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  1. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Gaga slaying as usual in Toronto+meeting fans   

    I mean it's her life but I think she should stop using it, I don't think smoking weed is doing anything good ...
  2. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Gaga slaying as usual in Toronto+meeting fans   

    Well I thought she stopped, I think I read in an interview at the beginning of Applause Era that Marina Abramovich helped her to stop smoking weed or something like that :huh: :sweat: :toofunga:
  3. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Gaga slaying as usual in Toronto+meeting fans   

    Wait .... what :what:  Is she smoking weed again ??
  4. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Harlee (a.k.a BoomKack) performs on GMA   

    Watching that video was sooo embarassing :toofunga:
    OMG that gif :dies: What's with Gaga's face  :lmao:
  5. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Britney's "Alien" w/o autotune leaks, William Orbit responds   

    Well it wasn't that bad imo, I thought it would be much worse because we're talking about Britney here :hehe:
  6. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Ohhhhhhh comes the mess.....   

    Are you talking about the dress in this video ?? :dies:
    She's talking like Gaga knows that she exists :toofunny:

    Some of the comments.....  :flop:
  7. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Changes in tonights artRAVE show?   

     THIS SO MUCH!! I wonder why didn't gaga use Cipher dress already, it's flawless
  8. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: *SPOILERS* FIRST LOOK @ ARTRAVE STAGE   

    :giveup: OMG I can't wait anymore for the show
  9. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: For those of you going to artRave after the first couple of dates...   

    idk :ohno:  I don't want to watch the videos because I want to keep it surprise but I probably won't be able to resist, November is too far away :sweat: :sweat:
  10. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Dates that gaga should add   

  11. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Hard out Here singer replies to Gaga's pop culture tweet   

    :deadbanana: Can't tell if irony or what
  12. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Aura, BTW playing at Versace show now! + Gaga and Donatella talking   

    MTE. This is probably THE BEST look she's given us in a long time, it brings me so many TFM teas. The wig actually looks like real hair, makeup is on point, platinum blonde slays ( :gaga: :gaga:) and also...... her lips look normal. I like the outfit too. OMG is it possible that an outfit can make somebody soooo happy :giveup: ????
  13. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: DWUW still in work   

    I'm actually not mad because of the wait. I bet the video is gonna slay  so much tbh :gaga: :coffee:
  14. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: Hitflix comments on Gaga's apology   

    "Maybe it’s something that Lady Gaga doesn’t dare mention in her apology: Maybe it’s the music and the fact that the album just isn’t good enough."
    I really, but really don't understand why is music from ARTPOP not good enough for some people. When I first heard all of the songs,yes, it was totally different from what I was expecting from album called ARTPOP but I still like every single song on the album :shrug:

  15. MarkoLilMonster added a post in a topic: People's Choice Awards 2014 Voting   

    bump. Vote guys :party:

Status Feed

  1. MarkoLilMonster

    LOL! "Dance off! Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga" is right now on MTV Hits. Coincidence or not ?!?!

  2. MarkoLilMonster

    OMG there is this dancer from Croatia who just recently became Gaga's dancer :O So happy for him.

    1. Coop

      Really? :O :O
    2. Kermit the frog

    3. MyStory

      Is he hot
    4. MarkoLilMonster

      Just type Alen Sesartić in Google search. Also, his facebook:
  3. MarkoLilMonster

    Does artRAVE have a storyline just like TMB and BTWB had or ???

    1. Mr Josh

      Not really (thank god, not here for mother goat 2.0)
    2. MarkoLilMonster

      Ohh :/ .... I really like when there's a storyline, it makes the show more interesting and special, but whatever
    3. Mr Josh

      There's an audio 'guide' (gaga's voice, i think it's supposed to be petga) but i didnt really pay attention to it and you cant here much in the vids we have :P
  4. MarkoLilMonster Beyonce needs to see this tbh. The girls are great. 2 of them are also from the same dance club I go to
  5. MarkoLilMonster

    My friend said that if you buy tickets on presale with codes that they are more expensive than the others. Is that true ??

