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  1. pablo added a post in a topic: Microchips introduced as Christians fear end of the world   

    I'm a Christian and I understand what these people are feeling, BUT every generation after Jesus left earth has "predicted" the end times. This could be the mark of the beast, but it also couldn't. People thought WWII was the end of the world too.
  2. pablo added a post in a topic: Gaga As Your Password?   

    Yes. All my passwords are gagailluminati666michael
  3. pablo added a post in a topic: Give each album a different name!   

    I think these would be nice
    Fame Kills
    The Edge of Glory
    D.S.A.P (Dance Sex Art Pop)
    The Jazz Songbook Standards
  4. pablo added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga wins YouTube Music Award + "Artist of 2015"   

    wait, this is how they gave the awards away? no awards show?
  5. pablo added a post in a topic: Disco Heaven lyrics?   

    ​so deep, she wants to Just Dance™

  6. pablo added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Leaked Snippet)   

    she sounds kinda ellie goulding 
  7. pablo added a post in a topic: Breaking!! Gaga didn't perform at the Oscars!"   

    wow, why would gags trick us like that!!
  8. pablo added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    yaasss slay
    it gets better the more I use it
  9. pablo added a post in a topic: Do you believe in the trash can story?   

    I do, private school girls can be really mean
  10. pablo added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    Thanks Chicas, this was a great read!
  11. pablo added a post in a topic: Mirjana (ANTM 21 Contestant) Killed In Triple Homicide   

    she was so young and had so much left to live :(
  12. pablo added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Sia alongside husband at Oscars After Party   

    she looks so young in the last photos!
  13. pablo added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga's 2015 Oscar Performance (HD)   

    literally what
    I'm speechless
    slaying your faves with her flawless vocals, converting all the basics into stans :legend:
  14. pablo added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Zedd ft. Selena Gomez - I Want You To Know   

    this is exactly like all his other singles 

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  1. pablo

    Noooo the ggd favicon finally changed after so many years of it being TF cover

    1. amenvodka

      It didn't though?

    2. pablo

      Mine is the ARTPOP Tour Photo that's the logo on the top left of the site

    3. amenvodka

      Mine is still the TF cover... :emma:

  2. pablo

    Nooooo I lost 2,500 posts :giveup:

  3. pablo

    gaga slayed my life! amazing and perfect can't describe that formance

  4. pablo

    Apparently a young Katy Hudson at 16 performed at my small college :flop:

  5. pablo

    no sleep, club, bus, nother club, nother club, nother club, plane, no sleep, nother club, nother club, nother club.

    1. Allan

      *interviewer's interested face*
    2. Red

      Another club x1000000
  6. pablo

    What places do you go on to find inexpensive shoes? I'm broke and so are my current shoes :flop:

    1. Mer Boy

      The Iconic, or ASOS.
    2. Mer Boy

      They do have a lot of expensive stuff but at the same time they have cheap, good quality stuff and plenty of sales.

      The Swap meet..
    4. pablo

      ASOS is perfect! Thank you!
    5. Mer Boy

      No worries!
  7. pablo

    Writing an artist statement is killing me.

    1. pablo

      Thank you! :bunny:
    2. Matt Amor

  8. pablo

    My mom thinks I'm lonely... great!

    1. garnite

      are you?
    2. pablo

      No, I'm just enjoying a Christmas break away from college
    3. garnite

      lucky :)
    1. Gohan

      It suits you very well! :)
  9. pablo

    Anyone have a Behance? I need people to follow!

  10. pablo

    Fun fact, I printed out clauseny and hit her in my apartment and hope people find it soon.

    1. Alex Spears

      I made this as a school project once and got a 100, we had to make a poster showcasing one classroom rule.
  11. pablo

    Why does thanksgiving break have to be so close to the end up the semester :giveup: Cramming so much stuff together!

  12. pablo

    the basics in my design class. they should leave

    1. vespertine

      they can take every seat in the colosseum
  13. pablo

    Anyone know the user who made a thread about his YouTube channel? I was on mobile and didn't save it, now I can't find it anywhere.

    1. Phoenix

      I think his channel is called boydinary. :)

      I luckily had the link in my Internet history!
    3. MORE COWBELL mean that thread, right? :Emma:
    4. pablo

      I think it was boydinary, I have no clue though. thanks !
  14. pablo

    How have I never listens to Mariana and the Diamonds, slowly being converted into a Diamond

    1. Memo

      Repent by fixing that typo pls :sis:
    2. pablo

      :flop: :flop:

    3. FreeAsMyARTPOP

      preorder froot on itunes
    4. FreeAsMyARTPOP

    5. Teenage Cream

      My FROOT thread impact. My iconicness knows no boundaries. :gaycat:
    6. pablo

      but I don't like FROOT :awkney:
    7. vespertine

      mariana :rip:
  15. pablo

    Where can I listen to BWET?

    1. FKAJAKE

    2. pablo

      thank you!
  16. pablo

    happy halloween, it's snowing in the midwest

    1. Alex Spears

      There is like nothing there, where are you originally from?
    2. pablo

      like the link is broken? I was raised in Indiana
    3. pablo

      haha now I live in a smaller town of 5,000 people
    4. Alex Spears

      No I mean, in the picture... there isn't a coffee shop in your campus?
    5. Alex Spears

      The pic isn't broken lol.
    6. ItsVenusBitch

    7. pablo

      yes we have two really floppy ones connected to the campus store and a faux subway. Why?
    8. Alex Spears

      Idk. Wait, what's a faux Subway?! :LaughGa:
    9. pablo

      it's a knockoff sandwich shop that it exactly like subway, but owned and ran by the company that runs my college's cafeteria
  17. pablo

    what is :giveup: from?

    1. inuborg

      a video game. Mother 3 a think
    2. inuborg

      Its an enemy called Negative Man, from Mother 3
  18. pablo

    what is :noo: from>

  19. pablo

    GGD needs to stop changing the default fonts for every holiday and era :flop: