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  2. Huge radio update for Cardi B in the US

    She's a bit overrated
  3. Huge radio update for Cardi B in the US

    I'm yet to even hear the song
  4. I guess they need to show the real numbers of Tidal now so they released it on Spotify and Apple Music
  5. US Radio : Pop 23. CARDI B I Like It 3774 1334 22.307 +303 Spins +132 Bullet +1.739 Audience Rhythmic 8. CARDI B I Like It 3815 592 20.251 +82 Spins -15 Bullet +0.323 Audience Urban 13. CARDI B I Like It 2747 822 19.055 +105 Spins -33 Bullet +1.018 Audience Spanish 17. CARDI B I Like It 479 25 4.533 +11 Spins +10 Bullet +0.087 Audience Tropical Latin 8. CARDI B I Like It 319 37 3.168 +15 Spins +15 Bullet +0.093 Audience Latin Urban 6. CARDI B I Like It 85 6 0.477 +2 Spins +1 Bullet +0.084 Audience HAC: 99 -- CARDI B I Like It 146 -- 58 -- 0.401 Overall : #15 (+2) Cardi B - I Like It : 73. 399 Aud (+4.027) This is huge for Cardi B. 7 multi formats in the US Radio, a +4M update. A summer smash is on the way ! And they say that Gaga has no impact "Papaparazzi like I'm a charts queen" is coming "I Like It" is on the way to top the US radio charts with this kind of update. The #1 at the HOT 100 is a possibility if she stays steady in streaming and if her update radio will still grow as much as today Will she be the first female rapper in history to top more than one time the HOT 100 ? Stay tuned
  6. Thank you for this message, you are so right, I heard so many stories, funny, interesting, beautiful, it was a different place full of life, like I just wish for 1 hour to go back and see it with my eyes.
  7. Stefani Germanotta Found

    lmao I already follow her and when I'm half asleep I have in the past sent a photo of her to my friends going "Gaga posted!!!" Seriously though this girl is super talented.
  8. Tudor interviews Gaga

    I agree that it's not, like, too bad. But it's been a bit easier to clock the lines these last few years omg. A lot of my friends and family friends are Women of Color from the hood who buy real cheap yaki bundles and lace fronts from the local beauty store, and they still don't get clocked. Gaga and her resources can do much better flkdlkfgdklgkldfjlkjg Someone tell Gaga and Freddie to do a little more plucking and laying from time to time
  9. Tudor interviews Gaga

    Is this new?
  10. LG6 is gunna be all Pop

    id like to see her go this direction musically.
  11. Tudor interviews Gaga

    Looks like a mix of this, and
  12. Without Gaga's break up

    but a break up doesn't happen in one day... So she might have been influenced by her relationship too. Perfect Illusion, to me, could talk about the fans.
  13. ALL Charts Discussion - 'A Star Is Born' trailer OUT NOW

    this is unbelievable
  14. Can Taissa come back tho!?
  15. Despacito is shook
  16. Video Vanguard Award and Gaga

    John Wayne says heller
  17. Predict Liberation’s First Week Sales

    The replies in this thread, y'all are so evil Probably 20k
  18. One of my favorite fan theories for Hotel was that The Countess was simultaneously a vampire and a witch. I personally think that would have been a smoother connection than the random murder of Queenie.
  19. The whole world shits on her (and rightfully so), so let the poor thing have her fantasy.
  20. Predict Liberation’s First Week Sales

    Mind y’all, Decelerate debuted at #24 on the Bubbling Under Chart. At least Perfect Delusion debuted at #15 on Hot100. Fall in Line is no where to be seen. Really not hopeful for them SPS.
  21. Pope compares abortion to Nazi crimes

    The pope is irrelevant. So is the Catholic Church.
  22. LG6 is gunna be all Pop

    Maybe its symphonic dead dance pop-metal. Let me dream
  23. Predict Liberation’s First Week Sales

    She’ll be lucky if she gets 10K
  24. Predict Liberation’s First Week Sales

    Bionic debuted with 110k in 2010. That’s horrific. It’s gold certified NOW, and it’s PROBABLY 1 mil WW but not in the US alone. Lotus did terrible too.
  25. What’s a weird reason you dislike a celebrity?

    Adam Levine He never insulted me personally but I feel like he did after trying to be smart on Twitter about Gaga and ARTPOP. Enjoy some of his songs (especially old Maroon 5 ones), but I can see clearly through his sh*t and it irks me. He is the definition of a sold-out soul of music.
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