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  1. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga wins YouTube Music Award + "Artist of 2015"   

    When is this? Will she attend? Did GUY win something?
  2. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Was Out Of Control too powerful to have an official release?   

    A song NOT being released doesn't mean it's "too epic". That doesn't make sense...if it was that good it would've been released.
    The song is good, but I don't think it slays like THAT...you wanna talk about slayage?
    I remember GGD when the Aura demo leaked...THAT was slayage and it didn't get released on radio. The chorus was too powerful for the basic GP
  3. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: February 2015 - Gaga's most iconic month EVER?   

    Her most iconic? NO....
    I think Feb 2013 was that....BTW being #1 for 6 weeks...the Grammy performance...the utter hype during that time was at an all time high. Gaga was everywhere promoting. 
    Don't get me wrong...the Oscar's performance was beautiful, but idk about her MOST iconic month? It was iconic cuz she got engaged, won a Grammy, and revealed she was on AHS. It's a close second tbqh
  4. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Madonna Performs Living For Love & Ghosttown   

    Those vocals...the autotune is real
  5. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: "Do not discredit Gaga she made Dance music mainstream"   

    She definitely catapulted it into a different kind of mainstream. The "crazy" fashion, the avant-garde performances, and the legit CATCHINESS of these songs made it look so easy, but The Fame was a hit with every single! Same with The Fame Monster!
  6. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Give each album a different name!   

    The Fame...Beautiful Dirty Rich or Starstruck
    The Fame Monster...Monsters or Dance in the Dark
    Born This Way... Hybrid
    ARTPOP...Behind the Aura
  7. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Your holy trinity for gaga's albums?   

    The Fame: Starstruck, PokerFace, Just Dance
    The Fame Monster: Bad Romance, Telephone, Dance in the Dark
    Born This Way: Judas, Scheisse, Heavy Metal Lover
    ARTPOP: Aura, Venus, GUY
  8. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    Tbqh....I don't think this is the best thing to hit the earth the way it was hyped
    The song is very lazy and monotone...
    It gets better towards the end
  9. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: PREMIERE: I Really Like You - Carly   

    It sounds like a 2 year late single from her last album.....sounds the same

  10. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: TIME: When Will Justin Bieber Have His Lady Gaga Moment?   

    Gaga moment? Where he becomes adored by the world overnight and proven to have vocal talent?
    I'm sorry, but it seems like nothing he does will ever be that huge...he's just annoying and a brat in people's eyes tbqh...he lost a lot of people's respect
  11. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: What annoys me the most with Gaga and her team   

    This is how I feel towards Eau De Gaga rn...
  12. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Imagine AHS soundtrack...What songs would you want to hear?   

    I think Gaga could pull a Lana and take a happy song and make it REALLY creepy (Once Upon A Dream)
    That would be too epic
  13. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Imagine AHS soundtrack...What songs would you want to hear?   

    Bloody Mary is a given but I think Monster could work too for a more upbeat track
  14. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Favorite Unreleased Gaga songs?   

    The Greatest Thing
    Nothing on But the Radio
    Brooklyn Nights
    Princess Die
  15. TimisaMonster added a post in a topic: Björk refuses to put new album "Vulnicura" on Spotify   

    I agree....people should show their support for their fave artist's music by purchasing it if they choose....it shouldn't be made available for free. Then again, Youtube, Soundcloud, Mobile Radio Stations, etc...
    Everything eventually becomes free even movies when they come on tv a few years later...

Status Feed

  1. TimisaMonster

    I like the new look, but it's gonna get some getting used to of course. I'm happy it's back to a fresh and lighter look. So many features are now available! :giveup: 

  2. TimisaMonster

    Will TIHTY be released before the big GGD update or will we have meltdowns we can't hear it until tomorrow?

    1. Jed

      praying for a little monster with a high quality camera and a GGD account
  3. TimisaMonster

    I'm going to see Lady Gaga and Tony at the Hollywood Bowl in May with my ENTIRE family!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  4. TimisaMonster

    Julie Andrews getting all the residuals and royalties off the sales of The Sound of Music! Gaga giving back with one performance!!!

  5. TimisaMonster

    i was just thinking...imagine how Gagas voice would've sounded last night if she wasnt a smoker!!! It wouldve been too much!

    1. TimisaMonster

      Wazup? I've been enjoying your music snippets recently
  6. TimisaMonster

    Not half of the Most Discussed List being deleted old threads that were meant to troll people....

  7. TimisaMonster

    What were your thoughts on Katy's performance and Grammy loss...

