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  1. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Florence + The Machine   

    [quote name="Memo" post="6036615" timestamp="1418447244"]
    I've become addicted to these sorters :rip:
    And since the guy that makes them didn't have one for Flo.. well :teehee: :laughga:
    Post your results :party:
    Battle #151
    100% sorted.
    1 Swimming
    2 Blinding
    3 Shake It Out
    4 Spectrum
    5 No Light, No Light
    6 Never Let Me Go
    7 Only If For A Night
    8 Drumming Song
    9 Dog Days Are Over
    10 Over The Love
    11 What The Water Gave Me
    12 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
    13 Hurricane Drunk
    14 Cosmic Love
    15 Heavy In Your Arms
    16 You've Got The Love
    17 My Boy Builds Coffins
    18 Bird Song
    19 Lover To Lover
    20 Breath Of Life
    21 Seven Devils
    22 Between Two Lungs
    23 Are You Hurting The One You Love?
    24 Strangeness And Charm
    25 I'm Not Calling You A Liar
    26 Breaking Down
    27 Heartlines
    28 Howl
    29 Girl With One Eye
    30 Sweet Nothing
    31 Kiss With A Fist
    32 Landscape
    33 Bedroom Hymns
    34 Leave My Body
    35 Hardest Of Hearts
    36 Falling
    37 Remain Nameless
    38 All This And Heaven Too

    For some reason No Light, No Light and Spectrum aren't #2 and #3 but whatevs :MANiCURE:[/quote]
    can you link me to the other sorters?
  2. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Shura   

    [quote name="Nazgul" post="6038892" timestamp="1418515989"]

    sis it's not Indecision[/quote]
    but I literally scrolled to that part and she was singing Indecision live
  3. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Shura   

    [quote name="Nazgul" post="6034466" timestamp="1418404359"]NEW SONG (at 1:03:53)  :woot:
    I LITERALLY GOT SO EXCITED it's "Indecision".
  4. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: iamamiwhoami   

    [quote name="Jonna Lee" post="5995668" timestamp="1417577260"]
    GUYS OMG ALTERNATE RIPPLE VIDEO LEAKED: [url="http://ow.ly/FguMe"]http://ow.ly/FguMe[/url][/quote]
    DANG IT I RAN :lmao:
  5. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: FKA twigs   

    [quote name="imsountouchable" post="5991997" timestamp="1417498484"]Yeah I have 2 tests this Thursday, a paper due worth 40% of my grade in another class and another one on Friday. Plus work. It just couldn't happen. I'm devastated[/quote]
    I feel you. There's no way I could do a concert this week either.
  6. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: FKA twigs   

    [quote name="imsountouchable" post="5987298" timestamp="1417397392"]
    I had to sell my ticket to see her on 12/2 :( finals suck[/quote]
    omg that sucks :(
  7. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Bjork   

    [quote name="Jonna Lee" post="5986170" timestamp="1417380453"]
    guys is bjork's next album coming out next year? do we know anything about it?[/quote]
    Yes, 2015 and we know it's being produced by Arca.
  8. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: iamamiwhoami   

    [quote name="squeala" post="5943341" timestamp="1416580634"]

    Video interview coming next week on The 405, by Doron Davidson-Vidavski.


    will this be in English?
  9. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: iamamiwhoami   

  10. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    [quote name="imsountouchable" post="5935073" timestamp="1416375737"]
    I swear I think sometimes we aren't listening to the same album[/quote]
    Wow lol :rip:

    It's such an earworm though!!
  11. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: What are you listening to?   

    Heavy Metal and Reflective - Azealia Banks
  12. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    I'm slowly finding that HM&R is honestly one of my faves on the alb it's just FIRE from start to finish :GAGA:
  13. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: iamamiwhoami   

    Yeah I was shocked by Anthony's response to BLUE as well. I mean he didn't hate it, but idk. Like does anyone else find kin similar? I really don't. Whole new vibe and everything for me. I just don't get it. And I was also shocked he didn't mention "shadowshow" like COME ON
  14. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    I'm literally sitting in class right now wishing I was listening to BWET what is my life :toofunga:
  15. JudasInTheDark added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    same. like you all have said, I really hoe she performs it onTV somewhere soon.

Status Feed

  1. Matt Amor » JudasInTheDark

    who is that in ur avi? her style is ugly but very interesting

    1. JudasInTheDark

      WOW ugly and interesting, what a combo. She's FKA twigs. She is incredible.
    2. Matt Amor

      ohhhh, thats her? she looks different than i usually see her. shes okay, not my type of music but shes good :)
  2. JudasInTheDark

    Can someone PLEASE PM me The Lady's In Love With You??

  3. ToughHooker » JudasInTheDark

    hi, who's that person in your avi? i'm curious ;)

    1. JudasInTheDark

      I just saw this, I'm so sorry!! It's FKA twigs :)
  4. JudasInTheDark

    Can someone please link me to the cover of the G.U.Y. remixes?

