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  1. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Katy Perry reportedly working on new album with T. Swift diss track   

    Always this messy article... I can0t at the "She´s having none of it" part
  2. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Happy birthday Rihanna!   

    Happy birthday to my queen  :heart: and my king Kurt Cobain  :heart:
  3. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Who would you want Gaga to collaborate with in her next album?   

    Rihanna, Nicki & Calvin Harris are my top three.
    But I want gaga to go full on rock with AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Sting, Foo Fighters...
  4. Chuckles added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga exchanges belated Christmas Gifts with Homeless   

    Wish everyone would see how sweet she iis!
  5. Chuckles added a post in a topic: 57th GRAMMY Awards - Sam Smith, Beyoncé, Pharrell win big!   

    I love that song!
  6. Chuckles added a post in a topic: 57th GRAMMY Awards - Sam Smith, Beyoncé, Pharrell win big!   

    same, i kept thinking of paparazzi too
  7. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Rolling Stone names Lady Gaga's cover as an iconic one   

    That cover is iconic. period.
  8. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Taylor and Katy expected to call each other out at SB and Grammy's   

    This type of article always surfaces and nothing happens ever :laughga:
  9. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Beyoncé and Rihanna   

  10. Chuckles added a post in a topic: Rihanna - 240M WW records sold; #R8 coming soon   

    :giveup:  :giveup:  :giveup:  :giveup:
    when will your fave??
    p.s. use the rapup link
    For full version buy on iTunes:
  11. Chuckles added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Zedd and Calvin Harris in one studio together   

    I want a threesome!
  12. Chuckles added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Rihanna and Katy Perry together w/ Kanye, Miley   

    Amazing front row, I really feel Rih doesn't like Miley though
    The event was The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards Show

Status Feed

  1. Chuckles

    Any livestream links for the SB? Preferably in HD

    1. Mr Josh
    2. Chuckles

      Any others that you know of? I'm not from the US :(
    3. Mr Josh

      for the official stream outside the US you need to pay 8 euros but its in full HD. You can also sign up for unblock-us, there's a 7 day trial with no cc needed and then you'll be able to watch anything that's blocked outside the US.
    4. Chuckles

      Thank you so much Joshpop! I got it!!
    5. Mr Josh

      you're welcome :) now GO BRONCOS! :D
  2. Chuckles

    Having two videos (R.Kelly & Xtina) would be a nice move for streaming purposes

  3. Chuckles

    No that I think about it its the "gay-zing" ball lol!

  4. Chuckles

    I finally realized the new ggd update looks like the ios 7 lol

    1. Red

      iOS 7 is taking over the world :rip:
    2. TheOriginalOne

      I ****ing hate iOS 7. I refuse to update!
    3. Chuckles

      It has a couple of nice feautres but the colors are a mess! Just like here!
    4. TheOriginalOne

      The battery life is ****. And I can't connect to wifi anymore :cry:
      I think an Andriod is the phone for me now.
    5. Chuckles

      Definitely not, I have and I android right now and I don't like it at all!
    6. TheOriginalOne

      Back to the flip phones then :derpga:
  5. Chuckles

    New GagaDaily how can I fix my image so it looks good?

    1. Hot Space

      make it 200x200 pixels and use a hq image. you might have to adjust the way the face is positioned in your avi because of the fade away, though
    2. Chuckles

      Thank you will do it!
    3. Hot Space

      You're welcome :)
    1. Pendulum

      I just don't get why someone would delete such an amazing song.
  6. Chuckles

    What can be the HUGE announcement?

    1. FATCAT

      She already made it :P
    2. Chuckles

      Was that the promo singles?
    3. FATCAT

      Yep, that was the huge ARTPOP annoouncemnt :)
  7. Chuckles

    German monsters, is this correct: "Fick diese scheiße"?

  8. Chuckles

    Any Breaking Bad fans around? The finale was everything I expected (y)

    1. Bad

      YAASS it was perfect. Sad to see it end though :(
    2. Btrs

      yep. I kinda wish there were more "OMFG" moments but it still did a great job of wrapping up the series. no loose ends.
    3. Chuckles

      @btrs Yes I expected a little more WTF's but it was fine nevertheless.
  9. Chuckles

    So what's up with the tracklist?

    1. TimisaMonster

      It's coming in less than 30 minutes...
  10. Chuckles

    Why do members get so mad when they see threads of Katy, Miley, Rihanna or Britney in the "Entertainment" section? We have a complete Gaga discussion with a bunch of Gaga-only threads!

