Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

Now I’d like to go back to when I was speechless right after she walked in the room and she hugged me. Gaga then said, “Do you have anything you want to ask me about?” Nearly sobbing, I blurted out: “Everything!” A little later, I said: “Okay, I know what I want to ask you about… I’m kind of a bird nerd,” at this point she laughed and said she never heard someone say something like that before, and I had to laugh too and said “I really love birds! So I was wondering what your favorite bird is?” Gaga laughed again and said something along the lines of her never being asked a question like that before before starting to pace, deep in thought with her hand on her chin.

When she knew she had it, she said, “Well, I really like Flamingos. The way they walk and bend their knees like…” Gaga then proceeded to imitate a flamingo. “I like how they’re so noisy, and they just seem so shady.” She also said she was fond of Ostriches, but then said her favorite bird was a mythical bird, the Phoenix.

After saying that, she confessed ARTPOP was actually very much inspired by the Phoenix and its ability to rise from the ashes. When I heard her say that, I told her about how so many people in the fan base think the album’s concept is about the decay of the superstar, and upon hearing me say that she was very quick to shut that down. “No!” she said. “It’s not about that at all. At. All.” This sparked some more discussion about ARTPOP, and based on what we heard you guys will love the album so much! For the purpose of not letting information leak, out of respect to Gaga and so no leeches can take her ideas before they’re even released, instead of giving out the details and information she gave us we’ll just agree to say “That’s something Gaga told us about!” after it’s officially released to the public, okay?

However, two things we have been somewhat convinced that would be okay to share is that when people hear Gaga on the radio again, they’re going to think to themselves, “Wow, is this really Lady Gaga?” She also said the song is like a really good night at a club (and you know how she does that thing where she lifts up her hand and clicks her fingers when she says “really good”? Yeah, she did that!). She said it’s like when you’re out dancing and the DJ just keeps playing one awesome song after another. So, according to her, you could play the album straight through at a club and it’d be amazing!