Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

Since you all know the rest of the show, I’ll move right onto backstage. When “Scheiße” started, security came up to us and said, “It’s time to go,” at which point we were escorted backstage. We hung out with Gaga’s assistant, Nick, Kayla, and Zilla for about an hour, munching on the food that they offered us.

Shortly before she came in, I told everyone to remain as calm as possible – and if you do get emotional, it’s okay, because she calms you down right away. Then she walked in and said hi to everyone. It seemed that everyone was starstruck but my group, being that we hung out with her before the show.

I’m going to jump around a bit and talk about the things that specifically pertain to me.

At the bus, she talked about how she’s always in pain from “dancing her ass off hard for two hours and 15 minutes every night.” That somehow got brought up again backstage and she was like “doesn’t your mom have pain issues too?” at which point she proceeded to jump in and say “personally, I think it’s all about diet. I eat no grains, no soy, nothing, I use almond flour instead and I feel so much better,” She seemed surprised and said “everything I eat has soy in it! Wow.” My mom kind of gave her the side-eye, and she then said “I’ll have to try almond flour.” Lane wrote it down on her notebook for her.

She then started talking about how when she was 19 trying to make it in the business with Starlight, they would go into clubs and light cans of aquanet on fire – and the club wasn’t so much worried for the safety of the people as they were burning the place down. My mom said, “good thing they’re only a dollar a can!” she laughed and high-fived her. She then told my mom “Mama, pour me some of that wine!” to which she obviously did.

Then, it was time for a group photo with Zilla, Kayla, Nick, and I. Gaga was sitting on the couch, and everyone (besides me) was kneeling on the floor for the photo. She then asked if we wanted individual ones too, and I got a picture with just Gaga and myself along with me, Gaga, and my group of friends.

After that was done, it was time to go. She hugged me one last time and said, “Bye Emma! Next time you’re here, make sure to let me know. I want to see you again.” As we were going down the hallway, I came super close to accidentally running her over and I kind of got freaked out. She acted like nothing happened and said “Roll on! Bye Emma!”

Hands down the nicest person I have ever met, in addition to one of the coolest experiences of my life. I will never forget this experience, and a huge thank you to Gaga and Gaga’s team for making this possible!