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  1. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Marina's FROOT Release Date +Album Cover Revealed   

    Oh please the release date will be here like that *snap* 
  2. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Diplo posts insensitive Halloween costume [tw Domestic Abuse]   

    The fact that he's dragging a blow up doll along.... :rip:

    Lisa sensitivepump doe :deadbanana:
  3. J e s s e added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Nicki Minaj "The Pink Print" album cover!   

    I like it very much :nod:
  4. J e s s e added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Marina's Emoji Halloween Costume   


    Fine with me :classy:
  5. J e s s e added a post in a topic: I've slept with 1,000 men so far - and I don't care if people judge me   

    The real life Blanche Devereaux :applause:
  6. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Shots Fired At Parliament Hill   

    And he was so gorgeaus aswell :cry:
  7. J e s s e added a post in a topic: VIDEO: New Telephone instrumentals at London artRAVE   

    It could just be a remix, or a band intro, like te Paparazzi MB outro

    Omg For Poker Face and Just Dance, yes. :toofunny:
  8. J e s s e added a post in a topic: artRAVE London: "I take medication everyday for mental illness"   

    Same for me, except it's for my anxiety :flutter:
  9. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Irrelevant rapper Awkwafina tries to drag Taylor Swift   

    Awkwafina though. :smh:
  10. J e s s e added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Justin Bieber Naked in a Bathtub   

    Why did he get so many tattoos? :sick:
  11. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Gay couple kicked off London bus by driver. Calls them not 'real men'   

    Apparently you're not "a real man" if you own a small dog aswell :smh:
  12. J e s s e added a post in a topic: [Live] Manchester "The Monster ball started here, let's finish it!"   

    I get bringing back the BTWB but the Monster Ball :rip:

    Most likely :toofunny:
  13. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea first artist since Gaga to have 1st 3 songs hit #1 on Pop!   

    The new USA trend I see :nails:
  14. J e s s e added a post in a topic: Gaga and Taylor Hold "Commitment Ceremony" - Not Marriage   

    Gaga and Luc had one September of 2010 at greece and look how that turned out like :giggle:
  15. J e s s e added a post in a topic: 1 YEAR AGO: Venus Announced as Second Single from ARTPOP   

    The meltdowns :sharon:

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  1. J e s s e

    damn it damn it damn it my wisdom teeth surgery is tmrwwww

    1. PACO

      good luck stay strong future little hamster
  2. J e s s e

    Does anyone have an m4a download of adam lambert's glam nation live album?

  3. J e s s e

    Anyone else notice how sad mother G.O.A.T sounds when she says "and body..." Before HML? :toofunny:

  4. J e s s e » Riley

    Hey could you post a zip of your arena MB studios for please?!?

  5. J e s s e

    I feel terrified rn, I was sitting in my usual spot in the library in te corner behind the tables and chairs but a man sitting there threathened me to move and geeze I feel like **** rn...

  6. J e s s e

    Anyone know where this gif of Gaga is from? :toofunny:http://i.imgur.com/Jqk0mnu.jpg

  7. J e s s e

    Oh how I've missed being on GGD 24/7 :toofunny: Atleast I know I survive without it.

  8. J e s s e » Reno

    Hello I need your help. I remember two threads with one having a DL to a large download of BTWB photos and another of TMB photos. I can't find the BTWB one, and think it was you who was the OP? Do you still have them?

    1. Reno

      Thought this might happen, that's why i created MAVTI http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/47378-media-archives-valuable-thread-index/
    2. J e s s e

  9. J e s s e

    Ewww theres a couple doing it by the downtown river rn :sick:

    1. Spyro


      or it didnt happen
    3. GreenEyes

      join em
      and ya pics
    4. Wolf

      pics tbh
    5. PdogtheDaibutsu

      Pics incase gaga wants to see
  10. J e s s e

    I'm sick of seeing all these asia treads in the news event section :smh:

    1. vespertine

      its either that or g.u.y. meltdownd
  11. J e s s e

    Omg the party scene at the buisness warehouse that rodger and claus run looks EXACTLY like the ARTPOP ball, there's even a gurl wearing the applause outfit.

    1. PoshLife

      lol yes!
  12. J e s s e

    The only thing that makes me cringe are the back up dancers outfits :lmao:

    1. NxKxD

      same here...
    2. Stefani328

    3. Arturo

      Haha yes. At least Gaga's outfits are on point.
    4. Morphine Prince

      Reminds me of the Bangerz tour lmao. I tried to ignore the dancers while watching it.
    5. rarigoes

      at least Gaga isn't parading little people and black women with big bootys on stage as props
  13. J e s s e

    The lights and backdrop during donatella :nooo:

    1. Andryjudas

      the lights and backdrop during swine :nooo: :nooo: :nooo:
  14. J e s s e

    Anyone have a link to the simpsons lego episode ?!? :giveup:

  15. J e s s e

    Does anyone have a link to the GGD awards?

    1. Haroon

      You can watch the show here: http://www.livestream.com/gagadailyawards/video?clipId=pla_33c3a648-9341-459c-bb66-a218c3225d10
    2. Haroon

      This is the thread:
    1. Derpplause

      :lmao: this is so confusing
    2. Sunny

      Maybe you read it from the last word to the first?
    3. Alpha

      I think he is trying to be trollish.
    4. J e s s e

      Hitler a done and? :usrs:
    5. Sunny

      At least I tried :lmao:

      He is trolling probably (If it is a he)
  16. J e s s e » cometoogg

    Are you okay?!?!?!? Iheard about umm...what was it? Fires?

    1. cometoogg

      yes i am thank you for asking :) yes it was a fire
    2. J e s s e

      Damn you better work bitch at surviving in your country rn.
    3. cometoogg

      ikr :rip:
  17. J e s s e

    I feel so lonely when I'm disconnected from the internet world :cry:

    1. Majora

  18. J e s s e

    The only audio related things to leak recently have GUY acapella ARTPOP instrumentals DWUW solo and BN final version correct?

  19. J e s s e

    West coast is basic for me, letdown lead single compared to others...

    1. Jewels n Drugs

    2. Arturo

    3. Prometheus

    4. Carlitos

      Totally agree.
    5. J e s s e

      And this is coming from a Lana stan :air:
    6. Prometheus

    7. J e s s e

      I like it, but would have expected more BANG INSTRUMENTALS ORCHESTRAS. Btw whats with the gif in the audiovideo??
  20. J e s s e

    Has west coast been released???

    1. SonOfAphrodite

      nope :(
  21. J e s s e » Economy

    Are u okay hun. Sorry to hear about the death of ur fave politician :( :hug:

    1. Economy

      Oh sry i never saw ur comment. Thanks. I was upset yes. He was the only powerful politician that seemed to not hae hidden agendas or play political games and just did what he thought was best. Our prime minister is pretty good too but the Finance aminister was exeptional!!!
  22. J e s s e

    What happens if I like the majority of Bionic?

    1. cometoogg

      oh my god :
    2. J e s s e

      Imgur is so amusing :smh:
    3. Indominus

      Poor kids