Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

Zilla’s story:

Meeting Gaga is nothing like you’d imagine, at least partially. Emma was already backstage and Gaga’s team were very accompanying. We were escorted backstage to a small room, where Emma and her family were waiting, too. It was so nice to see her! We waited an hour for Gaga but her team brought us snacks to hold us over (I was eating Doritos backstage, who could say that? They ended up giving us a lot of food to snack on that was on their rider, so like fruits, veggies [no one touched the purple cauliflower except Kayla] sodas, waters, candies, it was nuts). It actually helped because it made us less nervous. Then we saw Pete coming and all of a sudden, Gaga entered the room (so starstruck cherry cherry boom boom).

Let me give you a visual. She had the neon green weave, big floppy hat, and what happened to look like loafers. She’s extremely petite, but it makes her even cuter. After she came in said hi and got comfy, she asked “Where are my Gaga Daily kids at?” So we awkwardly waved and her face lit up when she got her answer. She then said that Gaga Daily was her favorite site.

One question led to another and we were on ARTPOP. I kind of sensed that she was a bit hesitant to talk about it, because she has to be under such pressure. She said there are a lot of things that are going into the album, and she’s working extremely hard for you. I told her that I knew fans were being a bit crazy with bombarding her with info, but to take her time because I totally understood where she was coming from, she isn’t going to rush it because she wants it to be perfect. I bet she’s well aware of how in demand her album is.

She is so passionate about this album and you could really tell. It was like she lit a fuse every time she was talking about it. I connected with her in that way about my own work, and I totally got it. I can’t tell you everything that was said, but just know she’s getting ready to come back and snatch weaves. Like the Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes and give you ARTPOP.

As for me personally, when she walked over to me she grabbed me into a side hug as if we were long lost friends for what felt like a solid minute. She was excited that I was from New Jersey. She was all like “My jersey girl! What town?” And I told her and she said her dad was from Elizabeth and just was so animated when it came to talking about her family and my state. Later on she referenced Bruce and pointed to me too! I told her about hurricane Sandy and what happened and she is still really concerned about that, but I did thank her for her help in the relief efforts. I asked her to write out a tattoo for me, my favorite song “You Can’t Flood This Town” and she said yes.

We gave her the books and she was eager to read the Scrapbook. She stopped at the Rolling Stones spread and made a cute “Aww” sound and ran her hand over the page. It comforts me knowing she loved my work. But when I gave her the Fanbook and she squeaked like a little fangirl and danced a bit. She says she keeps all the books and when she’s having a bad day, she pulls one out and reads from them.

She is also very proud I would say of how we’re like a family. I made it a point that we help each other out so much with our everyday lives. She seemed really happy when we said how we all knew each other through her and her music, and it showed. She was so much fun, best hour of my life. We laughed, we cried, it was like we were friends already it wasn’t intimidating at all. She’s perfect.