Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

Nick’s story:

“I don’t speak American, but I can if you like!” Gaga performed “Scheiße,” and the monster pit was going absolutely insane. This is the biggest fan favorite from the album, and Gaga saved it for the second to last song. Once she was done, we left the pit and found some guards to talk with. There were several of them, and every one of them checked our backstage wristbands with their flashlights.

Once we were approved, we headed to the back of the arena and met with the other fans that were going backstage with us. In total, there were nine of us. A woman passed along an iPad and required us to enter our full names and email addresses. This would be used for sending the backstage photos since fans aren’t allowed to take the photos themselves. While we waited for each other to complete this process, we watched Gaga perform the closing number, “Marry the Night.” She did an acoustic version of the song and picked about 10 fans from the pit to bring on stage with her.

We were then escorted backstage with some of Gaga’s security staff. We probably passed by five guards before getting back there – the place was extremely secured. Once we got back there, we briefly chatted with the other fans who were meeting her. After finishing our water bottles provided by Gaga’s staff, we were escorted to a room. Emma and her family were already in a room back there, and since she’s also on the Gaga Daily team, we asked to be in the same room as Emma.

Emma’s family and the friends who were with her are honestly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We spent about 30 minutes with them before Gaga walked in. There was a ton of food in our room. It had a fridge filled with sparkling water and iced tea, fresh fruit and veggies with hummus, doritos, and a big container of assorted candy. We all snacked on the food while waiting for her to walk in.

Then it happened. She just walked in the room and said, “Okay, where are my Gaga Daily people?” We all sort of froze there as she walked up to give us all a hug. There was our idol standing there in the flesh. I stuttered when saying hi to her. After she said hello to us, she shut the door.

The first thing she talked about was her appreciation for Gaga Daily. She said, “I think Gaga Daily is my favorite fan site. The main reason for this is because it’s kept so clean. You guys do a really good job to make sure the website is professional for its viewers.” It was unreal to be thanked by Gaga for moderating the site, and we were flattered that she loves visiting it so much. We spend a lot more time working behind the scenes than most think, so to be thanked for all of that hard work meant the world to us.

Gaga also talked about one of the rules on the site called Flamebait. She actually referred to it as “the Flamebait rule” and said she likes how fans aren’t allowed to disrespect other artists. She wants to foster a fan base that appreciates all types of music and artists, so Gaga was very appreciative about how we have actually integrated a rule that supports mutual respect of other artists.

Gaga then wanted us to give some messages to the members on the site. She told us to tell all the fans not to be upset when someone doesn’t like her. “All legends were controversial,” she said.