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  1. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Definitely  Can't wait for the HQ to make it's way out, and the piano version at some point hopefully.
  2. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Thanks guys.
  3. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Wow, thanks so much. That's awesome.
    ​Thank you! Yes, I agree about the song. I think it may be too early to call it her best song but I think it's without a doubt her best ballad. I've been dying for an orchestral song from Gaga, and this was by far worth waiting for. Her and Diane need to team up again.
  4. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Thanks very much.
    ​Thank you
    ​Thanks. I definitely went for a very muted, grey colour palette with lots of water and nautical inspiration because the song reminds me of stormy weather and the way the music swells reminded me of an ocean on a windy night.
  5. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot.
    ​I've honestly never seen that before haha. Circle motifs are common in graphic design so it's not surprising. Thank you for the compliment
  6. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    ​Thank you
    I agree, I definitely need to work on the text a bit more, I had an effect in mind but it didn't work practically with this font, but I wanted to remain true to the branding of the film. I'll probably fix it up later.
  7. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Single Cover | ELECTRAHEARTPOP   

    I was listening to the recording of Till It Happens To You - which I think is already one of my very favourite Gaga songs - and felt a rush of inspiration. I hadn't played around in Photoshop for a while and decided to do so last night and this is what I came up with. I hope you guys like it, and feel free to use it, but please credit me if you do.

  8. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    Surely someone in the fanbase works at a cinema and can rip it?
  9. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Remember when Gaga went psycho on twitter   

    ​Exactly, it was perfect for the song.
  10. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Madonna - post all reviews of Rebel Heart here!   

    From a fan who has grown up with her music (although I took a break for a couple of years) I'm fully back on board for Rebel Heart, and I haven't stopped listening to her discography in general since November.
    I'm kind of glad she fell at the BRITs, while the Grammys was better, all this buzz is great promo for LFL.
  11. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: The Hunting Ground will screen at the White House   

    That's so awesome, especially for the film but also for Gaga. This isn't like she's just given a song to a film, this is her heart and soul; a cause that she has a real connection with. This must mean a lot to her.
  12. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    So many YouTube videos are being taken down, so I think this may get a release very soon. Either that, or they just want Gaga fans to see the movie/buy the DVD when it comes out to hear the song (which I think is ****ed up if it's the case).
    I definitely support the cause, I think a charity release would be perfect. Diane was right calling this an all time classic.
  13. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    ​Have you given any official word on .gif avis? Sorry if I've missed it, but I don't want to be causing issues for the site or anyone else using it.
    Great job by the way!
  14. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Till It Happens To You Snippet Piano Version   

    I love both, good lord.
    It could be cool if she released this and the original on vinyl for Record Store Day actually. Obviously I'd prefer iTunes/digital download/stream but whatever way we can get the HQ of this glorious song is fine by me.
  15. ELECTRAHEARTPOP added a post in a topic: Is anybody else EXTREMELY excited for the AHS era   

    I am honestly more excited for it than I am for LG5. I would gather she's playing a pretty big role. I'm just so excited to speculate on her character, see pics from the set, and of course watch the series. This is the most exciting thing she's done so far in her career for me and I can't wait for the wealth of gifs/inspiration for drawings that will come from this. :jonny:
    And Jessica Lange needs to at least cameo. Gaga and her would be the campest duo ever.

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    Loving the new black and gold layout Admin :derpga:

    1. lodylody

      was about to put you on blast, then I got it :rip: 

    2. Iggy Azalea



    After some time away from the site I'm so happy to be back, and what an amazing update. I'm so proud of Gaga after all the amazing news, I love her more than ever and TIHTY has me in bits. I love this woman and I've missed you all!


    I literally cannot deal with the ignorance on here.


    I feel like a lot of the people who hate on Azealia need to take a walk outside of their nice, big detached houses and realise what the real world is like. You obviously find Iggy easier to digest because you can relate to her attitude of white supremacy, and her materialistic and 'rich' appearance. You obviously don't like successful black women (don't use Beyonce as an example of a black woman you support, please).

    1. Simon

      guess what, even whites can grew up in ghettos. I'm one of them.
      Not every white person is rich and not every black person is poor. so shut up and stop being so fücking racist.
    2. Paper Gangsta

      so you are saying some people prefer Igtgy just because she is white ? that doesn't even have sense
    3. Sister Honza

      Maybe I'll take a walk outside of our small 3 room flat and look and realize what the real world is like - white homeless people everywhere here, "gypsies" (white people as well) get hated on in here, black people are rolemodels for "ratchet" bitches everywhere that have never even seen anyone black in person. That's my world. Trust me, if anyone here knew a black person, they'd worship them, lmao
      America=/= the whole world

      I'm talking on a general scale here. Note: 'a lot of'. I grew up poor too. Discriminated against, even. And I'm white.

      I can see a privileged attitude when I see it from a mile off. A lot of people on here act on theirs regularly.
    5. Simon

      @sister SPILL IT ,SIS. the same here in Germany.
    6. Sister Honza

      @simon we're basically neighbors :)
    7. Paper Gangsta

      @sister honza Spill that tea

      @Honza I know. Gypsies are hated here too. But this is about more than Azealia vs Iggy in the end and more about the racial tensions in the US. Sorry if I offended you or Simon. I'm not really talking about Europeans. Our societies are more advanced (although racism is definitely still here, just not towards blacks as much anymore).
    9. Simon

      @honza slaying Central Europe tbh.
    10. Sister Honza

      @electraheARTPOP I get your point, but I feel like many many people here are just being plain racist, saying that just being white automatically means you have a better life is bull****
    11. Sister Honza

      @ELECTRAHEARTPOP yeah true, and I agree there's a lot of racism here as well, but what also needs to be said is that it is VERY often for a reason, because 90% of the people who get "oppressed" here are thieves, criminals, and they just suck off the money from the taxes of people who are unlike them willing to work and to get accepted in society. Almost nobody has problems with them if they are polite and willing to work

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    1. Banshee

      'followed you :)

      Thanks :)

    The ****storm that is about to hit the fanbase in early 2015... Y'all aren't ready!

    1. TheOriginalOne

      Why do you say that?
    2. soundwave


      Buckle up, y'all will love this but it'll cause drama FOR SURE.
    4. TheOriginalOne

    5. Iggy Azalea

    6. Checkers

      buy Real Deal on iTunes
    7. ALX

      unless something is leaking no one should care
    8. Hellspont

      if I don't lose my **** im holding you personally responsible :crossed:
    9. PicklePower


      @imsountouchable nothing is leaking per se... But we're getting a big look into something that we've been waiting for for a long time.
    11. Hecturr

      its DWUW, surprise bitches
    12. Hellspont


      No, not space lol.
    14. Cupcakeboy2

      B-side album?? Lol

    16. Hellspont

      like Jan 2015 or first Quarter

      First quarter.
    18. Cupcakeboy2

      It better not be jazz related.. :/

      It isn't.
    20. TheOriginalOne

      Receipts plz, receipts.

    This fanbase is not ready for what's about to go down in early 2015. First, the Grammys, then... Something else.

    1. inuborg

      Then FS2

      Before that ;)

    I want to change my set but I feel like I'm known for this one now, I've had it for so long.


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    Going to try and be more active on here. Been away on ATRL more recently, but now that the messiness has died down and Gaga seems to be talking about new projects, I have reason to post. And I've also missed some of y'all like hell!


    Been wanting to discuss these songs for so long. Feels good that somebody finally had the guts to leak them but I feel awful for M. I hope they get the justice they deserve and I hope she surprise releases.


    The all-seeing eye is watching tonight. /_


    So glad Living for Love is Madonna's new single.

    1. DavidKal


    What was the plot of Do What U Want again? Oh yes. A DOCTOR raping a popstar? Something tells me Luke may have payed Gaga to keep her mouth shut, if the alleged rumours are indeed true. Everything seems to correlate. I feel incredibly bad for Gaga here though and I think she should not have been exposed by Kesha's lawyer in the way that she was. I hope she knows we love her whatever happened. :(

    1. Red

    2. Alpha

      Guys this is getting messy , I never even heard Gaga knew Dr Luke in person before an hour ago , why are we believing that lawyer?

      You're telling me that one of the top tier popstars wouldn't have at least MET one of pop's biggest producers?
    4. Alpha

      They met and he touched her boobs ? I think in the interview its clear this happened before her success and even before she met Redone

      Never mind guys, it's untrue anyway. http://www.tmz.com/2014/12/02/dr-luke-rape-lady-gaga-sexual-assault-kesha-lawyer/
    6. Echo

      the REACH

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    I can't, Icon, two letters apart. There's another part of you that no one sees, there's a burning fire that's underneath, maybe don't you know you were meant to be... ICONIC.


    I'm so glad I mostly stay on ATRL now. Geez.

    1. PicklePower

      Why? You don't like hearing about thirsty people exchanging nudes?

      Not really. It's supposed to be a site to discuss Gaga, and other music/world news/conversational topics. There is rules for a reason and to be perfectly honest I think the behaviour and trolling of some members in the past few weeks is digusting.
    3. PicklePower

      You're talking about me. :hor:
    4. Andreyw

      When the registrations will be available there? :cry:
    5. PicklePower

      I wanna join ATRL, too, but I'm staying here, though. :hor:

      @PicklePower you, and others. It's not just one or two members either, it's a dozen or so. Stick to the damn rules, and don't argue with mods. If you don't like it, leave.

      @BdayMassacre they are always open on the 1st of January, every year, like a tradition :)

    Bitch, I'm Madonna

    1. Blank Space

      Too bad your days are almost counted, poor ha.
    2. Mr Josh

      ^Lmao you wish

      *bookmarks Blank Space's comment for when she smashes with M13 and wins multiply Grammys in 2016*
    4. Blank Space

      I will create coffinclosesmadonna aka pawsdownlittlemonsters to try to ruin her image and spread similar rumors to 25m promo aka angela cheng freak. :spin:
    5. Mr Josh

      others have been trying that for 32 years now. The queen's unbothered.

    The iconic username is back!

    1. Tokyo

      Yaaaaaas :giveup:
    2. Cesare Borgia

      Which one?

      Mine :toofunny: Don't drag me like that sis
    4. Cesare Borgia

      Ooooops sorry ^^' it wasn't intentional. Anyway yes, ELECTRAHEARTPOP is iconic, I know your name. Your ass is famous ;)

      Thanks ;)
    6. inuborg

      Paying the good sis Lana dust I see

      The same dust she payed her own album this era? :giveup: I use this name in all the forums I post in so it's just easier, that's the only reason I changed it back.

    Has anyone got a crack for Fl Studio 11?

    1. Lobster Boy

      black dont crack

    Has anyone got a crack for Fl Studio 11?


    Can't wait for Madonna to shut everyone up next year. The rest of the industry is living on Borrowed Time. #RebelHeart #UnapologeticBitch


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