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  1. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You"   

    I really wanna go to the LA screening but I'm broke right now....ugh
    Any LA daddies wanna pay my ticket? :hor:
  2. hoeslay added a post in a topic: 10 reasons why LG5 era is going to be AWESOME!   

    [quote name="TheOriginalOne" post="6353021" timestamp="1424551130"]Literally no one was disappointed with ARTPOP until the sales numbers came in [/quote]
  3. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Will Gaga be the biggest pop star in the world again?   

    I mean...she kinda is. Regardless of what people say - whether they like or dislike her, Gaga has already left an impact. Everyone on every corner of the Earth knows who she is.
  4. hoeslay added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Lady Gaga Confirms Engagement   

  5. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Will Gaga ever 'truly' go back to CrazyGa?   

    The last time she started dressing "normal" and we asked if she would go back - this happened.

    So to answer your question - yes. And it will be amazing.
  6. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Make TFM a 10 song LP with 2 other Gaga songs   

    Judas.  (Fear of Betrayal) especially cuz it's considered a sort of Bad Romance 2.0
    Dope. (Fear of One's Self + Drugs)
    I'd make the tracklist:
    1. So Happy I Could Die
    2. Bad Romance
    3. Dance in the Dark
    4. Teeth
    5. Dope
    6. Judas
    7. Monster
    8. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) 
    9. Alejandro
    10. Speechless
  7. hoeslay added a post in a topic: What do you think now when you watch the Just Dance MV?   

    She still is avant-garde, I just feel now she's doing it for HER and not for the GP. Gaga has always been herself. She isn't crazy as an act, it's who she is but I think she had to channel it more before.

    I love this video A LOT. And I have no issues. It only makes me proud to see how far she's come and the future ahead.
  8. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Fan recreates the "Born This Way Ball" (WATCH NOW)   

    [quote name="Phoebe Buffay" post="6158258" timestamp="1420901832"]He did a music video
    I'm done :whitney:[/quote]
    No one's hating on him on Twitter.....
    No one is talking about him... (except on here :lmao: )
  9. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Fan recreates the "Born This Way Ball" (WATCH NOW)   

    I actually feel so bad for him tbh :(
    I just went on his twitter.....he did a contest to win an autographed picture of himself.
    Fave for a chance to win...
    No faves.....
  10. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Fan recreates the "Born This Way Ball" (WATCH NOW)   

    I forgot what a miserable mess this was OMG.
    I skimmed thought I again and DAMN.
    Makes me feel good about my singing tho.
    Damn I'm a dick
  11. hoeslay added a post in a topic: What did you think the FIRST time you listened to "Applause"?   

    I was in a blue Ford pick up truck leaving the Ray Charles museum. I was with a friend and the coordinator of my theatre/community arts non profit. I was amazed and screamed how beautiful it was.... :spin:
  12. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Lana Del Rey touring North America with Courtney Love Summer 2015!   

    Hollywood Bowl?! Really? !?!? UGHHHHH IT SUCKS SOOOO MUCHHH. Good luck seeing anything and hearing her if you're not front row...
  13. hoeslay added a post in a topic: DWUW VIDEO: would it destroy her career?   

    NO! It's Lady F*cking Gaga for crying out loud. Look - she's not the most popular star anymore (even though her net worth still is slaying lives but still) People can talk sh*t. THEY ALREADY DO. I think the only thing Gaga can do that will be HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL is a legitimate mass murder or something ffs. People have become so desensitized it would make a few flinch, several talk crap, and then people would move on with their lives in 2 months tops. 
  14. hoeslay added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Final artRAVE live-streamed by Yahoo from Paris, France   

    [quote name="tokyodisko" post="5942438" timestamp="1416541902"]HQ Partynauseous or I'm not interested.
    Lmaoo basically.....
    But i really can't wait to finally re-experience this show with some dvd quality
  15. hoeslay added a post in a topic: Gaga's unforgivable sin (CONTROVERSY)   

    If a video leaked of her saying she doesn't really give a fck about her fans at all. 

Status Feed

  1. hoeslay

    THE HUNTING GROUNF ACTUALLY PREMIER PREMIERES TODAY. NOT THE 27TH. Landmark is showing at 8:30 and 10:30

    1. woahitzjames

    2. HighwayGuy

      OMG write a thread or something!!!!
  2. hoeslay

    Where is this pic of gaga from? Looks v familiar https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B9S_ih7IAAASmq9.jpg

    1. CowSiss

      That's Gaga?
    2. Memo

      that time that Gaga went to a Rainforest Foundation thingy with Elton John and Sting (+ others)
    3. Blake

      It's been photoshopped however the dress etc is from an event Gaga attended.
  3. hoeslay

    I'm ready to be persecuted for saying this but I'm still sure the DWUW video will leak one day. This could be soon, this could be in a few years. But eventually.

