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  1. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    [quote name='BackFromMars' timestamp='1361971838' post='2296963']
    Can someone please explain to me what is Witch Hip Hop exactly? I've never managed to realize what this term stands for..

    Combination of hard sluggish dark beats mixed with hip hop. Chips is what I think she considers witch hop.
  2. misanthrope added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='mikiki' timestamp='1362022458' post='2299318']
    I think she's doing it for the drama tbh. Not undermining her surgery, just saying.

    It's been days and let's be real, she knows how psychotic her fan base is. I saw posts on littlemonsters of kids saying they wish it were them that had to get the surgery instead of her. As strange as that is, it's true - some people out there care THAT much about her. She doesn't owe anything to anyone, but she's always emphasizing how she eats, sleeps, and breathes her fans. A 10-second "hey guy's I'm fine" would NOT be the hardest thing to do. Especially for those crazies that love her more than they love their poor selves.

    I personally am not too worried about that. I obv hope all is well, but I would imagine she is in the hands of the greatest doctors and PTs out there. And it's a common procedure.

    All I want is just some type of indication of where we stand - not even specific dates. Just, "don't worry, my surgery isn't stalling ARTPOP whatsoever" or "finishing up my vocals for ARTPOP" or even just "#ARTPOP" (lol JK that would be effing annoying as shit) but SOMETHING to show us that ARTPOP exists and we haven't all just collectively mythologized this.

    I dont think shes doing it for the drama so much as maybe she just finally realized she needs to....not say anything.
  3. misanthrope added a post in a topic: No Doubt/Gwen Stefani   

    [quote name='Stra' timestamp='1362017964' post='2299108']
    You find it... lacking. I find it perfectly suitable. Why would I find any useful criticism to No Doubt from someone with a Paris Hilton avatar. Your music taste quickly disqualifies you (for anyone) when its Paris Hilton.

    Why bring Gaga into this? It's like you are expecting me to get offended. Go ahead and criticize her for it.

    and you should listen to the album again, there is no new wave shit on it. It's 90s rock, reggae, and pop rock.

    I'm bringing Gaga into this because of the hypocrisy. Secondly, the musical tone of this album IS new wave mild soft pop/rock. The reggae influences are subtle this time around. Sparkle and Push and Shove being the most noticeably reggae infused tracks which is probably WHY I think they're the most No Doubt on the album. They both sound like they could've gone on Rock Steady. Settle Down [i]maybe[/i]. If you're trying to deny the blatant 80s/new wave influence on this this album (Heaven, One More Summer, Gravity, Easy, Dreaming the Same Dream) or that No Doubt are a pop band while simultaneously telling me im disqualified from having a legitimate opinion about their album because I have Paris as my avatar than you're ignorant.
  4. misanthrope added a post in a topic: No Doubt/Gwen Stefani   

    [quote name='Stra' timestamp='1362010051' post='2298759']
    In what way? That no one wants 2nd version of an old popular song? That No Doubt is one of the best bands of all time?

    How about your avatar? That ugly shit makes no sense boo.

    I just find it ironic that you're accusing them of unoriginality when Gaga herself is derivative, even if its on purpose. Anyway, I like No Doubt a lot. This album was just totally lacking. Sparkle was the only song on the album that in my opinion sounded most like No Doubt and not just some bland pseudo-new wave reject from her second solo record.

    And I think its so lazy when peoples main comeback is a criticism of my avatar.
  5. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Rihanna   

    [quote name='Ellie Sioux' timestamp='1361964929' post='2296838']
    i'm not a rihanna fan but i'm genuinely curious, would you guys be fans if she'd stuck to her pon de replay/music of the sun kind of thing?

    No. I thought her blatant faux-reggae was really uninspired and dull. You have songs like Man Down or No Love Allowed which play with that and they're good. But I can't even listen to Music of the Sun all the way through.
  6. misanthrope added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='aaronyoji' timestamp='1362014229' post='2298925']

    the typical pop "rise-then-drop breakdowns" aren't synonymous with EDM music, unless made badly.

    Thats not indicative of it being done badly. Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Dr. luke are all good producers/djs. You just dont want gaga to sound like other artists. But shes doing edm AS pop. What else is it going to sound like? Her producers are Madeon and Zedd lol
  7. misanthrope added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    [quote name='nick4bty' timestamp='1362000820' post='2298232']

    I don't think there will be many, if any, dance breakdowns. If anything, we'll get vocal breakdowns, but more in the form of bridges, which is Lady Gaga norm at this point (DITD, BTW, etc.). Gaga said herself that this is more pop than we're probably predicting - yes, she's incorporating EDM into her music just like she always has, but it's going to have a pop feel, because she's a pop artist.

