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  1. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP ACT I - Lyrics Topic and Discussion Topic   

    I think the track list will consist of these songs:
    I think Aura or ARTPOP the song will be the album's first song. Of the songs we've heard so far, those 2 seem fitting to me (Aura has a great intro, and would be a strong start to the album; ARTPOP, the song, defines what ARTPOP is so it would also make sense to be the intro). We don't know is Ratchet is still a go. Gaga was singing (or rapping) it at a club a few nights ago, so that could be a hint (or just shade toward Azealia Banks). The rest of the songs are confirmed by Gaga. We just might not have all the feature. She did say we have many collaborations but that doesn't necessarily mean they are singing/rapping. It could be an instrumental collab (like a guitar solo) or a collab with Jeff Koons, Marina, etc.
    I also think the songs on the album could be track listed in an order that tell a story from the transition of Stefani to Gaga. (I.E. Swine would be somewhere at the start of the album, as it tells of her dark past, etc.; Aura would follow somewhere after when she says "I killed my former". Get the idea?)
  2. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP ACT I - Lyrics Topic and Discussion Topic   

    This is what I think the track list will look like roughly:
    Bear with me on Cake and Red Flame. We don't have 2-3 titles, yet. I'm assuming Ratchet is still a go because of that snippet we heard at the VERSACE VERSUS show ("ratchet, ratchet, ratchet girl"). And I think Jewels & Drugs is the song Too $hort & Twista are featured on, but we will find out soon enough at the iTunes Festival. Thoughts? :)
  3. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    Two new Gaga songs is too much for one week  :excited2:
    Theory: we've heard all YEAR that ARTPOP was coming sooner than we think . So far everything that's been announced has been released earlier than planned. The single being released today, the pre-order for the app being pushed up to august from september...And there's a big gap of nothingness in october. We don't know if Gaga is doing any promo (well obviously but we don't know yet), or if she's releasing another single. Do you think she'll push up ARTPOP's release date? I mean, once we download the app placeholder, she can drop the album anytime to surprise us...
    That'd be another headline to add to Gaga's long list: "GAGA RELEASES ARTPOP EARLY"
    It can be her "present" to Little Monsters who've waited so long, and she'd be emphasizing the power of technology and her app by being able to drop it spontaneously. I for one am for this  :awesome: 
    We THINK ARTPOP is coming 11/11, but it's coming SOONER THAN WE THINK.
  4. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    :excited2: spell out APPLAUSE when the chorus comes on... A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E...i know i'm reaching but just imagine
  5. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    I can totally imagine Gaga in one of those Gareth Pugh designs with the fiber optic wig. Like, she'll start performing sort of lifelessly, until the chorus comes on and everybody starts to applause, and the fiber optic wig lights up when they applause. omg  :excited2: hey i can dream all i want!
    Do you guys think MTV will have her perform last? Like, they'll be teasing and hyping up her performance until the very end? It'd be a great way to end the VMAs imo. But I also wouldn't want to sit through the whole show...
  6. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    Well, we're not supposed to know the name of the single, so I doubt it's The Applause.
    I DO believe that when she gave us those lyrics "I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and alone"... this might be from the lead single, again, because we don't know the single's name and she put those dashes in there like "- ----- -- ----" I think the first dash is there to just separate the lyrics from the song title like how she did with the Sex Dreams lyrics she tweeted. The song title could be something like "Gypsy In Love" But that's all I've got. I do believe the last 4 letters are "love" though.
    And to share my thoughts on this: Gaga told us (I think through the LM chat) that she wrote 2 songs about the conflict in Indonesia. I think those two songs are PARTYNAUSEOUS and BURQA. I'm not sure if PARTYNAUSEOUS was scrapped, but she fought hard for it when she was going to release it with Kendrick Lamar, but she didn't let them because they were changing her sound up so much. So there is still a possibility that it's on ARTPOP, with or without Kendrick. And I think this is the song she mentioned was about "getting high with the enemy" so if there's no weed on ARTPOP like she said, then we might not get this song on the album. As for BURQA, I think this is the 10 minute long complextro masterpiece she talked about. Because she mentioned it along the lines of the Indonesian conflict, if I remember correctly.
    By the time I wrote all of this, there have been 16 new sorry if I'm off topic  :sweat:
  7. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    I think, to prevent leaking, she can release the album by surprise on the app like a week before the 11/11 release date. Take Jay-Z for example: his recent album (Magna Carta Holy Grail) was released exclusively on the app a few days prior to when everybody else got it. This minimized the leaking. Of course, people figured out a way to pirate the music, but the app only offered lower quality songs. The higher quality came with the official CD/iTunes release. And people don't like downloading low quality music  :toofunny: (what a spoiled generation, you're pirating music illegally and then complaining about the low quality haha) ANYWAY... I think that could also spark more hype for the app itself, since this era seems to be at least somewhat centered around it. In fact, a great way to promo the app would be to release the album much earlier on the app, than in stores. Of course, it would be tricky, but they've been working on the app for so long, I'm sure they've figured something out.
    I'm sure the reason why the album release date is so much later than the single release is because Gaga has quite a few tricks on her sleeve and we all know she'll slay. I also think it's a great business strategy, because the album comes out on a Monday, and all the sales she accumulates THAT DAY will be reported in the next day to see how much the album sold. I think it's a nice way of saying "F YOU" to the "popstar rules" by selling as much as she can with pre-orders and accumulating a hefty amount of numbers. Just like how Jay-Z went platinum (or something along those lines) before the album even came out. (I mean, how many people can brag that they've done that :redface: )
    Also, if she's going to perform at the iTunes Festival, wouldn't it make more sense to play new ARTPOP songs rather than her old material? I mean, she'll be in the midst of all this promo for ARTPOP in September, and I can't imagine her playing the new single... and then some of her old hits... It seems odd. Especially since they're calling it her first time on stage since surgery... (didn't Rolling Stone say that?)
    Finally, I'm wary about the VMAs. Yes, it would be PERFECT to promote the new single. But we have had NO confirmation. It seems to me that some "rumor" spread like wildfire and everybody's itching for the new material that they've easily accepted it. I for one, will not believe the VMA rumor until Gaga, or MTV announces it. You guys can try to prove me wrong, but don't tell me, "Oh some fans met her and she told them she'd be back in August," or, "Her assistant said..." Yes, she'll be back in August with the single, and the VMAs are an excellent candidate to promote it, but I've been following this forum (for too long tbh) and I've seen no confirmation...JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE!
    Anyway, let me know what you guys think  :)
  8. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    The wait for ARTPOP should be easy now. We have a good idea of when it'll be released, since apparently she said she wants to promote it right after the BTWB, which makes complete sense! I'm not so sure if the lead single will come out during the tour or not, although it wouldn't hurt if it did. But let's just says this:

