Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

We then changed up the subject a bit – you’ll get a kick out of this one! At the bus, Gaga Daily somehow got into the conversation (I think it was they had brought the carepackage onto the bus and she was like “Oh, they gave this to you?”). She again said that it was her favorite fan site, but she also said something really interesting, which was, “I’m especially on there if big news happens. If there’s something big going on, I will literally sit there and refresh the page countless times, and laugh about it, too. When we did ‘Cake,’ we literally cut that in five minutes – pretty much in one take – with Paul [DJ White Shadow] and you guys literally figured it out within 10 minutes. It was insane!”

Speaking of things you guys will get a kick out of… Brandon was talking about the tour and the setlist: “I was watching videos…” and Gaga cut him off very abruptly and responded with “Don’t watch videos of the show, it looks like shit!”

She also kissed me on both cheeks, hugged me about a dozen times and wouldn’t stop playing with my hair. She asked me where I got it cut and I said, “I know this sounds weird, but Wal-Mart!” She was really surprised by that answer and was like “Wow, I had no idea you could get a haircut at Wal-Mart. Must be a midwestern thing, but she did a great job.”

After the first hour, my friend Allie texted me and asked me to tell Gaga I love her. I had my phone on me at the time, and she saw it, to which she literally sat there with her long ass fingernails and wrote “i love you 2.” I then asked if they could come in, which of course she said yes. They were super starstruck at first, but just like she did with us, she asked them their names and hugged them.

Right before the two hours was up and her assistant was literally pulling her away, Gaga asked us where we were sitting and gave us upgraded seats – she also asked us if we would be interested in coming backstage after the show, to which we gave a resounding yes.

Now onto the concert, which was amazing, but there was one particular moment that had us all in awe. Right before “Born This Way” (acoustic), we were told that the winner for Virgin Mobile was being moved to our section – specifically on the balcony, which is the wheelchair accessible area. I thought, “That’s a little odd, but okay. We’ll roll with it.” Before the phone call, they gave each of us a free T-Shirt, which was totally awesome.

After talking with Chelsea (the winner), she began to sing, and then right before the bridge, she stopped to say the following: “I was at the Born Brave Bus for awhile and I met Emma and I met her friend Brandon. Are you there? Can you scream? Where are you? I proceeded to wave, and she said “Hey guys! I had so much fun with you today, and I just feel like, sometimes, my fans are so much braver than I am.” The spotlight then panned on me and all I could do was put my hands over my face. I was in shock – but it wasn’t over yet.

During the bridge, right before the line “whether life’s disabilities left you outcast, bullied or teased, baby you were born this way,” she again stopped and said “This one’s for you Emma. Because she told me that this one’s her favorite.” After singing that line, she said, “That’s why I wrote about her in this song, because my mom taught me to be brave. But not everybody, like, can rely on their parents, you know, so we have to rely on each other.”