    Well she also said erase any preconceived notions about her music lol i mean if shes doing edm i dont see why there wouldnt be a break down. Thats become pop.
  8. misanthrope added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Discussion & Info Database 1-4-2012 thru 7-11-2013   

    Breakdowns? What? Its pop music. Gaga is doing EDM. I'm sure there will be breakdowns on this album. Prepare to be disappointed. Starships and We Found Love are not the first evidence of breakdowns in radio pop either lol thats giving them way too much credit. Besides WFL is basically Calvin Harris and hes made songs that sound just like that for years now. Its not like WFL was a breakthrough in pop music.
  9. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Affiliated Fashion Designers   

    I feel like one of the only Gaga fans that straight up doesn't like her in Versace lol but I assume she only wears it so much now because she has access to the collections. I wish she'd wear other designers more often, Versace just....idk
  10. misanthrope added a post in a topic: No Doubt/Gwen Stefani   

    [quote name='Stra' timestamp='1361993228' post='2297749']
    I want something original hun

    and No Doubt is WAY more than just a "pop band" or any other stupid band with bland music like Mumford and Sons.

    Lol.....I see no logic in this response.
  11. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Rihanna   

    [quote name='Rollercoaster' timestamp='1361965587' post='2296854']
    LOL are people seriously debating how personal a Rihanna album is? LMAO Maybe if she'd written any of it...

    If you actually read my posts you'd see what I said was more logical and less generalizing than anything you're insinuating with this statement.
  12. misanthrope added a post in a topic: No Doubt/Gwen Stefani   

    [quote name='Stra' timestamp='1361968673' post='2296912']
    Sparkle samples a song that I don't know the name of but I have heard it a million times, I feel it is not single worthy because of that.

    So? Lol Its better than any of the other tracks on that record. Why is it only a detriment to their career if they sample something but not Gaga? or any pop star for that matter? They're a pop band.
  13. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Rihanna   

    [quote name='Cupid' timestamp='1361962502' post='2296808']
    Hahah!! I'm sorry I have such floppy taste in Rihanna then

    Apparently im the one with the floppy taste if im like one of the few Rihanna fans that thinks Loud is just okay
  14. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Judas video   

    [quote name='colours' timestamp='1359350182' post='2182132']
    so I was watching the Judas music video and couldn't help but notice, she's wearing creepers at the end of the video. She shops at Hot Topic on the regular. Exactly. Discuss.


    edit: creepers are SHOES! Aren't any of you hardcore hot topic punk rockers? Gawd.

    ahah creepers were like Hot Topic circa 2002-2006. Hot Topic is like weird now I don't even know....certainly not the faux-goth thing they were going for back in the day anymore. ANYWAY creepers could look good if you pull them off....I honestly like the all black ones a lot and I would buy myself a pair if I didn't think id feel like a trendy wannabe goth
  15. misanthrope added a post in a topic: Justin Timberlake   

    [quote name='murdabizness' timestamp='1361826625' post='2291740']
    "Mirrors" should have been the first single instead of "Suit & Tie" its a lot more catchy.

    I totally disagree. Suit & Tie is a grower, i'm honestly surprised so many people consider it a disappointment. Mirrors is more disappointing in my opinion, its unnecessarily long and kind of dull.

Status Feed

  1. misanthrope

    hypocrisy is annoying

    1. misanthrope

      if you're allowed to constantly praise her I should be allowed to to do the opposite. I don't see anyone complaining when people are shitting on Katy or Nicki. So jump off my nuts please.
  2. misanthrope

    I never understand when people hate on Beyonce. It never seems reasonable.

    1. Rising

      And I'll never understand why she receives such universal praise. Is half the praise for the quen b sarcastic?
    2. misanthrope

      I think its half sarcasm. But in my opinion shes one of the only young icons for our generation. Britney isn't a real icon. Katy isnt a real icon. Rihanna isnt a real icon. Beyonce has is a true performer with raw talent. Shes professional. Shes not even remotely just tabloid fodder.
    3. misanthrope

      Theres a reason shes respected. And it trips me out when I see people hate on her on pop forums, like I don't think theres any logical reason to think shes overrated. I mean its one thing if you don't like her music, but you can't deny that shes a true performer. Shes the real deal. Shes not bullshit.
    4. Native

      I like but I think she is a little overrated
    5. Rising

      Hm, I don't think it's all "the real deal," but she does express an attractive type of prowess. She knows how to emphasize and downsize what she should.
    6. misanthrope

      What is she lacking? The only thing I could think shes lacking is her relationship with her fans. But thats irrelevant. Her career is that of a real performer, from before the internet turned everyone trashy.
    7. misanthrope

      She has just enough personality to make it work and doesn't over do it by making herself too accessible.
  3. misanthrope

    Do you think Gaga dislikes Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen? It doesn't seem like shes had any interest in the McQueen brand post-suicide.

