Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

She also talked about how she still doesn’t own a house. She was telling us how her dad has been showing her some quotes for houses and how she could never commit money like that for a down payment. “I started freaking out when I realized how much the down payment would cost! I’ve never had to fork out a down payment, and I’m still not used to dealing with that much money!” Gaga said that she’ll only get a house if Taylor asks her to marry him, and said that she’d live in her house and just “be a badass.”

She did, however, call her dad on the day of the auction for Michael Jackson’s clothes. “Dad, I’m about to spend a lot of money…” – “On what…?” – “Clothes…” – “Oh, Gaga…” – “Michael Jackson’s clothes!” – “Oh, okay!”

She talked to us a lot about Michael Jackson. He’s definitely her biggest idol. Gaga said that, “He’s all I ever wanted to be.” She told us that’s why she spent all that money on his clothes at the auction. She said she’d much rather have Michael Jackson’s jacket hanging up in her hotel room while she dances around like a sixteen year old girl than own a house.”

Gaga also talked to us about ARTPOP. We aren’t going to give too much away, but she said that when her songs are on the radio again, people will think, “Wow, is this really Lady Gaga? She’s really matured.” From what we were told, you guys are in for quite the experience with ARTPOP.

Gaga also told us to tell Gaga Daily that she’s sorry for making the fans wait for so long. However, she also told us that some fans don’t realize how much work she’s doing on this album, and she assured us that great works take time. She wasn’t necessary irritated with the fans’ impatience, but she definitely wanted to communicate how much work she’s putting into the creation of ARTPOP.

I proceeded to tell Gaga that it’s incredible how all of us know each other through her. I told her how all of us have become amazing friends, and we wouldn’t have known each other if it weren’t for her. She seemed really touched.

She was such an easy person to talk to. While we were sitting, Gaga was standing in the middle of the room, making eye contact whenever someone spoke to her. Whenever she thought something was funny, she would laugh and walk over and give you a hug, or sit in your lap. She kept giving Emma noogies and was playing with her hair off and on throughout the night.

I was truthfully impressed with how genuine Gaga is with her fans. While most of our encounter was upbeat and joyful, there were times when things got pretty emotional. There was a time when Gaga started crying, wiping the tears from her eyes she said, “I just love my fans so much.” It was one of the most touching moments of my entire life. I’ll remember it forever.

After talking about ARTPOP, we were discussing how music is kind of boring right now. Gaga thinks the problem with modern artists is that they’re “afraid to get their hands dirty.”