Gaga Daily meets Lady Gaga

Kayla’s story:

As many of you know, we started collecting entries for the Fanbook in September of 2012 and were gathering content to use in the Scrapbook in December. This came after spending months brainstorming, creating whole ideas and then scrapping them entirely before settling on a Fanbook/Scrapbook combination with guidelines that were easy to understand.

Zilla and I spent hours working on the Scrapbook pages and maintaining the e-mails received for the Fanbooks. I must give Zilla all credit for the Fanbook, though- that was all her! She also did majority of the pages in the Scrapbook. I remember the night before the due date, I was up until 5 a.m. working on pages, after spending days and hours working already on my pages.

I also must thank a very special team of members who donated money to this project. I will not say who they are or how much they gave, as they wish to remain anonymous, but without them this project would not have been able to be completed, so I thank them with all my heart and cannot accurately express my gratitude with words.

It was decided we would meet up with Gaga at the Born Brave Bus to give her the books, allowing them to stay safe and in good condition during the show. (It was made very clear that Gaga would not see them until we were there with her!) We found her, in a leopard print coat, at the DJ booth talking to DJ White Shadow. After handing over the books, we chatted about how we knew Emma and were hoping to find a way to deliver a care package that a few of our wonderful Moderators put together for her.