    1. JudasInTheDark

      What do you mean??
    2. TempleTheReUp

      It's huge!
    3. JudasInTheDark

      Oh idk! For some reason there was no limit on the size of it for me!!
  5. JudasInTheDark

    Who produced Brooklyn Nights?

    1. Glow

      DJWS + Gaga
    2. JudasInTheDark

      K thanks :)
  6. JudasInTheDark

    Guys am I wrong? Doesn't the Atlanta tickets go on sale on the 10th?? I got the code in an email today that said I could purchase them up till the 5th, yesterday...

    1. Redstreak

      I got that too but it says select dates, so I'm assuming it's talking about the presale tickets for previous listed dates.
    2. JudasInTheDark

      Oh okay. Thanks!!
  7. JudasInTheDark

    Alejandro never gets old, I love it so much. One of my favorite songs ever honestly.

    1. Evanescence

      Ace of Base their impact :legend:

    2. JudasInTheDark

      Lol I don't think I've ever even heard the Ace Of Base that's so apparently similar haha
    3. Evanescence

      Haha it's similar but Gaga stated it as a reference so whatever.
    4. Evanescence

      the song that is. It's been a while so I forgot which one exactly. I think it was "Don't turn around".
    5. No matter

      Mine to! with Alejandro I became a little monster, and Summer of 2010 was my best summer ever! I can't believe that next summer will be 4 years since this song was playing all the time in my country *NOSTALGIA*
    6. JudasInTheDark

      OMG YES ALL THE MEMORIES :') I remember tracking Alejandro on iTunes all the time and just hoping it would stay in the top 5.
  8. JudasInTheDark

    Can someone link me to the photo behind the ARTPOP disc that's like pink and trippy?

    1. cometoogg

      this one?? http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/0-optical-illusions-pulsing-burst-670.jpg
    2. JudasInTheDark

      No, the one I'm thinking of is pink, black, and white...
    3. cometoogg

      http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5NDpBOkPjxM/TEGtJtlk-7I/AAAAAAAAEnk/kEN-Ukr3Q9U/s1600/caixa-1.jpg this is the only resolution i could find :(
    4. cometoogg

      i found it ! but in blue http://i42.tinypic.com/1fa7ht.jpg
    5. JudasInTheDark

      Yes that's the one! Thanks! I'll keep searching of more HQ
    6. JudasInTheDark

      Ah dang! If only that was in pink!!!
    7. cometoogg

      i tried to change the color :megaflop: http://i.imgur.com/akfRWJT.jpg
    8. JudasInTheDark

  9. JudasInTheDark

    Guys how do I change to mobile on the new theme?

    1. Aaliyah

      You can't, at least I can't
    2. JudasInTheDark

      Ugh this is gonna be annoying :(((( Thanks tho Nick
  10. JudasInTheDark

    I just went in to Best Buy to buy my copy of ARTPOP, and Gaga's cover of White Christmas was playing SLAYYY

    1. Nagini

    2. JudasInTheDark

  11. JudasInTheDark

    Hey at least there's music

  12. JudasInTheDark

    There's nothing to watch yet right? People keep talking like stuff is already happening...

    1. Slade

      no we're just too excited!!!
    2. JudasInTheDark

      okay hahaha thanks
  13. JudasInTheDark

    I literally can't stop playing Venus

    1. Lord Axel

      same omg
    2. JudasInTheDark

      I think it beat Judas as my favorite song ahhhh
    3. Gaga is Life

      It does that to you :worship:
  14. JudasInTheDark

    Can someone give me a DL link to the applause instrumental in 320 Kbps?

  15. JudasInTheDark

    I think Venus is going to be my favorite Gaga song ever.

    1. Alex Eli

      mine too :flutter:
    2. Alex Eli

      um atleast one of them
    3. FATCAT

      Mine Three :flutter:
  16. JudasInTheDark

    Guys I'm so confused my stream isn't showing anything, is something happening now? I just see "The Ampya movement with Lady Gaga"

  17. JudasInTheDark

    Omg you can actually see Venus in the sky tonight with the stars, Gaga is a genius!!!

    1. HausOfAntonio

      That's genius :udidnt:
    2. Anomaly

      Can you really? That's so dope
    3. JudasInTheDark

      Yes! There's pictures everywhere! That's some illuminati stuff tbh lololol
    4. HausOfAntonio

      Illuminaughty :hor:
  18. JudasInTheDark

    Guys is there anywhere left to buy V 85?

  19. JudasInTheDark

    So we have to get 11 million views to break the 24 hour record?

  20. JudasInTheDark

    Guys do we know the date that V 85 hits stands?

  21. JudasInTheDark

    Is the soundcloud rip (128 Kbps) the best we have for Aura?

    1. meow

      160kbps here weirdly :/
    1. Antichrist

    2. JudasInTheDark

  22. JudasInTheDark

    Most HQ verison we have of the cover plz?

    1. MarryTheSequins

    2. Pierre

      I have this one. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=662105100467795&set=a.218096118202031.63898.217363311608645&type=1&relevant_count=1
    3. JudasInTheDark

      Thanks! :)
  23. JudasInTheDark

    Can someone link to the highest quality we have of the single cover?