    assuming the lead single comes out late March (after or near-end of BTWB) or early April then...
    The lead single music video comes out afterwards, then...
    ARTPOP album comes out late April, early May POSSIBLY even June to widen the gap between the BTWB and the new ARTPOP era (even though it's not completely necessary)
    The ARTPOP APP comes out along with the album (same day release probably), then...
    The Gaga xx Terry Richardson movie/documentary comes out (documenting ARTPOP, and the awesome pornographic aka CAKE music video )

    And then there are other things to look forward to such as the videos accompanying each song on the album and Machete Kills if that is still a go.

    Now, remember New Years? When Gaga announced the BTW release dates and your heart stopped, thinking it was a typo that she said "5.23.11" You've survived through that long wait, and the wait for ARTPOP from this moment on will NOT be as long as that. I would not expect a second single after the lead until after the album comes out, so that way the gap between the single and album is shorter, considering how badly we and the GP are craving it and Gaga/Interscope know that, although that's not to say a 2nd single isn't possible.
    So just put yourself in this mindset, and soon, everything will pass by quickly. I think the lead single will be released fairly early, like mid/late February or March, so just accept the facts and allow yourself to breathe a little bit. ARTPOP is coming soon enough, I can't tell you how fast this wait will go by. It's like running a mile, if you've ran 3 laps out of 4 and you're on the last lap... you don't think about how much you've been running and how tired it's gotten you... you think about how far you've gotten and how close you are to's the final lap...the final countdown. Don't think about how long you've had to wait for ARTPOP, think about how much longer we have...which isn't that much. Just imagine, in less than 3 months, we'll be blasting the lead single in our speakers and headphones....and that'll get us through until the album no problem. Be optimistic. Anyway sorry for the long post >.>
  9. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    And then there's this: [url=""]https://soundcloud.c...sterymonsterk��[/url]

    EDIT: nevermind, this is just thirsty for new music carry on
  10. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    Okay so call me crazy but I'm still stuck on that instrumental from DJWS' "I Like Dance Volume 11"
    You're all gonna attack me, so Imma leave after I post this...

    There's a robotic voice on the instrumental from 41:00-46:27, specifically from 41:59-42:13 and the same from 42:28-42:43 until it repeats again later on. I tried to make out what it said months ago, and I could only make out "se-duc-tive" (seductive) but that didn't make sense so I dismissed it. Now I went back to listen to it again, and I even pitched it, and now I'm hearing "This is Artpop"
    I'm not even trolling
    You go listen to it, and tell me what you think. I know I'm reaching but just LISTEN. Anybody that's good with audio and pitch and stuff can pitch it and listen and tell me what you hear. I'm not crazy >.<
    BTW, I'm not talking about the voice that says "exclusive"
    Tell me what you think...
  11. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='hypocrateen' timestamp='1356997374' post='2067557']
    My God. I could not handle it with Gaga's vocals.

    At 42:13 where the "whoo" is and the amazing would-be chorus starts
    I pray this is the single. It does say "exclusive" though and that's been bugging me since its release.
  12. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='hypocrateen' timestamp='1356996906' post='2067519']
    Anyone has found a source from that instrumental (41.30-46.25) in DJWS 'I like dance volume 11' mixtape?
    Because I might still get slayed by that if it's on ARTPOP

    that instrumental SLAYS everything in the universe. if that was on ARTPOP i'd die
  13. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='RatchetSlower' timestamp='1356493352' post='2043589']
    She's currently in the Pre single era of disappointment and shock...My example is: The FAME release, a lot of people expected her to preform...she slept...a disappointment....then gets a tattoo SHOCK! Today... She releases news we already knew...the shock is coming VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY SOON! That is if she's following the same plan that she has through this Pre single will have new music in your head by the end of yeah GET PUMPED!
    If you're gonna troll, do it properly...
    I think RatchetSlower means "transition"
    pah-lease, C U NEXT TUESDAY
  14. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    Sorry if AP and don't hate me for this
    But I came across these 3 snippets from some random soundcloud account with that SJAG1986 username -.- but these snippets are very interesting!!! and it's exactly how gaga described her new sound on ARTPOP "dramatic, very new york, pop art mixed with fine art" maybe i'm just thirsty for new music but i'd die if these were new gaga tunes (/.\)
    link to the page:
  15. gagaovergaga added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='Ladygagalover' timestamp='1355869498' post='2020250']
    ARTPOP (the song) is pretty much confirmed
    and Burqa?

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