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  1. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: 'Cheek to Cheek' Receipts Thread - sold 928k WW, 554k US   

    So does that mean it sold more than what HDD reported?
  2. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: [POLL] Lady Gaga vs Tony Bennett for Grammy Award   

  3. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Support of Free Trade with the US in each EU state   

  4. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Support of Free Trade with the US in each EU state   

    What are the pros and cons of it?
  5. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Obama AGAINST Austerity Programs in Greece   

    Wasn't that the point all along? Ireland and Portugal are doing better now thanks to austerity programs
  6. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Gaga Charts Discussion - Gaga hits 10.2M+ US albums sold   

    [quote name="BringDaNoize" post="6173644" timestamp="1421189493"]So true. Everybody loved it until first week predictions came out.[/quote]
  7. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Remove one LADY GAGA Music Video from existence!   


  8. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: League Of Legends Official Fan Thread   

    Yeah you needed to #PromoteOnlineKindness  :derpga:

  9. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: League Of Legends Official Fan Thread   

    Which Mystery Skin did y'all get? I got Corporate Mundo, i barely play the champ but since this is listed as a legendary skin i might try to master him  :flutter:  
  10. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Gaga Charts Discussion - Gaga hits 10.2M+ US albums sold   

    Adding the 2013 sales how much has it sold?  :emma:
  11. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Forbes: 10 of 2015's Most Highly Anticipated Albums (Gaga is here!)   

    I bet she ain't releasing any solo album this year

    Were they expecting one of their jazz covers to be hit or something  :toofunny:
  12. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: Do you consider G.U.Y. an official single ?   

  13. WarriorPrince added a post in a topic: More Rap songs on Gaga's 6th album?   

    I'd love more R&B songs tho

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  1. WarriorPrince

    tokyo ghoul was so good yass

    1. JaggedMonster

      is EP 13 up ?
    2. WarriorPrince

      No i've only now watched the first 12. Everything after that will only air in January from what i've heard.
    3. JaggedMonster

      damn ,i thought 13 was up...i guess i have to wait till next yr.:emma:
  2. WarriorPrince

    Imagine a collab album with Elton John tho

  3. WarriorPrince

    ATRL got mentioned on an MTV article, slay.

    1. Derpplause

    2. WarriorPrince

      @Derpplause http://imgur.com/msVYbzU.gif
  4. WarriorPrince

    "I can't wait to perform Mary Jane Holland on tour!" -> cuts it from the setlist

    1. Dayman

      "Venus and DWUW will both have music videos!" You know how this one went too...
    2. JFK

    3. lodylody

    4. capso

      Did it actually get cut?!
  5. WarriorPrince

    So how do you go to the bathroom without losing your place in the line for the artRave tbh

    1. Lukas

      Attach a hose to your peeing device
    2. ChasingGhosts

      ^ omfg hahahaha
    3. Redstreak

      I was in the LMZ line so all I did was get up, leave, and just went right back to my spot. I left like 5 times. It's good to make sure the people behind you know so they can vouch that that's your spot.
    4. WarriorPrince

      Oh i see. I'm going to the standart G.A line but since i'm probably going to meet up with some people i guess it'll be fine then
  6. WarriorPrince

    Pretty sure "Do What U Want with my body" means consent and therefore y'all need to chill with the reaches

    1. Good Enough

      This is all yesterdays topic. Get over it!
  7. WarriorPrince

    It's so ironic that ARTPOP, Prism and Bangerz all got a 61 metacritic score

    1. Didymus

      Beyoncé rocking that 85.
    2. Yves

      Beyonce :worship:

      PRISM and Bangerz didn't deserve that.
    3. Wolf

      ARTPOP definitely deserves way higher
  8. WarriorPrince

    Tried to do a G.U.Y. / Slave 4 U mashup http://youtu.be/5CVwnyZtBYM

  9. WarriorPrince

    Wow i didn't know Carly Rae Jepsen's album outsold ARTPOP in Japan :rip:

    1. Alex Eli

      she outsold pretty much everyones album in japan tho.
  10. WarriorPrince

    Pills N Potions is so good :giveup:

  11. WarriorPrince

    Just bought Rise Like a Phoenix just to support the goddess of eurovision

  12. WarriorPrince

    OGG is so hateful towards Gaga. I hate it there.

    1. FATCAT

      Then don't go there lol
    2. WarriorPrince

      I have to cuz all of my friends are there.
  13. WarriorPrince

    Really feel like punching any fan who says that ARTPOP is just "loud noise"

  14. WarriorPrince

    Nobody on ATRL will ever believe that ARTPOP sold more than 1.7M WW

    1. Yoshi

      do we have any receipts?
    2. WarriorPrince

      I guess there is "receipts" for both numbers. I personally won't take part of that 1.7M vs 2.3M battle.
  15. WarriorPrince

    I wonder if Ultraviolence will outsell ARTPOP

    1. GagaMyBlood95

      with album sales like this, no, not without some major hit...
    2. HausOfGuy

      i doubt it... lana hasn't reached that level yet... if artists like shakira can't sell more than 200k first week i don't think lana can
    3. helixspirals

      No, probably not. BTD opened with 70K or something right? I feel like we might expect something around that (probably a little higher).
      I feel though that UV will have more longetivity, like BTD
    4. Arturo

      Albums sales are pretty ****ty rn
    5. Scarface

      Worldwide it could be possible.
  16. WarriorPrince » DrewStevens

    Hi! I was wondering which software do you use on your productions and remixes? You are incredibly talented ^^

    1. DrewStevens

      I use FL Studio :)
    2. DrewStevens

      Thanks :)
  17. WarriorPrince

    Watching Totoro rn

    1. Shu Rin

      I love Totoro! :D
    2. WarriorPrince

      It's my first time watching it and i'm loving it ^_^
  18. WarriorPrince

    Roger from American Dad is god tbh

  19. WarriorPrince

    Just requested G.U.Y in PT radios in hopes of helping ticket sales. :emma:

    1. Pendulum

      yas get dem tugas ♥
    2. calmar

      Ensnare Portugal in monster claws :jase:
    3. Pendulum

      Now that you're at it, start promoting Agir's next single too, xo ♥
    4. Luc

      My impact :emma:
    5. WarriorPrince

      @Lil Alex *I don't know her.gif*
    6. Pendulum

      Flop tuga, sinceramente!
    7. WarriorPrince

      xoxo tbh ♥
    8. Pendulum

      xoxo right back at ü ♥
  20. WarriorPrince

    I wonder where she will use Volantis

  21. WarriorPrince

    is there a link to the mobile version of GGD?

    1. FATCAT

    2. BLACKOUTbritney

    3. WarriorPrince

  22. WarriorPrince

    did lorde unfollow gaga on twitter?

    1. calmar

    2. Titzlol

      Omg. I wonder why?
    3. helixspirals

      Ya she did. Lorde was following like 1000 people on Twitter and wanted to cut back on that number so she unfollowed a TON of people. Now she only follows 50
  23. WarriorPrince

    These remixes SLAY