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  1. Xandir added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga announces Shiseido commercials!   

    Do any of you all happen to have an idea of when she filmed this?
  2. Xandir added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    Thank you.
    Not even just that. The album was almost like a sugar rush, it was really good right at first, but then about a month or so afterwards all the flaws come forth.
    Also, in my opinion half of album sounded better on Swinefest (Sexxx Dreams, MANiCURE, Jewels N Drugs, etc) or in demo form (Aura).
  3. Xandir added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    It can't be her worst when the The Shame exists.
    BTW > TFM > ARTPOP >>>>>>>> TF
  4. Xandir added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    I know PLENTY of fans that dislike BTW still to this day. It just depends on who you ask. 
    I loved ARTPOP in the beginning but it just got old really fast. The songs didn't have the longevity of much of her older material and the more I began to notice flawed production and how much better half the music sounded in demo form (Aura) or live (Sexxx Dreams), it just became even worse for me. It isn't just a matter of "Oh it's cool to dislike ARTPOP now because it 'flopped'." Just like ARTPOP did for me, the album probably lost its charm with a lot of people.
    Not only that, everything surrounding ARTPOP was just underwhelming. The failed app was a glaring underwhelming factor. Also the way ARTPOP was hyped to be some magnificent magnum opus of art ingenuity but then ended up being pretty run-of-the-mill pop music hiding behind big ideas that it couldn't back up.
    However, to this very day, BTW still sounds fresh to me and I don't dislike a single song on it. The idea of BTW is also simple and universal. She absolutely delivered with BTW. In the end though, it's just a matter of opinion so why make a fuss about it? I personally believe BTW gets the proper rating among the fanbase.
  5. Xandir added a post in a topic: Next era going to be the biggest yet?   

    Everyone thought this about the ARTPOP era as well and look at how that turned out. It's best not to get your hopes up and be pleasantly surprised if she does achieve a huge amount of success.

    I must say though, things are looking pretty bright for Gaga after that amazing Oscars performance. I haven't been that amazed by Gaga since 2011.
  6. Xandir added a post in a topic: ARTPOP under performed because of Born This Way.   

    Maybe it's just because ARTPOP is sub-par????????

    BTW is a much better album.
  7. Xandir added a post in a topic: RedOne on Gaga's new album: "Hopefully the best album of the decade"   

    It'll probably seem like the album of the decade compared to sub-pаrTPOP.
  8. Xandir added a post in a topic: Still can't believe that Jewels & Drugs is on ARTPOP.   

    Agreed. It sucks and the only two songs worse in her discography are Money Honey and Filler!
  9. Xandir added a post in a topic: Worst GAGA song?   

    Money Honey. I literally can't stand anything about that song. It's a disaster.
  10. Xandir added a post in a topic: What would you do if LG6 misses the top spot?   

    If the album is good that's all that matters.

    Charts and numbers are for people who actually don't care about music.
  11. Xandir added a post in a topic: Why Do You People Hate DJWS So Much?   

    No that's not even close to why, at least for me.
    Personally, I don't care about charts and numbers. DJWS's contributions to Gaga's discography just disappoint me for the most part aside from like 3 songs. 
  12. Xandir added a post in a topic: Photo: Gaga in studio with RedOne!   

    I'm here for it if he can produce amazing songs like Bad Romance, Alejandro, So Happy I Could Die, Judas and Scheiße.

    Not here for music that sounds like TF 2.0 because I've never been a fan of TF or RedOne's work on it aside from LoveGame.
  13. Xandir added a post in a topic: I hate how ARTPOP sounds   

    I feel the same sis. I full on stanned the album until about Summer of 2014 then it just fell apart for me. I only listen to Aura, Venus, G.U.Y., Swine and Gypsy now. The rest of the album just feels either lifeless or overdone for me.

    But at least it's better than The Fame though.

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  1. Xandir

    Okay so why are all my PMs on here gone???? I had several cherished PMs from years past on here and now they're just gone??? Mess.

    1. Maleficent

      I know. Mods wanted to delete any... evidence...
    2. Xandir

      There was nothing bad about these PMs though. I had an over 200 page PM with my closest friend from here.
    3. Redstreak

      PM's delete after a year of not being used apparently.
    4. Redstreak

    5. Haroon

      Yeah inactive PMs from before 2015 were wiped :\
    6. Xandir

      But I had one I used just about 3 weeks ago that was deleted too. Literally every PM I have is gone.
    7. Haroon

      Hmm then I'm not really sure - Chica said if they were over a year old but things less than that were removed too, and Admin said "very old are being removed automatically" :huh: Anything not active before Jan 20th was removed for me :confused:
    8. Xandir

      Well it was actually probably around that time for me when I used a PM here last. Oh well :( wish there was a way I could have archived my 200 page PM.
    9. Haroon

      There are ways to archive PMs, Chica's explained it all in a thread she made:

      I'll be doing that from now on to prevent any important losses :noparty:
  2. Xandir

    That performance made me forgive her for ARTPOP. Good lord she slayed.

  3. Xandir

    It might sound like I'm an unapologetic bitch.

    1. Teri Hatcher

      But sometime you know I gotta call it like it is
    2. Xandir

    3. Ziva

      Can't get enough of this song!
    4. Teri Hatcher

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    2. Xandir

      Go jack off into a pool of orphan tears you homosensual.
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      Shocking :tea:
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      Shocking :tea:
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      @B E A S T ;'))
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      Stick a toothpick at the end of your clit and ram a wall
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      I was joking btw
    8. Xandir

      @Aaliyah I absolutely will not, I happen to be Catholic.
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      @B E A S T I know henny
    10. Xandir

      @B E A S T I know henny
    11. Aaliyah

      @Xandir Using rosary beads as anal beads doesn't make you catholic
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    16. Xandir

      I'm srry too baby. I love you 2. Let's scissor our pussy flaps together!
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    18. Xandir

      Only if you stretch open my vagina using an umbrella and fill it with unsold copies of ARTPOP
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      I'd rather fit Jupiter into my vagina
    20. Xandir

      Well I know it's entirely possible because you're a slut! Harlot! Trollop! ***** of Babylon 666!!!!!!
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    23. Aaliyah

      No you titmouse
    24. Xandir

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    25. Aaliyah

      Get away from me you heteronormative mesbian
    26. Xandir

      I don't have to take this genderqueer ****ery. Your pussy is WAY too dry for you to be riding my **** like this!
  4. Xandir

    BTW remains a masterpiece.

    1. RegiRey

      it truly is, if she goes back to that style i'd love it. totally here for long intros, minus the religious themes, too controversial.
    2. yASSsss

      LG6 will change ur opinion :derpga:
    3. RegiRey

      it ****in better lol
    4. Highway10

      her next album should be like BTW meets TFM with abit of Rock and Pop.
    5. Anomaly

      I love the religious themes, they're one of the best parts of the album in my opinion. I really think BTW is Gaga's best. I hope she can top it some day.
    6. gagaboy94

      its not perfect, but its flaws are what makes it special to me. Govt hooker schiesshe and HML are irreplaceable!
    7. Xandir

      ARTPOP just didn't really do it for me besides a handful of songs. It did make me realize how amazing BTW is though, definitely her best work yet.
  5. Xandir

    Everyone come to chat!

  6. Xandir

    Come to chat if you stan for The Pinkprint.

  7. Xandir

    Everyone come to chat!

  8. Xandir

    Everyone report to the chat.

  9. Xandir

    If you're gay, come to chat

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    Come to chat hunties

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    Come to chat!

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    Everyone come to chat!

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    Everyone come pop y'alls pussies into chat.

  14. Xandir

    Pop y'all's pussies into the chat

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    Come to chat if you're gay and you like Gaga.

  16. Xandir

    My neck, my back, pop y'all's pussies into the chat.

  17. Xandir

    1989, Aquarius and LP1 were the best albums released this year.

    1. Iggy Azalea

      Queen of the Clouds
    2. Xandir

      QOTC is high on my list and a spectacular album but I prefer the ones I listed.
    3. Redstreak

      Thoughts on Ultraviolence?
    4. Xandir

      imo Ultraviolence has some gems such as Florida Kilos, Brooklyn Baby, Sad Girl, Money Power Glory and Old Money, but my general opinion on the album is that it's kinda boring and I much prefer BTD.
    5. inuborg

      LP1 blows the other too out of the water
    6. inuborg

    7. Iggy Azalea

      I honesty don't understand what's so good about FKA Twigs :lmao:
    8. Iggy Azalea

      I honesty don't understand what's so good about FKA Twigs :lmao:
    9. ItsVenusBitch

      You are forgetting Ultraviolence and the Golden Echo sis :sis:

      LP1 >>> those you listed though.

    10. inuborg

      praying 4 u
    11. Iggy Azalea

      Sorry that Two Weeks is the only decent song to me :deadbanana:
  18. Xandir

    **** her right in the pussy

  19. Xandir

    Finally 4,000 posts.

    1. Didymus

      Congrats :legend:
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    2. Hellspont

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      Flem, remember me though, it's Easto/Kyler.
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      Hi hunty
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      Yes I know
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      Oh I wasn't sure. I've changed my username like twice and haven't logged on and forever.
    7. Xandir

  20. Xandir

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  22. Xandir

    Buy Chasing the Sun by Hilary Duff on iTunes

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