    1. BellaDonnaDiana

      or maybe it is to hard to wear the label since
    2. aaronyoji

      well his original stuff was better, everyone knows it. i mean, the rebrand is ok for what it is, but gaga appreciates the more genuine pieces. i saw an archive book for mcqueens collections at barnes and noble and sarah burton pales in comparison.
    3. misanthrope

      I still think its beautiful. But there is an obvious decline in awe when looking at Sarah Burton's collections.
    4. misanthrope

      Gaga would look good in McQueen though...I have to say lol
  4. misanthrope

    I hate how wrapped up in hollywood the first family is. Like its so sleazy.

    1. Ray of Light

      They wanna make it in the neighborhood.
  5. misanthrope

    where can i find the redone version of paparazzi?

    1. misanthrope

      nevermind found it
    2. BellaDonnaDiana

      where was it?
    3. misanthrope

    4. BellaDonnaDiana

      any good>?
    5. misanthrope

      I like the original better :p The Redone version isn't as heavy on the dark 80s element. Its more like RedOne-y.
    6. BellaDonnaDiana

      Ah with his EHY's in it???

      I prefer the proper version :D
    7. misanthrope

      ahah no no ehy's. here:

  6. misanthrope

    itunes just keeps getting worse and worse. I thought 11 was bad -___-

    1. inuborg

      The new itunes is sexy, what you talking about
    2. misanthrope

      I purchased a song and it took 10 minutes to finally appear on my library "/ and it takes forever to load the itunes store "/ everything is so delayed. And I have a mac! With great wireless internet! like wtf itunes 11.2
    3. hausofmike

      thats weird mine doesnt do that and i have a mac. just the app store does that. send them an email
    4. misanthrope

      It probably just needs to settle in. Similar problems occurred when I updated to 11.
    5. inuborg

      The mac app store sucks. The only problem I have with iTunes is getting songs together on a album, but that has been a problem. I haven't experienced anything you speak of though.
    6. misanthrope

      Ugh...I would be the only one with the most issues hahah
    7. hausofmike

      the best thing to do is the support > community postings. post your problem. people will help. its helped me a lot even for simple things Apple workers couldnt fix
    8. misanthrope

      thank youuu
  7. misanthrope

    Theres nothing worse than faux-activism. Shallow interest.

    1. misanthrope

      Online social justice warriors
    2. misanthrope

      F aggots
  8. misanthrope

    So.....now that the tour is done....does this mean the BTW-era is officially over or....?

    1. inuborg

      Or what? Fashion of His Love is the next single?
    2. Nemo

      Eras aren't really official.
    3. misanthrope

      Well I wasn't intending to be literal with this, obviously eras are open ended I guess. But you know what I meant lol
  9. misanthrope

    they should make a video like this for madonna and gaga fans: http://youtu.be/JLrCGgA0bEY

    1. sobercool

      A mess.
  10. misanthrope

    I find it appalling when people defend Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship, as if its heart-warming. Almost disturbing.

    1. boysboysboys

      It's actually quite boring.
    2. misanthrope

      Their relationship? Sure. But I do find it disturbing that so many young women defend it.
    3. boysboysboys

      I just ignore them, lol.

      It's certainly not bringing in buyers, from what I'm seeing.
    4. misanthrope

      Unapologetic has re-entered the Top 20 of the Billboard 200.
    5. misanthrope

      I wouldn't say that has anything to do with their relationship though. Just Rihanna's star power lol
    6. boysboysboys

  11. misanthrope

    Dierks bentley is so hot. I dont even like country music really but he might convert me

    1. Deacon

      Yes, he is! "Come A Little Closer" used to be my slow jam.
  12. misanthrope

    Taylors performance wasnt very good. L

  13. misanthrope

    deadmau5 annoys me so much

  14. misanthrope

    Rihanna is THE best dressed woman at the grammys tonight.

  15. misanthrope

    Sweaty ****s flopping

    1. misanthrope

    2. misanthrope

      Taylor kinney?
    3. misanthrope

      Gaga are you reading this?
    4. misanthrope

      Gaga are you reading this?
    5. boysboysboys

      They better be huge.
  16. misanthrope

    gagas hair needs to look like this again: http://i47.tinypic.com/14ak2mc.png

    1. misanthrope

      too perfect
    2. Alien Tulip

      I was very disappointed that this set didn't make it into the you and i video. We barely have 14 seconds of the brunette set in the video.
    3. Chic

      I couldn't agree more!
    4. SayCart

      no thank you
    5. misanthrope

      she looks badass, right now she looks so boring lol
    6. SayCart

      no her neon green hair is giving me life tbh.
    7. misanthrope

      black >
    8. SayCart

      the black in the actual video looked better though. here it looks weird.
    9. misanthrope

      lol! idk i think she looks goth here. like siouxsie soux.
    10. SayCart

      i rmbr liking it at first, but now im over it. maybe if there were more pictures, i would've liked it.
  17. misanthrope

    those leaked snippets are fake! I knew the first song sounded familiar! Its "relax" by peaches

  18. misanthrope

    Who is Jay and is he reliable?

