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  2. Doll General Thread

    I'll try to find the archive
  3. What Song Are You Listening To? 4.0

    The new Killers album, Marilyn Manson's new singles, and Halloween music!
  4. New GOP healthcare bill would strip coverage from millions

    surprise bitches, GOP is here to fvck ya'll up Swish Swish Bish, another Bill In the Casket on a more serious note: I hope this bill get's no votes (if I understood it correctly)
  5. What do the Judas lyrics mean?

    Here's my basic thought about it: "In the most biblical sense", as a woman who controls her sexuality, ambitions and beliefs and as an artist herself, she should be punished or something, but, if we speak about the future, it's all about self-empowerment, so Judas better "protect" himself or take her as she is (with all her sins/flaws). She knows Judas is evil but she keeps coming back cause she wants to
  6. Gaga defends "Mommy" girl

    Gaga used mommy girl to come for all y'all so...
  7. Lady Gaga responds to Lena Dunham: You're special Lena

    Female rebellion?
  8. yep hey girl and A-Yo is also over it. PI had quite much promo with the video shoot and everything in the documentary but still those 3+MR ofc manages to sell more. It's not maybe hated but not liked either by the gp.
  9. Because there wasn't any song with lead potential...what do you suggest? If it was Million Reasons this site would burn her to the ground (ME INCLUDED), John Wayne and Diamond Heart streams show how poorly they would do. Dancin In Circles is too racy for radio. PI had was the perfect bridge to take us to her "new sound" it is the most Gaga song on the album, it has punch and it's edgy (maybe a little too much for the gp)
  10. ASIB shifted to 18th May 2018

    sis did you make an account here just to say this
  11. It's Disappointing...

    I don't really care what she does with regards to smoking (it's not my life). But if it is weed/blunt/spliffs/etc then:
  12. Gaga defends "Mommy" girl

    girl pls don't act like you weren't annoyed AF with her either your face and attitude towards her told it all in the documentary
  13. I dont think thats true I mean isn't Joanne above it on iTunes right now? People just don't seem to like PI for some reason
  14. PI is a fantastic song. But the GP was not here for it. Sadly.. Perfect! I would choose DIC instead of A-YO. But i think this could work
  15. 5F2 Scene Goes Viral on Twitter

    Do they also have some for Android? Do those work for both? Do they charge good? So many questions.
  16. If it didn't connect how was it the perfect lead? I love the song to death but it took me like atleast 20 plays until i really digged it, i think the song was to much of a grower to ever become a big hit. Singles should sound good the first time unless you are lucky that the radio plays the song so much that you can't ignore it.
  17. I don't think she will release any further singles. Hopefully she'll release new music soon. Maybe around Thanksgiving.
  18. Double Dutchess Won't Even Reach 17K SPS

    I really donโ€™t like the album..like at all and not even the visuals can save it cuz they arnt that good either besides like 3
  19. It's Disappointing...

    We'll have to agree to disagree. She sounded horrible. She is a soul singer so she kinda gets a pass from the critics for sounding like that (like Mary J Blige), but it was awful. The cigarettes are more harmful than cocaine I would think. How often did she really smoke cocaine, once a week? Cigarettes are probably a pack a day with her.
  20. Gaga Should Make An Album Full of....

    Could definitely see it! Am patiently waiting MetalGa---or anything else she wants to experiment with. Of course her darker imagery would be most welcomed (even alongside JAD style music---weird, right?)
  21. Trump was fooled by fake news

    This fake news is fake news, he wouldn't be fooled by something like this. We all know he has the best brain. Tremendous.
  22. yeah that would been amazing 1 The cure 2 MR 3 A-YO 4 Joanne DH and Hey girl promo singles with videos
  23. Gaga Should Make An Album Full of....

    JAD is so cute I love it but a full album is too much cuteness for me hahaha
  24. Oh please had PI been a hit everyone would love it here. Just deal with the fact that PI is one of the best songs on Joanne and was the perfect lead, too bad it didn't connect and there wasn't any promo for it.
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