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  1. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Carey Nokey (Fusari) drags Gaga   

    Kick people off the roof???

    Lina Morgana!!!
  2. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift   

    Birth year
    Music influences
    Signifies reinvention
  3. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Björk refuses to put new album "Vulnicura" on Spotify   

    [quote name="Jjang" post="6386135" timestamp="1424978709"]
    I entirely disagree, but i guess its all up to each artist's opinion.
    I know that if it was me, i'd be thrilled my music would be availabe on such a big scale for everyone to experience.
    [/quote] I don't know, for me it would feel weird to know my work is only good enough to have people maybe show interest in it only if it's free, especially if I put years of work into it :shrug:
  4. Redstreak added a post in a topic: World's Best-selling Female Artists of all time - Gaga ranked 7th   

    Taylor's gonna pass Britney with her next album :omg:
    Rihanna ha selling power though
  5. Redstreak added a post in a topic: 94 year old charged with 3,681 counts of murder   

    I actually agree with you on this.
  6. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Taylor beats Beyonce and Ed S beats Sam S at Brits   

    Go Tay! :applause:
  7. Redstreak added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    Edna Mode is fucking trending :rip:
  8. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Katy Perry reportedly working on new album with T. Swift diss track   

    Probs fake.
  9. Redstreak added a post in a topic: The suffering during the ARTPOP era paid off   

    We love her again!
  10. Redstreak added a post in a topic: BRIT Awards 2015 - Madonna, Taylor, Kanye, Sam Smith & more performing   

    Boring performance but she sounded good
  11. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    *Bemoans AHS for not changing characters*
    *Bemoans Gaga for being a changing character*
  12. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift f/ Kanye West - "Bad Blood (remix)"   

    I'm fucking dying this is the best news ever :lmao:
  13. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    Like seriously including Electric Chapel as a misstep?? It's so haunting and beautiful :wtf:
  14. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    For me, BTW is perfect because of it's imperfections. They make the album more raw, more gritty, more human. I truly feel the music and its message on a visceral. It's the album 30 years from now I'll be playing again to recollect on my youth.
  15. Redstreak added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga is a fame master   

    Was Troy Carter the boyfriend she had to kill? :ohno:
    All the murdered ladies and stuff throughout the house are all the dreams and ideas of hers that he killed :omg:

Status Feed

  1. Redstreak

    Having soooo much fun at Kami-con. I even have a con crush this year <3

  2. Redstreak

    Till It Happens To You is what Dope should have been.

  3. Redstreak

    Geez, I forgot how small the regular 3DS is

    1. Ray of Light

      hold ur head up
      hold ur head up
      and v strong
    2. MelanieMartinez

      i have dsxl 3ds
    3. Redstreak

      @Melanie I do too, that's why I forgot how small the other was ;-;
  4. Redstreak

    hand-drawn p0rn>>>>physical p0rn *sometimes*

    1. trailmix

  5. Redstreak

    Ok they're either implying that amethyst has feelings for Steven's dad, or that she's manipulative and has somewhat of an actual dark side.

  6. Redstreak

    You could at least try not to be so transparent.

  7. Redstreak

    Definitely one of the best themes from the Zelda series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHsl1X6vYjo

    1. Koreku

      Agreed. the fact that I recognize it more from smash bros than zelda II :rip:
    2. The Professor

      no hunty
  8. Redstreak

    I was sitting here thinking about Gaga in AHS season 5 when I remembered that each season ends with almost everyone dying...

    1. Lance

      we already have seen her die in movies so meh
    2. Redstreak

      I haven't :creep:
    3. Lance

    4. bionic

      At least it'll give us a great :dead: GIF
    5. Redstreak

      She didn't die in those scenes though ;-;
    6. Lance

      eek true. well she died in paparazzi 2009 vmas hihi
    7. Anomaly

      If she dies, she better die screaming "DONATELLAAAAA!"
    8. sarahb

      Well she died at the end of Judas
  9. Redstreak

    Eeeee it's snowing here!

  10. Redstreak

    Ok no I refuse, there's no way this guy isn't somewhat gay. http://i.imgur.com/Qqoy5Gw.jpg

    1. inuborg

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    2. hmm

      what straight guy would message like that to a guy :air:
      • Report
    3. Ray of Light

      mess you're a *****
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    4. Gohan

      • Report
    5. Paper Planes

      he's definitely gay. If he was straight, he would have ended each text in 'no homo'
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    6. Redstreak

      Yes I get it, I'm kun not chan :rip:
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    7. Redstreak

      @Paper he's definitely not just gay. He had a snapchat this morning about missing his other half, he just had to find her. >.>
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    8. Red

      He's gayer than you and me combined
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    9. Maleficent

      @redstreak, maybe he personified his dildo, and calls it a "her"
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  11. Redstreak

    Remember in The Incredibles when the costume is going through all the reasons why capes are bad and it shows what happens to the superheroes? Waiting for a gif

    1. bionic

      :giveup: Edna Mode >>>
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    2. jimakostsalas

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    3. Redstreak

      costume lady* :creep:
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  12. Redstreak

    Life Alert is proud to sponsor the 2015 Brit Awards

    1. BoomKack

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  13. Redstreak

    When we start getting official promo teasers for the show I'm gonna start flipping out :giveup: You know she'll be in the first one :giveup:

  14. Redstreak

    Elsa did keep calling all the freaks "her monsters"...

    1. Morphine Prince

    2. Michellaphonic

      That was my first thought too
    3. Ambrosia

      I remember that but for some reason I thought it was more of paying homage to Gaga rather than a clue to next season. That's what I get for thinking.
  15. Redstreak

    Sooooo bitter that she's performing BS and paying Style DUST

    1. Yanko

      does she hate that song?
    2. Redstreak

      Probably :cries:
  16. Redstreak

    First Gaga took Madonna's position and now she's taking Jessica Lange's. Gags really is the next Supreme :giveup:

    1. teo

      omg yas! :D:D
  17. Redstreak

    Both Gaga and AHS had their ARTPOP era and now they're both gonna have their Phoenix LG5 era :giveup:

  18. Redstreak

    My teachers daughter hurt her neck but it's hard for me to feel bad because that got my test cancelled.

  19. Redstreak

    Hard like a rock, cold like stone, white like a diamond, black like coal, cut like a jewel yeah, I repair myself when you're not there...

    1. EDI

      so-li-taire, really love this song, some of her best lyrics!
    2. bravenewworld

      hard like a rock,u mean ****?
  20. Redstreak

    Simmer Down Sonâ„¢

    1. Ray of Light

      its iggy season
    2. DrewStevens

      Buy Reclassified on iTunes.
  21. Redstreak

    Can we talk about how ****ing cute this art style is? http://i.imgur.com/8uDmVrj.jpg

    1. Memo

      btw http://41.media.tumblr.com/04ea5e31936d1ff4043edcb5a7aec6a7/tumblr_njy0fpFlZ91u78z4io1_1280.png
    2. Redstreak

      Oh my god that is perfect :rip:
  22. Redstreak

    Omg yesssss my Smash Bros. soundtrack came in :giveup:

  23. Redstreak » Jett

    STAN for Mabel Pines

    1. Jett

      Of course, praising da queen tbh :legend:
    2. Jett

      we both have animated addictions i c
  24. Redstreak

    I know she did an utterly amazing job, but let's not run this performance into the dirt :rip:

  25. Redstreak

    We saw a transformation last night GGD. Gaga is a big beautiful flaming Phoenix :giveup: