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  1. Stuff added a post in a topic: Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) has Bad Romance on itunes   

    Hilarious episode! Didn't even notice this. I was too focused on the storyline. 
  2. Stuff added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    I feel bad for her. Still funny, sorta.
  3. Stuff added a post in a topic: Katy Perry takes scandalous pictures, slammed by media   

  4. Stuff added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea leaves twitter after controversy around unflattering pic   

    I think she looks great in that pic. 
  5. Stuff added a post in a topic: Madonna BANNED from BBC Radio1 for being "irrelevant and old"   

    Literally lol'ed when reading the title.
  6. Stuff added a post in a topic: DISTURBING: Perez Hilton takes attention seeking to a whole new level   

    What a gross human being. 
  7. Stuff added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Youtuber Connor Franta comes out as gay   

    Utter shock throughout the galaxy. 
  8. Stuff added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea responds to Azealia Banks and drags bandwagon   

    I laughed at "she rides old white penis". :smh: 
  9. Stuff added a post in a topic: Police Issues and Racial Profiling Protest Discussion   

    I wonder if news sites copy and paste "unarmed black man shot by police in". 
  10. Stuff added a post in a topic: Justin Bieber   

    I wanna fuck him with his hair like that. Or any type for that matter. 

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    1. What

  1. Stuff

    Do mods even care about this site anymore? :lmao:

    1. tearsnfears

      Doesn't seem to be that way.
  2. Stuff

    Guys, how can you embed tweets?

    1. Spyro

      [media]link[/media] make sure it's an http link and not https
    2. Spyro

      reverse that, it has to be https
    3. Yanko

      what about instagram video?
    4. Stuff

      Thanks Spyro! I thought I had to do something else....
  3. Stuff

    4 week old kittens starting to run around everywhere randomly.

    1. PdogtheDaibutsu

      Don't let Gagz and her meat dress and tiny little Asia near that cat
    2. ChicaSkas

      om nom nom nom nom
  4. DirtyLittleMonster » Stuff

    Let me grovel to you, I'm so sorry lol lol - I had no idea I said female Xtina. I was looking at what I said and thinking what was he laughing about. I saw male and not the letters f &e.

    1. Stuff

      No problem! :hug: Just a silly mistake.
  5. Stuff

    I love Lookin' Ass.

  6. Bloody Matt » Stuff

    I LOVE CATS :giveup: your avi is flawless

    1. Stuff

      Thanks! :D Cats are the best, I'm taking care of month old kittens right now. :)
    2. Bloody Matt

      I'm slayed by the one in the pic :flutter:
    3. Stuff

      Same! I loved it since I first saw it :flutter: http://www.mememaker.net/static/images/templates/818895.jpg
    4. Bloody Matt

      I'm dying just a little inside
    5. Stuff

      I like your avi too ;D
    6. Bloody Matt

      lol thanks :hug: But I have a lot of flaws compared to yours :)
    7. Stuff

      Oh please, where is that empty list of flaws. :hor:
    8. Bloody Matt

      Too long to write :laughga:
    9. Stuff

      Let's not write it then. :hor:
    10. Bloody Matt

      Yeah .hor: I wouldn't like to print that **** that makes me wanna scream :hor:
    11. Stuff

      Let's write love poems instead. But I suck at poetry. What grade are you going into? :party:
    12. Bloody Matt

      I'm starting the last year of high school in September :) u?
    13. Stuff

      I was supposed to finish high school last year, but I had a problem with an online class, long story short, deadline passed, and I couldn't finish my last semester's credits. I was very close :giveup: It sucks looking at friends having the college experience, but stuff happens. :cry:
    14. Stuff

      I'm about to finish though. :party:
    15. Bloody Matt

      Hope everything goes well this time ;)
    16. Bloody Matt

    17. Stuff

      It will. :yes: Some advice, 'cause I'm so wise, senior year can be a bit difficult, but you'll really enjoy the end of the year. Just do your thing, I'm sure you're a great student. :D
    18. Bloody Matt

      Thanks for the piece of advices :hug: I'm quite good at school yeah xD
    19. Stuff

      Any universities you want to go to?
    20. Bloody Matt

      I don't know what to do yet LOOOL
    21. Stuff

      Too flawless to care obvs.
    22. Bloody Matt

      HAHAHAHAH I think I could do biotechnologies
    23. Stuff

      Oooh sounds fancy. #GetDemBills
    24. Bloody Matt

      YAS. I have to go now... Hope to speak to you soon :hug:
    25. Stuff

      BYE Great talking to you :hug:
  7. Stuff

    What direction is Nicki going in? Anaconda is horrible. P&P was kinda good, honestly. Not exactly a fan or a hater, but Anaconda made me cringe.

    1. Spyro

      Lookin' Ass >>
    2. Stuff

      Just googled that. :flop: When did it come out? Didn't even know about it.
    3. Tanner

      Feburary. She also released two other songs, Chi-Raq and Yasss Bish
    4. WhiteStripes

      lookin ass, chiraq, senile, flawless remix >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    5. Stuff

      Now I remember about Yasss Bish. Didn't like it but I'll try the others. Flawless remix was great. Prefer Bey's part, but Nicki's was good too.
  8. Stuff

    So... I woke up today, and my cat had given birth to two kittens already. No one heard a thing in this tiny place. They're adorable though!

    1. Oomik

      Aww congrats! Take some pics? :3
  9. Stuff

    "Fok off. This is a Gagadaily website with young fans too. Idiote" My new life quote.

    1. Morphine Prince

      So inspiring. Very ARTPOP.
    1. mariomania1234

    2. Lance

  10. Stuff

    Justin Bieber's n-word videos. :rip:

  11. Stuff

    This earthquake though...

    1. Ambrosia

      Take care!
    1. BrothaGaga

      but the comments ugh
    2. Good Enough

      People always have to find something to be negative about, ugh!
    3. Zach Monster

  12. Stuff

    Remember #DeadAndDecaying? :lmao:

    1. Poker

      omg that edit skills tho
    2. Stuff

      such butt gravity lol
    3. Anomaly

      Look at the warped door tho :smh:
  13. Stuff

    I love the new Italian dog on Family Guy. lol Vinny is it?

  14. Stuff

    Barely realized the AMA performance is on Gaga's youtube. :fail: At least I won't have to worry about it being deleted.

  15. Stuff

    There's this really pathetic madge fan on Gaga's newest videos. It has been posting on the Applause video for weeks, if not months. :lmao:

    1. Mittens

      Getting those views, though
  16. Stuff

    Wasn't Gagadaily on the news once? Or at least online news.

    1. Nick

      Several times :)

      Like when our site got hacked, and Gaga saw + tweeted us and her tech support team tried helping us restore the site :')
    2. Stuff

      That's the one I was thinking about. :') :rave:
    3. garnite

      it's been mentioned on a few reputable media outlets, i think. mtv and pitchfork come to mind but i'm not sure.
  17. Stuff

    How big can avi's be now?

    1. Bambino

    2. Stuff

  18. Stuff

    I think I might constantly change my mind about what song is my favorite on ARTPOP. At first it was ARTPOP but now it might be Venus.

  19. Stuff

    Why does nobody use this thread? :cry: I thought it was such a good thread. http://gagadaily.com/index.php?showtopic=49578