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  1. Bae added a post in a topic: Madonna: "ART and POP are very separate now!"   

    madonna is so derpy i can't
  2. Bae added a post in a topic: THROWBACK: Lady Gaga threatening Carly Rae Jepson   

  3. Bae added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga with Ellen Von Unwerth   

  4. Bae added a post in a topic: Gaga wrote a lot of R&B   

    if she EVER released a song like Murder My Heart as a single I would  DIIIIIIEEE
  5. Bae added a post in a topic: Is anybody else EXTREMELY excited for the AHS era   

    you know all the tumblrites are gunna love her now
    there's going to be SO many gifs!  imagine if Gaga gets a "surprise bitch" meme
  6. Bae added a post in a topic: Was G.U.Y. meant to flop? Was it a genuine flop or a bad luck?   

    Not bad luck but bad circumstance

    G.U.Y. was a great single choice
  7. Bae added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You"   

    [quote name="thehanyo" post="6385482" timestamp="1424969652"]

    I'm seeing it tonight at 8pm in NYC! So like 9 more hours and I'll hear the new track! :)[/quote]plz record it
  8. Bae added a post in a topic: Gaga faves a Tweet about Madonna's "plan"   

    [quote name="Alpha" post="6378557" timestamp="1424879583"]

    BREAKING: SHE JUST UNFAVED IT!!![/quote]wow so breaking, call CNN
  9. Bae added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    [quote name="artpopmess" post="6379363" timestamp="1424884952"]

    Ew worst career move ever. Even worse than ARTPOP. AHS is done they've been repeating the same characters since season 2[/quote]clearly your flat stupid
  10. Bae added a post in a topic: Sharon Osbourne on Gaga's reinvention: "She's a true talent!"   

    She is normal.  She is a human being and is 100% herself.  She's "real."  
  11. Bae added a post in a topic: Still can't believe that Jewels & Drugs is on ARTPOP.   

    well it is so better start believing 
  12. Bae added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    MANiCURE is NOT a low point!!!!
  13. Bae added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    i think her worst is The Fame and Born This Way is her best..  ARTPOP is a great album but only half of it is really really great.

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  1. Bae

    my thread was deleted?  this is RIDICULOUS.  PLEASE STOP

  2. PACO » Bae

    have fun at church ♥

    1. Bae

      it was cancelled because of the snow

    2. Bae

      but awww

    3. PACO

      so sad, u must be very disappointed :/


    4. Bae

      im soooo disappointed yes :usrs:

    5. PACO

      makes more time to spend with me  :derpga: 


    1. Bae


    2. PACO



    3. Bae

      lmao :P

  3. Bae » PACO

    jk don't

    1. PACO

      i promise i wont :sis: 

  4. Bae » PACO

    **** me in the a^^

    1. ChicaSkas

      you really need to watch what you put as a status update because now stupid status updates like this can be seen on every single page in the entire forum, including News.  dont post stupid stuff like this.

    2. Bae

      okay then delete ur a mod

    3. Bae

      you all delete half my statuses anyways

    4. ChicaSkas

      yeah sure I'll delete it, but you need to know what I'm telling you about first it so you don't do it again the future :)


    5. Bae


    6. PACO

      shane :rip: 

    7. ChicaSkas

      well i dont think we all do... but just keep it sensible and clean and im sure they will stay up :)

    8. PACO

      don't worry chica, i dont plan to do it anyways :giggle:

  5. Bae

    absolutely loving this new update!

  6. Bae

    venus sounds amazing when ur high

    1. Didymus

      What about Mary Jane tho :giveup:
    2. Bae

      venus just can't be beaten
  7. PACO » Bae


    1. Bae

    2. PACO

    3. Bae

    4. PACO

  8. Prismatic » Bae

    Hiiiii, can you please help me do a little favor and vote to save my friend Bloody :hug:

    1. Bae

  9. Bae » BoomKack

    only the queen sticking up for me :legend:

    1. BoomKack

      it was hardly sticking up for you when that b*tch couldn't even spell my username right :lmao:
    2. Bae

      okay fine b like that
    3. BoomKack

      No I'm saying that they were so weak I hardly had to defend myself
  10. Bae » Optimistic

    dang pressed much, as if i was serious

  11. Bae

    why do mods delete statuses? isn't there a freedom of speech right?

    1. artpopmess

    2. BoomKack

      GagaDaily ranks below North Korea in freedom
    3. Optimistic

      good lord, **** off and leave if it's THAT much of a "dictatorship" as you guys are suggesting :smh:
    4. BoomKack

      @Optimistic honey, someone needs to teach you what satire is.
    5. Optimistic

      @BookKack honey, someone needs to let you know that you fail extremely hard at trying to be amusing.
    6. Admin

      We delete inappropriate, racist, homophobic etc. statuses, yes.
    7. BoomKack

      @Optimistic honey, someone needs to take that pole out your ass so you can act less pressed. Also, try an original comeback next time xox
    8. Optimistic

      @BoomKack Somebody who uses the term "pressed" is telling SOMEBODY ELSE to be more "original" I cracked a ****ing rib from laughing too hard. #Cringe
  12. Bae


    1. Alpha

      gud 4 u hun
    2. Sunny

      let me buy you some pussy tonight
    3. PurplePatch

      Congrats on saving yourself from a life in hell
    4. Teenage Cream

      Let the light in hun. :pray:
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    1. PACO

      aww :kissga:
  14. Bae


    1. Prismatic

      It better be towards me :madge:
  15. Bae

    snapchat me @shane132456 :)

    1. Prismatic

      Add me: LOVEagain29 :HOR:
  16. Bae

    snapchat me @shane132456 ;)

    1. Truffle Butter

      be ready for my nudes bb
    2. Bae

      but where dey at doe
  17. Bae

    i really really like living for love

    1. RegiRey

      I'm really liking your face :hor:
    2. Lance

      im living to love your face
  18. Bae

    someone should dm me

    1. PACO

  19. Bae

    I wonder what Gaga is doing right now


      ****ing xo
    2. ADM1N

      rehearsing for Grammy's I guess
  20. Bae

    I wonder what Gaga's reaction would be if a fan called her by her real name if they met her

    1. Mr Josh

      She would bitchslap and spit on them
    2. Spyro

      what if i call her an amreican and not italian? :awesome:
    3. Mr Josh

      See my reply
  21. Bae » PACO

    omg i was going through the tag #WhiteGirlWastedNYC and i found the isntagram with ur profile pic. what a weird coincidence. is it you?

    1. PACO

      Mess :emma:
      Nah it's not me, i wish :madge:
  22. Bae

    why did GGD get rid of the purple and pink layout :emo:

    1. Alex Spears

      Bc GGD is a Straight people site now tbh.
    2. iAstroLeo

      omg its blue for you too? this is really ugly tbh :madge: