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  1. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Britney's "Alien" w/o autotune leaks, William Orbit responds   

    "Stars in the skyyyyyyy look like HooOOOooOOoOOoOOme take me homeee" Hahahaha :rofl:
  2. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Britney's "Alien" w/o autotune leaks, William Orbit responds   

    Yup, she's a total puppet.
  3. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Britney's "Alien" w/o autotune leaks, William Orbit responds   

    Demo? It's the song before auto tune was added to fix her terrible voice. I've always known she can't sing worth a crap. This just proves the point.
  4. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: Gaga Dances Asia Around Like a Barbie Doll   

    Bouncing the dog....ok. Swinging it around like a toy. FUCK NO
  5. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: artRAVE D.C rescheduled to 5/12, Philly rescheduled to 5/15   

    IF you can't go you can get a refund.
  6. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: My artRave Experience [FULL VIDEOS]   

    I don't mean using chairs as a prop. That's been done many times. I'm talking about wearing them like a dress. It just seems random and out of place.
  7. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: My artRave Experience [FULL VIDEOS]   

  8. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: My artRave Experience [FULL VIDEOS]   

    I don't understand the point of the chairs during MJH :confused:
  9. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: My artRave Experience [FULL VIDEOS]   

    Holy shit. I'm only 2 minutes into the first video and the lighting is amazing!
  10. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: To everyone COMPLAINING   

    Disappointment only comes when you (the fans) HYPE the shit out of things.
  11. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: Picture of Gaga performing on Jimmy Fallon   

    I can't with this fan base anymore. Trying to read lips FROM A PICTURE!!!! Do you realize how ridiculous and stupid some of you sound? Shaking my damn head.
  12. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: My artRAVE World Tour Dates   

    You skipped Portland, Or. :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: And instead of Dodger stadium she would play the Staples Center.
  13. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: Britney Spears - Album 9 coming this 2015!   

    Looks like the studio can't save you this time Britbot.
  14. Chad-3 added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga leaving howard stern in NYC   

    "Stay pressed like the panini you are boo"

Status Feed

  1. Chad-3

    So when is this website going to be renamed to "Fad Daily"? This fanbase ruins everything.

  2. Chad-3

    Here comes the bandwagon of "lets make a thread about song x". Now I remember why I hardly come here anymore. Theres a new fad on this site everyday.

    1. Chad-3

      A big ol "sea of sameness"
  3. Chad-3

    Just read these moronic comments on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHpTHovWdbc Read the comments from Ben Chrisoit and watch me drag this idiot.

    1. Chad-3

      Just read the comments from Biggest Brony Ever.
  4. Chad-3

    Omg I might buy an Artpop concert ticket but idkkkkk

    1. Joel

      do it
  5. Chad-3

    So does anyone know exactly how much the meet & greet tix are? This is what I'm referring to.http://www.ticketmaster.com/promo/ylonk3?ac_link=GAGA14_merchslot_vip

    1. Blake

    2. Chad-3

      for real?
    3. Blake

      The Meet and Greet pack has always been $1500.
    4. Chad-3

      Sorry, but that's ****ing ridiculous!
    5. Blake

      Well considering the cheapest seats are $35 and GA is $89 or something, it was bound to happen.
    6. Chad-3

      Just great. When I was a HUGE fan no M&G available. Now that I don't really care that much about her like I used to the M&G are back. Pissed
    7. Blake

      Well I've never had the chance to have M&G at all so this is amazing for me so.
    8. Blake

      Cause no one does M&G's here so apparently Australia sucks tbh.
  6. Chad-3

    No tour date for me...

  7. Chad-3

    I buy albums from rock/metal bands that sell under 30k in it's first week. Do you see fans of that genre of music complaining?

    1. HausOfAntonio

    2. Chad-3

      Pop fans are SPOILED!
    3. Illuminati Freak

    4. Elan

      Exactly I do to
    5. Adam

      "like" this status. Rock fans love the music, none of this chart harp.
    6. Bamboo

      Pop is different. 30k for an artist like Gaga is unthinkably bad
    7. Chad-3

      And if Gaga sold 5k I'd still buy the album and enjoy the music. I just wish people would enjoy the music more than they enjoy the numbers. But sadly, that will never change and pop music fans will continue to have these arguments and meltdowns. You guys bring in upon yourselves. BTW, not meaning to attack you Bamboo.
    8. Bamboo

      @Chad-3 Some people just like the charts :shrug:
    9. Chad-3

      I just wish people would understand that just because something is unpopular doesn't mean it's bad. Just because something sells 10 gazillion records doesn't mean it's good either. Look at Justin Bieber for example...
    10. Bamboo

      @Chad--3 I don't think any Gaga fans think that
  8. Chad-3

    Bathroom break if she does J&D lol

  9. Chad-3

    WTF IS SHE WEARING? A clan suit? :eek:

    1. Willy Wonka

      that's what i said!
  10. Chad-3

    My avatar is ruined.

    1. Gaga is Life

      I don't know if this is a good idea or not... but anyway. Maybe you could make a 200X200 white square and put your avi near the top of the square :)
    2. Sleigh Mama

      Mine too... this is new GGD is NOT an improvement!
    3. drew

      Yeah, you are kinda screwed if you want to use a vertical picture.
    4. Chad-3

      Well, it lasted a good 3 days...
  11. Chad-3

    My amazing avatar made by HyoYeon is now ruined because of this new theme >:(

  12. Chad-3

    Not a fan of this theme. It looks a little sloppy. Old theme>>>

  13. Chad-3

    WTF. My body can;t stop shaking/shivering. I feel like my body is having a seizure or I'm in antartica without nothing on.

    1. What

      I have that sometimes too. It's either to do with energy levels or your temperature :D
    2. Chad-3

      I just did get out of bed so....
    3. What

      Get some food down you and a drink :D
    4. heavymlover

      You're possibly catching a cold. It has happened to me before.
    5. Chad-3

      Nooooo :(
  14. Chad-3

    So what's the next gif that everyone is going to use 50 times in each thread?

  15. Chad-3

    Bored as hell. I guess I'll catch up on Walking Dead :shrug:

  16. Chad-3

    No offense to other countries but why isn't Artpop coming out in USA first? Gaga IS an American artist afterall?

    1. Vanilla

      Different countries have different charting weeks. Australia starts on Friday, Gaga's starts on Monday
    2. Chad-3

      Another reason why I hate charts. Weak
    3. Vanilla

      America's starts on Monday******
    4. Vanilla

      It's pathetic. It should be the same all over, kinda ruins the "everyone at once" appeal
    5. Ziva

      Gagz is Italian after all. That makes her European :derpga:
  17. isMusic » Chad-3

    Miley looks perfect in your display picture. I want her body tbh

    1. Chad-3

  18. Chad-3

    I've already been on here too much in the last 2 days.

  19. Chad-3

    Can someone edit a picture and make it avatar sized for me? I'm terrible at this stuff.

    1. Taylor

      What picture?
    2. Chad-3

      can you resize it for me? I will pm the pic to you.
    3. Taylor

  20. Chad-3

    Does Donatella really need that annoying whistle sound near the end of the song?

    1. Buddy

      I like it!
    2. Glow

      I like it!
    3. glockenpop

      What sound? :flop:
    4. Essence

      I like it!
    5. LanaLucky

      I like it!
    6. Chad-3

      @3:35 and @3:45
    7. ProudUnicorn

      I like it!
    8. Chad-3

      I DON'T!
    9. Glow


      I like it!
    10. Chad-3

      C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!!!
    11. Buddy

      Just be grateful the lead single of ARTPOP wasn't Work Bitch
    12. Chad-3

    13. glockenpop

      I like it now LOL
  21. Chad-3

    Where can I find the lyrics to all the songs? I'm having trouble figuring out what she's saying in some parts.

  22. Chad-3

    Work in 5 hours. Go to bed and get 3 hours of sleep or pull an all nighter and play BF4?

    1. Sexxx

      some sleep > no sleep
  23. Chad-3

    ManiCure changed too much

  24. Chad-3

    The low bass drum in the intro of Sex Dreams is terrible. It's ruining the song :(