Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

We talked about a lot of stuff during our time with Gaga. None of us bothered checking the time (because obviously we were having the moment of our lives) but apparently we had taken up longer than what was scheduled. Most meet and greets last ten or twenty minutes tops. We had already been with Gaga for over an hour. She really is a chatterbox. If it hadn’t been for the meet and greet coordinator cutting us off, Gaga probably would have spent another hour or two with us. She said she was tired, but she was having such a good time that nothing else seemed to matter.

In reflection, I think the most surprising thing about the meetup was how little starstruck I felt. I talked about the initial shock when she first walked in, but after that it faded very quickly. I genuinely felt like when she walked in the room, we already knew her, and she already knew us. It was like a reunion of friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. The fact that she was standing by me for most of the night didn’t even faze me. I’m guessing this is because she’s so natural and down to earth. She doesn’t act like most celebrities- she acts like she’s your friend. She even told us, “Whenever I get to meet fans, I almost feel like I’m meeting a celebrity!”

As we said our final goodbyes, we thanked her one last time as we watched her leave the room and go away. The entire experience was so surreal. When we were walking out of the venue, we felt like the whole thing was a dream. “Did that really happen?” I asked Kayla.

From what I’ve heard, fans always say to start writing things down the second you leave your backstage meetup otherwise you’ll start forgetting things fst. I told this to Steph and Kayla, and we immediately began drafting voice notes on our cell phones. We wanted to recover every single last memory from the experience, since we realized that it was the best moment of our lives.