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  1. Muh added a post in a topic: Sarah Paulson about Gaga on AHS   

    ​I didn't know... That why I was asking 
  2. Muh added a post in a topic: Sarah Paulson about Gaga on AHS   

    ​what video? the one where she reveals the name of the new season and never says she will appear on it?
  3. Muh added a post in a topic: Most underrated songs from each Gaga album   

    SUMMERBOY bitch paid dust to it, never performed
    SO HAPPY I COULD DIE (pop masterpiece) it never got the exposure it deserved besides the Monster Ball
    FASHION OF HIS LOVE/THE QUEEN  both beautiful meaningful songs FOHL could've been a Top 20 hit imo and the TQ outro is heaven
    FASHION!  one of the best on AP and she stop performing it after the US leg of the artRave
  4. Muh added a post in a topic: Sarah Paulson about Gaga on AHS   

    But it is confirmed Gaga will be starring on this next season right? 
  5. Muh added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You"   

    is there a higher quality version????
  6. Muh added a post in a topic: Madonna: Gaga is very talented + there's room for other queens   

    I seriously can't stand this bitch
    Just because her new single and album is flopping she needs to bring this up AGAIN, after 4 years!
    LET IT GO!
    I kinda feel bad for her 
  7. Muh added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You"   

    is it being released on iTunes tonight? :excited2: 
  8. Muh added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift   

    because the album it's 80's inspired and it sounds like an epic number tbh
  9. Muh added a post in a topic: Inside Lady Gaga's "Sound of Music" Performance!   

    Queen of Input and Rehearsal :legend:
  10. Muh added a post in a topic: The fact that she was preparing for the Oscars for six months..   

    it's hard for me to believe such thing
    I mean we know she trains/warms her voice daily but to practice 6 months specifically for one performance it's unreal
  11. Muh added a post in a topic: The fact that she was preparing for the Oscars for six months..   

    where did this rumor even started from? :huh:
  12. Muh added a post in a topic: Gaga's 2015 GRAMMYs performance removed by CBS   

    They should upload her Oscars performance to VEVO tbh
  13. Muh added a post in a topic: Kelly O. Has a Meltdown, Threatens to Leave Fashion Police   

    Zendaya is making a big deal out of it, I don't think G intended to sound racist she was just making a comment relax!
    And wtf at Kelly who even brought her into this? :duck: she should just leave the show anyway tbh I can't stand her voice and accent it's so annoying it's like she tries too hard to sound British (no I'm not being racist but she bothers me)

Status Feed

  1. Muh

    omg I hate this new layout it's so weird and hard to use, it sucks

  2. Muh

    Did Taylor perform STYLE at the Brit Awards???

    1. Drowned World

      No, she performed Blank Space
    2. Muh

      smh this bitch paying dust to her best song ever
    3. barnabesk

  3. Muh

    I'm still not over how amazing last night was for Gaga, I am so proud and happy. Carrrer defining moment and what a way to do it :applause: :giveup:

  4. Muh

    So what is Gaga going to sing at the Oscars? A C2C song, one of her songs, TIHTY or something different???

    1. TEANUS

      I hope it's Till It Happens To You but idk
    2. PurplePatch

      No one really knows, except that it's a tribute performance
    3. nickyB

      inb4 SIRE as tribute for Michael Jackson
    4. CowSiss

      If she did that, I would take part in Lent and maybe go to church
    5. Teenage Cream

      Sire debut and then album release in May.
  5. Muh

    I'm obsessed with Gaga's look from yesterday :giveup: the Platinum hair, I need it to stay for a whole era

  6. Muh

    Is Gaga in New York right now???

  7. Muh

    I'm so ****ing pissed right now! DWUW deserved a Best Pop Duo nomination and y'all know it

    1. eNvi

      not successful = no nomination
    2. RevelUnderYou

      lol cause im coming at you like a dark horse, are you ready for, ready for? cant believe this got nominated, and DWUW didnt
  8. Muh


  9. Muh

    So Lüc Carl is married now?

    1. Mittens

      I think she meant Dada
    2. Muh

      Was Dada friends with Brian Newman? She said they haven't seen him(exbf) in 2 years.
  10. Muh

    I hate the new C2C design

  11. Muh

    My crush just talked to me after I left him on 'seen' 6 days ago :party:

  12. Muh

    Can you guys help me? I try to open the iTunes store from iTunes but it says I check the network connection is activated. I mean I do have internet connection #HELPMEHERE

  13. Muh

    what's ALS and why are they doing that water challenge? :huh:

    1. helixspirals

      The Definition of ALS: "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement."
      The water challenge is to raise awareness for ALS, and to hopefully get some people to donate money to ALS research and stuff
    2. Zilla

      Basically ALS is a disease where the cells in your body that control motor skills (like moving your arms and speech for example) die, and eventually your muscles become very weak. So basically your muscles deteriorate
    3. Muh

      is it like Parkinson disease? But what does the cold water have to do with this illness and how posting a video will get people to donate money?
      Sorry idgi
    4. Zilla

      I'm guessing since the water is ice cold you lose feeling in your body so it's done to raise awareness that way? Nobody really clarified haha
    5. Muh

      oh okay. I mean it's a good cause but not so much a clever way to raise awaraness. It's seems just like another Cinnamon Challenge type of thing imo
  14. Muh

    u guys i think i hate gaga

    1. Elan

      Leave then
  15. Muh

    omg did Gaga and Tony recorded Bang Bang?? :excited:

  16. Muh

    Brazil flopped harder than ARTPOP :giveup:

    1. capso

      ARTPOP didn't flop so that doesn't say much. But they were really bad.
  17. Muh

    Idk y but I feel sad Gaga tattooed her right arm :(

  18. Muh

    Life after TFiOS sucks :giveup:

  19. Muh

    BOOM CLAP! The sound of my heart, the beat goes on an on

    1. Seether

      you mean boomkack ?
    2. Muh

      omg :lmao:
  20. Muh

    yall need ti stop the whole betrayal thing was a joke! I do want her to perform TEOG I wasnt dragging her bye

  21. Muh

    FU Versace Girl

  22. Muh

    how long till gaga on the late show?

    1. djBuffoon

      Show starts in 10 :)
  23. Muh

    Did Gaga made a self portrait and it was displayed on SXSW?

  24. Muh

    HELP ME HERE! :(

    1. Mr Josh

      what's wrong?