    1. Tayfani

    2. hoeslay

      It's out there somewhere...
    3. Tayfani

      I just want to see it. :giveup:
  4. hoeslay » Chic

    Can I just say I haven't been on here as much lately. We used to kinda talk a little. Last time I was on here you still dressed male. And I am beyond proud to now see the full transition *applause4u*

    1. Chic

      I remember you! Miss seeing you around too, and yeah, I'm always taking steps to fully transition to female. Always gotta be progress, and I'm happy with what I've been able to do so far! How have you been doing? (:
    2. hoeslay

      Pretty good tbh! Just really busy with school which is the main reason I'm not on as much
  5. hoeslay

    I really want LG5 to be titled HausWork ok bye

  6. hoeslay

    Come on to #PopIndustry and read LIGHTS' exclusive interview with Pop Opera Hollywood! Details about #LetInTheLIGHTS and #MuscleMemory! http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/134283-popindustry-season-7-challenge-1-nice-to-meet-you/page-14#entry6136353

  7. hoeslay

    #PopIndustry EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming artist, Lights, has just released her new single! Come read our article and LET IN THE LIGHTS #MuscleMemory #LittleMachinesRecords http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/134283-popindustry-season-7-challenge-1-nice-to-meet-you/page-9#entry6122962

  8. hoeslay

    Out of the darkness.....LIGHTS. Little Machines Records is proud to announce MUSCLE MEMORY 1.3.14 ONLY @ #PopIndustry. Let the shadows feel you endlessly. When you are alone, wee see you in the dark. http://www.westsidestudio.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/MattBarnes_Lights_03b.jpg

  9. hoeslay

    I honestly never come on her anymore. I mean I do everyday but I rarely ever post. I used to have so,e great friendships on here and now I don't even recognize like 5% of y'all haha. I should probably change that.

    1. Grizabella

      its coz of medoner
    2. Gohan

      You don't come on her anymore? She doesn't like you to come on her?
    3. hoeslay

      LMAO MESS I DIDNT REALIZE. But yeah last time I did she was offended so I stopped
    4. Gohan

      I'm just keddeng
  10. hoeslay

    Ever read 1984? Sums up GGD just about right

  11. hoeslay

    Goodnight loves <3

  12. hoeslay

    Dressed as an elf on Omegle! Come find me under the "Lady Gaga" tag! Xoxo <3

  13. hoeslay

    People need to chill with the DWUW controversy. Look I'm so sure it'll leak IN TIME and honestly no matter what the subject matter is (including rape) it's been done. Everyone is just getting more and more desensitized. Gaga will survive and the world will live. CHILL FRIENDS xx

  14. hoeslay

    Haus Work is my best guess for next album title. In other news I'm lost and don't know what to do anymore and not do not believe in this preposterous idea called "The C2C Era"

    1. Alpha

      c2c is the most recent album and the C2C ball tour is coming up in June.
      How would you call this era?
    2. Michael

      Haus Work is such a Scissor Sisters type title or glam rock title, I'm here for it.

      But I'm betting on "Mother Monster" tbh.
  15. hoeslay

    BEHOLD MY PRETTY WHEN YOU CRY EDIT http://youtu.be/aqE1mVQwS7k

  16. hoeslay

    If any of you guys are from Los Angeles please PM me!!! Really wanna get to know more LA monsters :)

    1. Lisa Vanderpump

    2. Funkymonkey

      So do the L.A. Red Devils really exist? I love Hit The Floor <3 lol
  17. hoeslay

    Messss what did I just make lmao https://vine.co/v/OMgl5uV1h22

    1. ChasingGhosts

  18. hoeslay

    Guessing the artRAVE DVD isn't happening. Makes me very sad actually

    1. TimisaMonster

      Nope...she would've mentioned something by now or have already filmed it
    2. Good Enough

      still more dates
    3. tearsnfears

      Amelia - Just because there's more dates doesn't mean she'll be announcing anything about a DVD. It would've already happened.
    4. hoeslay

      I mean. ..for the Monster Ball wasnt it like one of the last dates too? Just hope maybe somehow she just wants to surprise us
    5. tearsnfears

      The Monster Ball's DVD was filmed in February and the tour concluded in early May,so there were about 30+ dates after the DVD was filmed,so no it wasn't the last dates.
  19. hoeslay

    Andrew Christian jockstraps make me feel nice ~ got some new mustard yellow ones with a light blue lining. LOVE them

    1. inuborg

      I would like those colors with some boxer briefs
  20. hoeslay

    Gonna ask this the right way this time. Who's from Los Angeles on here? :)

  21. hoeslay

    Any of y'all from LA?

    1. tearsnfears

      Louisiana or Los Angeles?
    2. Blake

      in my dreams i am
    3. hoeslay

      Los Angeles.
    4. tearsnfears

      I'm like 4 1/2 hours from LA and I was there in June.
  22. hoeslay

    What's this crap I'm hearing about Gaga performing the BTWB AGAIN in London? Sounds hella fake but it's all over twitter

    1. ScottishGaga

      Apparently someone who met gaga said she said it, but i have 0% faith in it.
  23. hoeslay


  24. hoeslay

    Gonna miss Asia tbh. Can't wait to see that cute face back up on Instagram soon lol

    1. MonsterMum

      maybe she gets her own instagram account :)
    2. Fisherman

      Inb4 she took enough pics of her so she can post them on IG during her absence :megaflop:
    3. Koala

      @Fisherman :rip: :lmao:
  25. hoeslay

    Escorting talent today and the Teen Choice Awards! GAGA PLEASE SHOW UP TO THESE IRRELEVANT AWARDS