  6. MarkoLilMonster

    If I buy LMZ tickets, it's basically just like Ga but I 100% get to go to the first line right in front of Gaga or ???

  7. MarkoLilMonster

    What's Gaga even doing these past few weeks ?? I miss her

  8. MarkoLilMonster

    OMG. School is starting on Monday and I haven't done anything on holidays :O

  9. MarkoLilMonster

    " it is not interscope. They in fact love me very much and will see ARTPOP to the end."

    1. Red

      Inb4 10 singles and ARTPOP Act CCLXI
    2. MarkoLilMonster

      lol I wouldn't mind tbh.
      So, this quote confirmsthat she isn't sad and upset because of Interscope, she is sad because of friends she lost because of money :/
  10. MarkoLilMonster

    I didn't see anybody here post this picture of Gaga.

    1. MarkoLilMonster

      According to Twitter, it's behind the scenes for DWUW video shoot
    2. ScottishGaga

      i dont think its er
    3. Taylor

      I've seen it posted here before, but I think it was a status not a thread ;)
    4. MarkoLilMonster

      it looks like her to me, idk
    5. hughdancy

      not her. there's a mole beside her mouth that gaga doesn't have
    6. MarkoLilMonster

      Lol I didn't see the mole before. But the girl really looks like Gaga. The wig is giving me Amy Winehouse teas

      That wig tho :giveup:
    8. Andy McQueen

      That picture is old - she is that Gaga double, I forgot her name ...
    1. WH0RE

      id get them if they didnt have U Mad written o them lol
    2. Glitter Way

  11. MarkoLilMonster

    Can't wait to see performances of MJH, Donatella and G.U.Y.

  12. MarkoLilMonster

    Does this tweet make somebody laugh like it made me laugh ??? :')

    1. Dashuria

      ahahah, reminds me of this
    2. Poker

  13. MarkoLilMonster The way Gaga says merry christmas is really cute
  14. MarkoLilMonster

    That christmas tree look is everything. I really love it

  15. MarkoLilMonster

    I know it's stupid but please like this guys. Thank you for paying attention to this post :)

  16. MarkoLilMonster

    Is there a video of Gaga coming to the red carpet ?????

    1. What

      just search ama 2013 lady gaga red carpet. there's loads.
    2. Sunny

      She was late :derpga:
  17. MarkoLilMonster

    My friend who was a Belieber lkes Gypsy, Donatella, Venus and MJH the most from the album. It's nice to hear that from her :)

  18. MarkoLilMonster

    Where can I watch Graham Norton whole show ?? I only watched performances

    1. Mark

      go to youtube.
    2. MarkoLilMonster

      I searched there already and I couldn't find it
    3. Mark
    4. MarkoLilMonster

      Thank you !!
    5. Mark

  19. MarkoLilMonster

    Did Gaga win any awards yesterday ??

    1. GagaMyBlood95

      nope...there were just 6 awards and she was nominated for one!
    2. MarkoLilMonster

      Did Girl Generation win video of year or ??
    3. GagaMyBlood95

      yes lol
    4. JamesFox

      But her performance made her go #1 worldwide :applause:
    5. MarkoLilMonster

      Too bad we didn't win :(. Oh well, we will next year I hope :)
  20. MarkoLilMonster

    Gaga's voice in Donatella chorus sounds like Icona Pop. Anybody else ??

  21. MarkoLilMonster

    I am so fab. Check out, I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich and I'm a little bit of a bitch. Her voice in that part >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. Legalize Chris

      reminds me of Baby Got Back haha
  22. MarkoLilMonster

    Gypsy reminds me a bit of Hair. especially when she sings I'm I'm I'mI?m I'm a gypsy, gypsy, gipsy I'm... part

    1. Wolf

      yes tbh!
  23. MarkoLilMonster

    I still didn't hear Donatella, DOPE, Fashion! and some other songs. Where can Ilisten to it ?? Somebody PM me please

    1. MarkoLilMonster

      I listen *
    2. Mills

      Everything's on Twitter.