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  1. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Australian LNP government celebrates International Women's Day at men-only club   

    What kind of mess
    Sle tho. Abbot
  2. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Gaga's male equivalent?   

    He have been here for awhile,
    his name is Marilyn Manson
  3. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Gaga promotes Katy's Left Shark Onesies   

    She did that cos she saw so many hates for Katy in GGD tbh
  4. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Do you think the Cheek to cheek tour will come to Oceania/Asia?   

    I am not sure Asia have big crowrds for Jazz except Japan.
    But then Again Japan always appreciate music, all genres.
    There are reasons why Japan is 2nd biggest market for music.
    Each moments passed by, each day, each shows visiting the country always sold out, no matter who they are, known globally or not, and their local artists too can still filled up arenas and huge domes.
    It is amazing to.think about it for a second.
    Where did these people got their ¥¥¥¥ tbh!!!
  5. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Gaga As Your Password?   

    Never will I use anything of Gaga and another of my faves as passwords
    Seriously, that is like asking for trouble personally cos everyone might have guessed already
  6. RAMROD added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga training for fight   

    sounds intriguung, inb4 campy as fck
  7. RAMROD added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga training for fight   

    Inb4 AHS: Hotel is zombie action horror
  8. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Drake Called Homophobic Slur by Die Antwoord   

    Also, when I was first see the image
    I thought it suppose to say "I'm a Massive FEET!" :lmao:
  9. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Weasel hitches ride on Woodpeckers back   

    What kind of Epic realness.
    You knoe, that underrated animation films.
  10. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Slovenia Says "Yes" To Marriage Equality   

    Slovenija makes dome surprising news today!
  11. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Rihanna - 240M records sold WW; #R8 coming soon   

    Ya, I am a Navy as much as I am a Monsters, BeyHive, A Nation, and BlackJack
    But I never really care about albun sales.
    I tend to take people that dismiss an album based on sales not very seriously cos that is shallow but that's just me.
  12. RAMROD added a post in a topic: Eau De Gaga (USA Release Thread)   

    LOL I am on my third now.
    It is really nice scent.
    Anyone that does not like sweet candy like scents found on FAME will like EDG cos it smelled way more masculine.
    Found the notes:
    Top notes: sparkling lime, cardamom and mint
    Heart notes: violet and lavender with a hints of earl grey and nutmeg
    Base notes: leather, sandalwood and Tonka bean. 
  13. RAMROD added a post in a topic: UPDATE: Madonna announces The Rebel Heart World Tour dates   

    Hmmm maybe the stage is 360°?!!  
  14. RAMROD added a post in a topic: UPDATE: Madonna announces The Rebel Heart World Tour dates   

    Huh, whats the fun watching Pop shows seating?

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    1. MelanieMartinez

      please tell why someone i know actually thought Gaga was talking about real goat. :madge:

    2. RAMROD

      Not sure but that sounds comical :laughga:


    Need that purple and black, these are two of three Gaga fave colours, pls consider @Admin ?? :fan:


    Notifications finalled fixed. No more OCD :legend:

    1. Alii

      Obsessive compulsive disorder? 

    2. RAMROD

      Yes, not very pleasant :eww:

    3. Alii

      I have an obsessive compuslive personality. It is different. And very very annoying tbh. :sick:

    4. RAMROD

      I believe that tbh, the struggle we must deal with each times somethings not right happrning :giveup:

    5. Alii

      I know right. The worst thing for me is perfectionism and obsessive over neatness. :cry:

    6. Alii



    These unread notifications starting to get on my nerves.

    My OCD is KILLING me! :emo:

    1. PurplePatch

      Omg same, it's piling up and starting to annoy me :rip:

      (sorry I just added to it :fan: )

    2. RAMROD

      Ya, it's like, when will this loadung sign ends and shows me the information I need?! :giveup:


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    1. Iggy Azalea

      I Want You To Know

      I Really Don't Care


    2. Iggy Azalea

      e79b_ctrl-alt-del_cup_set.jpg it fat

    3. RAMROD

      Baby don't lie


    Walking down Target aisles like






    No diguis el meu nom

    No diguis el meu nom,


    No soy tu chico,

    no soy tu chico,


    Não quero beijar

    Não quero tocar

    Apenas fumar o meu cigarro e ficar calada

    Non chiamare il mio nome

    Non chiamare il mio nome




  10. RAMROD

    Listening new Zedd's like



  11. RAMROD

    When people say the new mobile layout didn't work for them did they really talking about they have slow wifi or worse only using 3G or they are using potatoes?? Or what??

    I don't get it cos it works flawlessly on me.


  12. RAMROD

    By the way, I feel like a newbie again with 16K posts :lmao: 

  13. RAMROD

    I don't understand users that complains with the tidy and super cool GGD updates tbh.

    Like, aside of adjustment need to get through, what can be wrong?



    1. Miley Ray Cyrus


    2. Iggy Azalea


  14. RAMROD

    OMG, I am totally feeling this new vibe of new GGD layout and systems.

    It even works great on mobile!


    Thanks Admin!


    Also, seems we cn have GIF avatar now? :fan:



  15. RAMROD


  16. Jed » RAMROD

    Digging the new Avi

    1. RAMROD

      Hi, thanks :D

  17. RAMROD

    Gaga finally have the thing that she love, applause applause applause :emo: #BuyOniTunes

  18. RAMROD

    Do You Know: As of 2015, Tony Bennett holds the record for the most wins in this Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category for Grammy, with ELEVEN (once it was along with k.d. lang). The last one was for Duets II. #GoC2C

    1. Yves

    2. RAMROD

      Hoping it will become TWELVE after tonight tbh!! :woot:
  19. Ibo » RAMROD

    Daily Reminder: You are amazing! :nick:

    1. RAMROD

      Hello, thank you. You are too!
  20. RAMROD

    BREAKING: Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston;s daughter, found unresponsive in Georgia home! :ohno:

    1. Huh

      shes alive check tmz
    2. RAMROD

      Phew, that is good news!
  21. RAMROD

    So, apparently CL is working with Florence and The Machine,curious! :fan:

    1. Valextra

      What??????? DEAD
    2. RAMROD


      Here: http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/bobby-brackins-wrote-two-of-the-biggest-songs-of-2014-why-havent-you-heard-of-him

      CTRL + F "CL"
    3. Valextra

      OMG, I really can't wait for both Florence new album and also the CL solo one, I can't believe :giveup:
    4. ADM1N

      CL of 2ne1?
    5. RAMROD

      I am excited as well
    6. RAMROD

      Yes CL of 2NE1, she is making Western debut :fan:
    7. Valextra

      I really hope that CL will become big, love her totally
    8. RAMROD

      Yes, hope she will. Scooter Braun better not **** her up!
    9. Valextra

      http://youtu.be/Mq-aVCUs2Q0 Have you seen this? The slayage, she is working with them (Diplo and Skrillex) also for the album
    10. RAMROD

      Yes, also, Will.I.Am and Taboo of BEP last week were kind of teasing people
      that they want CL on their come back album :fan:
    11. Valextra

      The slayage is already real :giveup: *inserting oprah crying gif*
    12. RAMROD

      Let's keep our fingers cross :party:

      Hope she will do a more serious tone and not gimmicky ones :fan:
    13. Valextra

      We need a thread for her :sis:
  22. inuborg » RAMROD

    Slay @ your new set :legend: :flutter:

    1. RAMROD

      Thanks. It's FKA being secret admirer :fan: