaga Moment?   

    He needs to hurry up. He spent too long doing nothing instead of revamping his image like Gaga did for most of 2014.
  4. Lamon added a post in a topic: Who remembers...   

    Basically this. Expept it was a friend who did it to me.
  5. Lamon added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea says Twitter made her want to punch people   

    Okay she left Twitter, but somehow I'm STILL hearing this hoe whining.
    I wish she would just SHUT UP.
  6. Lamon added a post in a topic: What are your parents' favorite Gaga songs?   

    My mom loved Bad Romance and The Edge of Glory.She also bopped to G.U.Y. when I played it , but she tried to play it off.
  7. Lamon added a post in a topic: Armani: Madonna is difficult   

    Yeah, but  I would think that a clamp would be easier than a tie because it takes more steps to  untie something. 
    But then again, I'm not Madonna.
    EDIT: Just read it again , and he wasn't even sure what it was from the start.
    What a mess.
  8. Lamon added a post in a topic: Armani: Madonna is difficult   

    I think his point is that the change was unnecessary and made what she wanted to do more difficult.
  9. Lamon added a post in a topic: Birthday Project for Gaga!   

    Sounds awesome. I always want to do this every year but I always forget.
    I'll make sure I do it this year tho!
  10. Lamon added a post in a topic: Is Admin trolling again?   

    I've never seen that picture before.
  11. Lamon added a post in a topic: What annoys me the most with Gaga and her team   

    I actually prefer when Gaga doesn't say too much. That seems to lead to broken promises and ruins the element of surprise. 
    We'll get it when we get it.
  12. Lamon added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga acting goofy with Telephone while shooting Shiseido commerical   

    Telephone (Japanese Version) coming soon to slay our lives.
  13. Lamon added a post in a topic: Can Gaga be nominated at the Oscars if   

    Okay, thanks for the clarification.
  14. Lamon added a post in a topic: Can Gaga be nominated at the Oscars if   

    I'm still confused. Did Gaga co write it? Because that's the only way she would be nominated.

Status Feed

  1. Lamon

    Just uploaded a equal rights post to Facebook for the world to see, wearing my equalities shirt. Bravest thing I've ever done.

  2. Lamon

    I literally want to cry right now. This is too much. :'( My soul has been slated beyond capacity. :giveup:

  3. Lamon » Eric

    Omg Alien, stop trying to make Poker Face happen. Its not going to happen!

    1. Eric

      The screencaps make killer avatars. It's also my second favorite gaga music video and is one of my favorite looks :P
    2. Lamon

      Lmao ikr. She reminds me of a young, futuristic New York bombshell. :Nick:

      You know I'm robot right? :Emma:
    3. Eric

      Yeah I know ;) Same avatar
    4. Lamon

      Ah okay lol. Well just wanted to say hi. Hope everything is going well and you're ready to be slayed tomorrow.

      & I hope you're feeling well and whatnot. :hug:
    5. Eric

      Awww thank you robo you are such a sweetheart always checking up on me ;) I hope things are well with you too ;)
    6. Lamon

      No problem. :) Everything is good. Im talking to an awesome new guy and I got a second job at school lol. So yeah I'm just living life to tue fullest. :D
    7. Eric

      That's good! I'm happy to hear <3
    8. Lamon

      Thanks. And don't worry, I always remember how you said to take things slow. Best advice ever. ;) lol
  4. Lamon

    Photograph my mind, and whatever else you like to shoot you decide.

    1. inuborg

      All we care about is, Television and hot blonds and odd positions.
    2. Freddy Fetish

      I used to think it was hot blonds in opposition.
    3. Morphine Prince

      It's not blonds in opposition? WTF?
    4. Lamon

      no I believe it's odd positions lmao
    5. Morphine Prince

      Now it all makes sense :rip: Nearly 7 years later :fail:
  5. Lamon

    Don't ever go into a Panera Bread at the mall thinking that it would be a good place to study.

    1. CowSiss

      Don't ever go into a Panera Bread thinking they would serve chicken fingers. One of the worst times of my life
    2. Spyro

      Don't ever go into a Panera Bread.
    3. Lamon

      lmao :air:
  6. Lamon

    Summer is now available as a username. :giggle:

  7. Lamon

    Finally saw Gaga's Stevie Woner tribute in full. She KILLED it.

    1. etron

    2. Lamon

      I recorded it yesterday. I'm sure its on GGD and/or YouTube somehwere by now. :yes:
  8. Lamon

    new avi :sis:

    1. Chic

      Love it!
    2. PACO

      i love it
    3. Lamon

      thanks guys! :hug:
  9. Lamon

    It might sound like I'm an Unapolegitic Bitch, but sometimes y'know I gotta call it like it is....

  10. Lamon » Eric

    Be safe in that blizzard!!!! :giveup:

    1. Eric

      idk why i just got this notification now lol but hey whats up
    2. Lamon

      lol it's fine...

      And nothing much, living life.

      How are you?

    3. Eric

      EVerythings going well. I am finishing my last month at my hotel job and then I start doing a 4 month internship at s psychological clinic.
    4. Lamon

      :giveup: So proud of you! That's awesome, I'm glad you stayed focused and did what you had to do! You'll definitely be successful and a great psychologist ( or psychiatrist) lol

      Did you like Gaga's look last night?
    5. Eric

      Awww thanks robo, vise versa! I was actually impressed with Gaga's whole look yesterday. I'm really impressed because since the beginning of the year she has been looking so beautiful and she hasn't looked this good since 2011 and I'm glad she won a grammy and delivered a great performance.
    6. Lamon

      Agreed. She did look a bit orange, but still beautiful nonetheless.
    7. Eric

      I think it was the lighting in the performance but on the carpet and overall night her skin tone was flawless.
    8. Lamon

      That's true, I did notice that. Hopefully we get beautiful looks like this for LG5. :)
  11. Lamon

    NNNNN does Snapchat tell people that you viewed their DM? (Please day no)

    1. thathimerosguy

    2. Lamon

      thank god.. :hug:
    3. Jonna Lee

      it does though :air:
    4. Lamon

    5. thathimerosguy

      it doesnt if it was already opened before
    6. Prometheus

      If you open it then yes lol
    7. Iggy Azalea

      Basically with snapchat, it shows people if you have viewed anything.
    8. Lamon

      :cry: Thanks y'all..
  12. Lamon

    #oop it was a joke. sorry y'all :P

    1. Lamon

      Thanks!! :hug:
  13. Lamon » Eric

    Gaylien! :)

    1. Eric

  14. Eric » Lamon

    my bitch!!!!!!!!

    1. Lamon

      hola senor :)
    2. Eric

      whats up my little mary jane raver
    3. Lamon

      getting ready to hang out with my friend. how have you been? any reverse warholian expeditions lately?
  15. Lamon

    Go call the police! Go call the govanah!

  16. Lamon

    Something Borrowed is a really good movie

  17. Haroon » Lamon

    Omg you were online and I totally missed it :giveup:

    1. Lamon

      hey boo :hor:
    2. Haroon

      omg Taytay :udidnt:
    3. Lamon

      yasss I'm back lol. sorry was at work! how are you?
    4. Haroon

      i'm great thanks :party: how're you? :D
  18. Lamon

    cum to chat

    1. Aaliyah

      What's wrong?
    2. Eric

      wanna chat at the chatroom and turn up?
    3. Lamon

      @AP school and work and @alien sure why not? :awesome:
  19. Lamon

    a ****ing mess

  20. Lamon

    i feel like i have no friends and its making me really sad. :(

    1. calmar

      I actually don't in real life; at least, not to the extent I consider a friend of mine to be. It's been that way for a long while, though, so I got hardened to it. I hope you don't have to go through that. *hugs*
    2. Lamon

      thanks <3 i have one good friend and i just lost another best friend. I wish I could be that person with a lot of friends to hang out with *sigh*
  21. Lamon

    saycart is such a fag

    1. SEANGT

      :wtf: can we not?
    2. Lamon

      i can do what i want :nails:
    3. SayCart

    4. Lamon

      lmao it was a joke..