    1. Lamon

      Jay is the father of the legendary blue ivy Carter
    2. Jjang

      He supposedly know stuff and is an insider of Gaga's label,I never truly trusted him.
    3. Deacon

      I'm guessing you mean Jay as in HausofJay. He takes a lot of known information from various places and repackages it to seem exclusive.
    4. Nagini

      hahahahahahaha gayz and beyonce's illuminati child :flutter:
    5. Jase

      what Deacon said
    6. misanthrope

      "Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' sounds like spoken words over dirty techno beats with hip-hop and j-pop references; very modern, yet influenced by underground gay trap. The album is both commercial, and experimental in its sound, but catchy lyrically."

      Didn't know if I should consider this just another bullshit "insider" rumor or if hes ever said anything remotely credible.
    7. misanthrope

      THAN AGAIN, that description is incredibly vague and consists of everything shes already told us
    8. Jase

      lol nah, ignore him. he knows about as much as all of us
    9. Lamon

      Um.. Gaga said that a long time ago lol
    10. Deacon

      Gaga said ALL of that (the ARTPOP description) in the LM chatroom lol.
    11. Jase

      rofl is he trying to pass it off as exclusive info?
    12. misanthrope

      thats why I said "THAN AGAIN, that description is incredibly vague and consists of everything shes already told us" lol
  19. misanthrope

    the dress jennifer lopez wore to the grammys in 2000 has its own wikipedia page :deadbanana:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Versace_dress_of_Jennifer_Lopez

    1. Silver Keith

      so does gaga's meat dress :)
  20. misanthrope

    Marry the Night is Gaga's worst music video.

    1. degenerate

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nr33m1zXVE ?
    2. misanthrope

      Nope. Its even worse than that one.
    3. misanthrope

      Marry the Night, You and I, and Judas are all worse than that one.

      I really dislike the videos from the BTW era.
    4. degenerate

      Hmm alrighty then lol
    5. misanthrope

      The videos have no plot and the ones that do are completely muddled by bullshit. Like yeah theres cool images in some of them but some cool images doesn't make the video good. And the length of the video doesn't make it good either. Lovegame and Bad Romance don't necessarily have an obvious plot but they're so much stronger than any of the videos from the BTW era.
    6. degenerate

      That's all true but I guess I like when they're muddled with bullshit because it's Gaga's bullshit. I'm a sucker for some visual eye candy even if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
    7. misanthrope

      You and I and Judas though I don't judge.

      Its just Marry the Night. I think its so inarguably her most cringeworthy video. Yet so many people here seem to think The Fame-era was worse. Like that makes no sense to me. lol but different strokes....
  21. misanthrope

    crew neck > v neck

  22. misanthrope

    nicole richie circa 2005

  23. misanthrope

    im so tired of drag culture being trendy. stop saying "yaaas" and "sis" and "drag ha". ****in ****...

    1. misanthrope

      people watch Rupaul's Drag Race and Paris Is Burning and suddenly they think they're drag queens. stfu.
    2. Knife

      what's the tea, hunty?
    3. misanthrope

      gaaah lol
    4. Evanescence

    5. Arturo

      drag ha is the worst. Why would you want to talk like a drag queen? :wtf:
    6. la fama

      just be a queen
    7. Emmie

      every time someone incorrectly uses the term "sickening" a draq queen loses her wings
    8. Emmie

      every time someone incorrectly uses the term "sickening" a draq queen loses her wings
    9. kupo

      It's overused around here, and often crudely employed. That's the main problem. Drag's a vibrant culture, and the slang is addictive and funny. But you can't just half-ass it.
    10. misanthrope

      Its overused on the internet within the gay community period these days.
    11. degenerate

      yassss girl preach sis
  24. misanthrope

    truth: "what part of your life has never had a contradiction? i want to know so i can call it out. you people are so narrow minded. life is contradiction. life is change. what part of that concept is difficult for you to grasp? i want to hear from you right now that you never contradicted yourself in anyway possible.

    1. GagaSlayedYou

      no lies were told
    2. Rising

  25. misanthrope

    I remember back in the day when the internet didn't overpower pop music. Now its like your forced to log on and watch other people put every emphasis on chart position and how many other people are liking the same artist they're finding any slight interest in so they can feel permission to "stan". Its like no one genuinely likes anything anymore. Everyones just a ****ing follower and whats worse is that they so adamantly argue that they're not.

    1. dontbesweet