    1. SayCart

      i kno, weird
    2. PoshLife

      I don't think that's an adequate comparison, since this is a Gaga fansite... it clutters the Entertainment section when four or five artists get a thread for every single different thing they do. And it pushes all the other threads to the bottom.
    3. chris777

      is so stupid. that's what the entertainment section is. if they don't like it they shouldn't even click on the thread
    4. chris777

      reminds me when most were pressed by katy and made close every thread she had.
      so silly
    5. Willy Wonka

      because there's a thread every time they take a breath of air
    6. PoshLife

      @chris I shouldn't have to avoid an entire section of this site just because you all don't know how to keep things organized. Your artists already have threads, post in those threads.
    7. Chuckles

      @willywonka don't be silly we just post when a new cover/video/achievement occurs, which is very often since some albums are coming next month.

      @poshlife we do post on their respective threads but I like to share information to see what others members think about it but lately it's all been "another thread?" I don't get the hate tbh
    8. chris777

      i don't get the problem with having threads for important news of an artists/singer/actor, whatever.

      i do agree is stupid having a thread for eveything they do.
    9. Willy Wonka

      "ke$ha slays with new rainbow hair" " talks about music scene in vegas" "katy perry wants to collaborate with bruno mars" "ke$ha looks hot in vegas" "katy praises miley, talks about possible collab" there are a several the voice threads, several about quotes from miley, like 19 about aspects of britney's tour... so no. it's not just covers and videos and achievements.
    10. SayCart

      well to be fair, no one is going to notice if someone hadn't created a new thread for it. i honestly don't think it's a big deal, but i can still see how it may annoy some users on here.
    11. Willy Wonka

      but i mean... for a lot of this stuff, don't only the fans really care.
    12. SayCart

      well it's the entertainment section. i'm not necessarily a fan of all these artists that these people post thread about, but it does get my interest and makes me find out about something new. otherwise i would have most likely not have known.
  11. Chuckles

    Do the iHeartRadio work for you (outside US)?

    1. Chuckles

      This link:
  12. Chuckles

    Applause was playing just at the time I arrived home! :(

    1. Majora

      should have drove slower and pretended to just rest a bit in the car :derpga:
    2. Chuckles

      I know! But it does sound better on headphones than on the radio :)
  13. Chuckles

    Just saw a double rainbow :)

    1. Majora

      katy is cumming
    2. Aaliyah

      It's a sign
    3. ThisGuyTony

      PRISM. :legend:
    4. Pendulum

      Brace yourself, Katy is coming for you.
  14. Chuckles

    Beyoncé tickets are sold out :(

  15. Chuckles

    I would love if she wore the sunglasses with a lot of colors that she rocked this week.

  16. Chuckles

    I just noticed PRISM is all caps like ARTPOP in iTunes lol

    1. Poker Profusion

      Not the title though, on the Prism page :)
  17. Chuckles

    Could the Telephone sequel be the song with the lyrics "We could belong together"? It kind of fits

    1. PaperIz

      It's the song ARTPOP so probably not. I think she'd let that video have it's own thing going on. But you never know with Gags
  18. Chuckles

    Just saw a promo of Gaga for VMAs on MTV! I'm so excited!

  19. Chuckles

    Don't know which V cover is my favorite! Can't wait to see which one they will sell here!

  20. Chuckles

    Does your dog get crazy excited when going for a walk? Or just mine?

    1. FreeAsMyARTPOP

      same here
    2. Memo

      Yes, mine jumps everywhere and barks and me :dead: she loves walkies :rofl:
  21. Chuckles

    Does any of you go to school in the afternoon? If so, who do you do it?

    1. Alex Spears

      Night school you mean?
    2. dynamite

      Yeah I finished recently and have applied to do another evening course, it's because I need to study around a full-time job when I get one
    3. Chuckles

      It's afternoon from 1 pm to 5-6 pm (depends on the day)
    4. dynamite

      Oh mine is 5pm-9pm haha
    5. Anomaly

      I have classes in the morning (8am - 11 am I think) and then classes from 5pm to 10pm. That's only on Mondays, but it's pretty hectic, especially since I work 1pm to 4pm in between.
    6. Chuckles

      All my life I've been a morning student and from this semester on I'm going in the evening. It completely messed my normal eating, homework schedule. I'm becoming more lazy!
    7. Anomaly

      I know what you mean. I never eat fast food, but last semester, I had nowhere to keep my prepared lunch, so I would have to eat at the Wendy's on my campus. I had like no time to work out, either. And I'm not even going to talk about homework.
    8. Chuckles

      I want to work out after school because traffic is a b*tch when I get out. And my morning is already full with french and cooking. It's going to be a tough change for me.
  22. Chuckles

    Lady Gaga and all her tweets today. So sweet :)

  23. Chuckles

    The footage is so good!

    1. What

      is it tho
    2. Andy Darko

      tho, it is
    3. What

      but she just sits there
    4. Andy Darko

      no lol, i actually dislike it, i was just playing with your word order...haha
    5. What

      oh ok lol
    6. Chuckles

      Her stare is the selling point for me
  24. Chuckles

    Two Gaga songs already used on a beauty pageant from my city #impact