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  1. 80sirishlegend added a post in a topic: artRAVE: October 17th (Dublin, Ireland)   

     How is that a decision???? See you there  :omgexcited:
  2. 80sirishlegend added a post in a topic: Stephanie Picher (GGD), Little Monster passes away from Car Accident   

    So sad to hear this news :( Remember her so well from GGD 1.0 and having chats about our tattoos. RIP 
  3. 80sirishlegend added a post in a topic: GGD Member & Remixer Jordan Howe (CandyWarhol) Dies At Age 19   

    Heartbroken  :(
    Hope she is at peace now.
    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam.

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  1. Nick » 80sirishlegend

    Hello! Just a reminder of our Tinychat meeting tonight. Hope you can attend, it's important. http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/16292-urgent-ccs-and-mods-private-tinychat/page__st__180#entry1270417

  2. 80sirishlegend

    9 and 1/2hes to go Irish monsters O_O

    1. 80sirishlegend

      Hours (even) ^_^
    2. toanythingtaboo

      /Scottish monsters who got shafted. ;)
    3. 80sirishlegend

      Ha ha you can just come to Ireland :D Still tickets afaik
  3. 80sirishlegend

    Got a payrise at work - €15 extra per week :)

  4. 80sirishlegend » Earthfan

    Can you put those posts up for me pretty please :)

  5. Adam » 80sirishlegend

    Thanks for nominating me in Drew's awards. :)

    1. 80sirishlegend

      That's cos you are awesome :D
  6. 80sirishlegend

    I didn't know you needed to approve friend requests until now OOOPS, y'all have been added, sorry folks :-(

    1. Nathan

      :fail: hwehe
    2. 80sirishlegend

      Ha ha I know - I only sorted my notifications out now :allaboardthefailboat:
  7. 80sirishlegend

    Awww Imelda May is pregnant ;-) The kid will be born with a quiff

    1. Sean

      awwww i didn't know that! and DEATH at "born with a quiff" LMAO
    2. 80sirishlegend

      Yeah it was just announced on her Twitter and facebook, she's 3 months gone :)
    3. Jesus

      I thought it said "queef". omg.
    4. 80sirishlegend

      Oh lordy hahahahahaha
  8. 80sirishlegend

    KATY PERRY >>>>>>>> Nicki Minaj.

  9. 80sirishlegend » Fiendman

    Hey you :) I aw you perving my profile page ha ha :hug: You going to the BTWBALL?

    1. Fiendman

      Hahah, stalk stalk! I am indeed! Wonder where it will be? Aviva? Croke Park? Ohhh this is so exciting!
    2. 80sirishlegend

      Aviva I'd reckon because all of the allowed gigs at Croke Park are full already.
    3. Fiendman

      Aviva it is! You going too? I'm so scared of not being able to get tickets! :(
    4. 80sirishlegend

      Yup, definitely going. We'll definitely get tickets if its the Aviva, it will sell out but not straight away I reckon. Born This Way hasn't caused as much of a stir as the Fame.
  10. 80sirishlegend » Fiendman

    Hey you :) I aw you perving my profile page ha ha :hug:

  11. 80sirishlegend » PetiteMonstre

    You're a mod :legend:

    1. PetiteMonstre

      You bet your sweet badiddle I am.
  12. 80sirishlegend » Exhale

    Hiya, I see you are a huge Imelda May fan, have we spoken??? Good to see another Imelda fan here :)

  13. 80sirishlegend

    Got a 2 week bonus at work YAY (^_^)

  14. 80sirishlegend

    Just got the Deluxe Edition of BTW Collection for half price (€24) after cdwow messed up presale *smug face*