    1. Arturo

      Performance: she sang BTGOG on the Prismatic world tour much better than she did tonight on the Grammys.
      Losses: expected
    2. The Professor

      Performance made my ears bleed. Grammy loss made it all worth it
    3. TimisaMonster

      I was cringing at her vocals, but even more that she couldn't keep up with the "shadows" the way Beyonce could
      The Grammy loss....expected, but nervous they were gonna just give her a Grammy out of pitty that Gaga has 6...Katy 0 and they've been around the exact same time... :thetea:
    4. Arturo

      Her only chance was with Dark Horse but during the pre-Grammys awards thing when they announced Say Something as the winner over DH I knew it was the end for Katy and that she had no chance of winning with PRISM.
    5. TimisaMonster

      Do you think she'll ever win one? I thought she would've at least won one with TD or DH :smh: She better get serious about her music and stop making little girl basic pop music like pressed demi
    6. Arturo

      She'll win one eventually. Maybe not next year since I don't think she's going to release anything new before September 30th..
      I'm at the point where I do feel bad for her though...
      I hope she gets at least 1 later on even if it's for an irrelevant category like Best Surround Sound Album which Beyoncé won today :rip:
    7. rarigoes

      Say Something was the better song, even if it didn't sell as much. She never stood a chance in the other category.
      I thought her vocals were pretty mediocre. Another board I belong to was highly critical of her vocals. GGD was far kinder, in comparison.
    8. TimisaMonster

      Well...Britney only has 1 Grammy yet she's a legend in people's eyes....maybe she'll become Britney 2.0
  8. TimisaMonster

    Gagas very presense gave RedOne a new head of hair

    1. UDO

      he wanted to be as free as his hair. his baldness was probably making him depressed ever since he produced that song
    2. TimisaMonster

      You win
  9. TimisaMonster

    OMG...did mods delete the Eau De Gaga thread? Does this mean it got canceled?

    1. Morphine Prince

  10. TimisaMonster

    That Rihanna song is so terrible....not even joking. Is she for real?

    1. jojo Freud

      I bloody hope its a joke
    2. TimisaMonster

      I wish I was...it's truly horrible. Hope this is an outtake...
  11. TimisaMonster

    What would Aura sound like if RedOne produced it instead of Zedd?

    1. djBuffoon

      It doesn't strike me as a RedOne type of song, at all.
    2. djBuffoon

      The chorus, aside.
    3. hmm

      We're regarding Aura as being Zedd rather than Infected mushrooms now? :rip:
    4. FATCAT

      Zedd ruined Infected Mushrooms work. If Red-One produced it, we'd get Aruaa Au ra ra
    5. TimisaMonster

      I know Zedd did hardly ANYTHING to the original song, but he did put a lil more polished twist on the song. However, RedOne no doubt would've done the same thing, but I wonder what it would've sounded like. I know he could pull of some complextro Scheisse on steroids! :giveup:
  12. TimisaMonster

    Just posted an official thread for new pop artist Polyna. She's incredible and her song "Angel" is epic and very Gaga-esque! Check her out please!

  13. TimisaMonster

    Polyna - Angel Club Mix is the most euphoric and epic track I've heard this year so far! She's a new artist and I think she'll definitely be someone to watch out for!

  14. TimisaMonster

    Does JB even make music anymore? Hes more of a media story that pops up every once in a while...

    1. ashamednudist

      did he really make his own music ?
    2. TimisaMonster

      Lol who knowse was just a face for a while...now hes a complete jerk...no longer appealing and not releasing any music (like it would be good anyways)
  15. TimisaMonster

    Lol at me just now knowing about the fake "Rabies" leak....for two seconds I thought it was real and I was like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  16. TimisaMonster

    Bout to leave to go ice skating for the first time ever....I'm gonna be soar in the mornin

  17. TimisaMonster

    I am in LOOOOVE with Trance EDM! I hope Gaga experiments more with this later and gives us some soaring choruses like Aura again

  18. TimisaMonster

    Does "Nothing Last Forever" remind you of Aura in the intro???

    1. Lisa Vanderpump

    2. Froot

    3. Spyro

    4. TimisaMonster

      you guys are silly
  19. TimisaMonster

    Why was the Shane Dawson thread deleted??? I was just about to comment...:awkney:

    1. CaliLilMonster

      I was too...
    2. Bebe

      Same. What even...
    3. Morphine Prince

      It was AP. It's in the Convo Area.
  20. TimisaMonster

    Why can't ACT II leak like Madonna's entire album :giveup:

    1. Derpplause

      because its guarded better against hackers :giggle:
    2. Hellspont

      Because it isn't in a file folder under "my music"
    3. TimisaMonster

      We need an early Christmas present :teehee:
    4. Astraeus

      Get over it already.....
    5. chrismugler

      Because it's just 3 or 4 songs from it and Gaga doesn't want to leak them for now ...
  21. TimisaMonster

    Gaga rush release your album so wr all having something else to talk about...im bored

  22. TimisaMonster

    This whole sight...:popcorn:

  23. TimisaMonster

    Has anyone seen the Eua De Gaga commercial play on TV yet?