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  1. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: JUDAS vs VENUS   

  2. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: 4 years ago today: Mugler Paris Show, "Government Hooker" Premiere   

    This was an amazing time. 
  3. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Will Gaga be able to top this Emmy worthy performance in Hotel?   

    She probably banged those guys after 
  4. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: "Do not discredit Gaga she made Dance music mainstream"   

    who is that?
  5. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Your holy trinity for gaga's albums?   

    TF: Poker Face, Paparazzi, LoveGame
    TFM: Bad Romance, Dance in the Dark, Alejandro 
    BTW: Scheiße, Judas, The Edge of Glory
    AP: Venus, ARTPOP, Applause 
  6. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Snippet Piano Version   

    I wish we got both in HQ. It sucks to experience new Gaga music in LQ. The more I listen to it the more it grows on me. 
  7. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Are you happy with Til It Happens To You?   

    meh. Hopefully the HQ version does the song justice. I hope this isn't the direction of her next album. 
  8. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Gags speaks about the issue   

    illuminati dress
  9. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Gaga has MORE google searches in US than when ARTPOP was released!   

    BTW time period impact. But she does deserve it after all the backlash she received. 
  10. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Katy Perry takes scandalous pictures, slammed by media   

    I would put my dick in her mouth 
  11. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    When ARTPOP came out, everyone on here said it was her best. When Gaga drops her new pop album then we're gonna hear "I miss the ARTPOP era" 
  12. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Zedd ft. Selena Gomez - I Want You To Know   

    he made sure his girl got a good track 
  13. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Are Gaga's Tattoos becoming distracting?   

    the trumpet, the paw, and the mother monster are not my favorites. 
  14. GagaUnderYou added a post in a topic: Still can't believe that Jewels & Drugs is on ARTPOP.   

    you still know all the words though, still better than Fashion! 

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I'm straight and I like lady gaga. 

I'm Italian 


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  1. GagaUnderYou

    Who was the producer that raped Gaga? 

  2. GagaUnderYou

    even gaga will be confused with the new layout when she logs on

    1. jimakostsalas

      :laughga: true

      poor ha 

  3. GagaUnderYou

    Anyone down to PM? i'm bored 

    1. bionic

      always :whitney: 

  4. GagaUnderYou

    im kinda drunk and i love lady gaga and im in the mood to eat some pussy

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    2. RAMROD

      Typing skills too good for drunk post :fan:

    3. GagaUnderYou

      @ramrod its amazing

  5. GagaUnderYou

    Visit my profile for nudes

  6. GagaUnderYou

    I miss the old Gaga... daily. 

  7. GagaUnderYou

    2015 is really Gaga's year! I'm so excited to see her is AHS! She needs to drop an album this year! She's back on top where she belongs!

  8. GagaUnderYou

    Feels nice that Gaga is on top of her game again even though I enjoyed other prefomances of her than the Oscars.

  9. GagaUnderYou » DancelnTheDark

    been listening to your soundcloud awesome stuff

    1. DancelnTheDark

      the most awesome stuff were on my old accounts tho (they got deleted)
      thank you very much <3
    2. GagaUnderYou

      I really hope you make long stuff like the ARTPOP remix and the Venus stuff is sex in the ears
  10. GagaUnderYou

    amber rose has a beautiful pussy

    1. Paper Gangsta

      Link ? :hor:
    2. Elan

      Okay why did I just google to see I'm gay :rip: And now I need to throw up.
    3. GagaUnderYou

      @Paper google it
  11. GagaUnderYou

    calvin harris is a beautiful man

    1. Alex Spears

      Ur Gay.
    2. Red

      Isn't him?
    3. GagaUnderYou

      @alex no i'm not
    4. Alex Spears

      You are a beautiful Unicorn accept your Homosexysexysex
    5. bionic

    6. Phoenix

  12. GagaUnderYou

    happy for gaga wanna see her pregnant soon but she needs to put out an album before!

    1. Gohan

      This! I don't want another blackout :(
  13. GagaUnderYou

    single for valentine's day this year anyone wanna fu*ck?

    1. Phoenix

      I'm not a pedo
    2. jimakostsalas

      @phoenix what? :confused:
    3. Hecturr

      b my christian grey tbh
    4. GagaUnderYou

      @pheonix what?
  14. GagaUnderYou


    1. yASSsss

      the real fraud is back,YAAAAS
    2. TEANUS

      It's SOO good
    3. GagaUnderYou

      @yaas what?
      @Teanus i know what your favs?
  15. GagaUnderYou

    I don't want no one's apologizes. Don't feel bad or anything. Just stop bullying me.

    1. PdogtheDaibutsu

      What happened?
    2. GagaUnderYou

      people calling me fake, i proved to them i wasn't fake, and now they're sorry...
    3. Iggy Azalea

      @Pdog A member called him out and made everyone believe he was a catfish. Though, both people have no proof so I'm just going to sit here and browse ggd.
    4. tearsnfears

      I never bullied you. I think you're amazing. <3
  16. GagaUnderYou

    I think I might steal the Grammy's spotlight on GGD :whitney:

  17. GagaUnderYou

    The member PACO is pathetic. Proved to you all that I'm real so this can end. PACO used to pm me before and now he's doing an "expose" on me ha

  18. GagaUnderYou

    Excited for the grammy's. Cheek to Cheek is now warming up to me

  19. GagaUnderYou

    I roll like Lady Gaga

  20. GagaUnderYou

    the chorus on Aura is really good

  21. GagaUnderYou

    I hope the DWUW video leaks this year.

  22. GagaUnderYou

    Gaga should do the Superbowl soon as people still are aware of her

    1. DavidKal

      lol stop with this joke. people will be aware of her for a long time.the face that one album underperformed means nothing
    2. DavidKal

      fact* xD
    3. GagaUnderYou

      ARTPOP is one her best albums
    4. DavidKal

      It is
  23. SwineGUY » GagaUnderYou

    hey sorry. thought u were gay!

    1. GagaUnderYou

    2. SwineGUY

      gotta skype? im sexy if u like twinks.
    3. GagaUnderYou

      i'm straight
    4. SwineGUY

      gurl. stop.
    5. SwineGUY

      you stan gaga.
    6. GagaUnderYou

      i'm straight
    7. SwineGUY

    8. GagaUnderYou

      delete your account
    9. SwineGUY

      okay... im sorry!!!