Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

About Gaga Daily, she said we are her favorite website for a few reasons, one of them being the Flamebait rule, stating she likes how we don’t allow disrespect of other artists because she wants her fans to appreciate all kinds of music. She also really loves how kind the members seem to be towards each other, mentioning that she notices other forums “can get very shady” and be very rude towards one-another, which is something that she does not like at all. She also thinks we do a good job of keeping the place clean! (Not kidding you, she said all of those things. I didn’t know she had such a big opinion of us!)

Now on to the books. Gaga was indeed very excited about the Scrapbook, and started flipping through as Zilla explained which parts of the book she created and which parts I did. I was standing behind her so I didn’t get a good chance to notice which pages she was spending the most time on, but I did notice she pointed out the Rolling Stones spread (at one point in the Meet and Greet, I told her that she embodied that era perfectly with the way she danced, her outfit, the way she moved on stage with the Rolling Stones, and she said she knew that if she was born in that era she wouldn’t have been successful because she would have been running around dating rock stars. She said she often jokes with Yoko and tells her that if she was born during that time, Yoko would have had to have hidden John Lennon from her!).

After she was finished flipping through the Scrapbook, we handed her the Fanbook and she got so excited! She said, “Are these the fans?!” and snatched it out of Zilla’s hands, immediately opening it to look at the pages. Gaga said she keeps all of the fanbooks she receives and when she feels down, just pulls one out and flips through it for inspiration and happiness.

Lastly, and I saved this for last because it’s most important and needs to be something that sticks with you, is a message Gaga wants us to spread to the fans. Please do not be upset when you hear someone say they do not like Lady Gaga. Gaga does not want such a thing to bother you. She said she likes to be hated, because it means she is controversial and all legends were controversial figures.