#Repost @sabrenorris with @repostapp Love thanks so much for the kind words. It was epic watching you on the show. You nailed it. Remember fear, nerves , doubts are normal it means your alive and you care. Embrace it. Goes for you too @biggynorris dom🇦🇺🇦🇺❤️ This is @dominicpurcell , think he is interesting. He is just like any aussie here in 🇦🇺except he is now a big tv star in America. He doesn't have a big head about being a star, that's important. Before I went on Ellen I embarrassingly admitted to dom that I was feeling nervous. I was worried about the camera and the audience. I hoped that people would like me that made me nervous I told dom about my worries and he helped me cured them. He said don't fight them just accept them because that's ok that's normal. When I walked out to Ellen I told myself his words and it fixed everything. Thanks for helping me dom ❤️ sabre ps thanks to everyone who wrote to me too about it means so much to me.

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