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  2. LG6 needs to be DARK

    ok but gaga said the tf and TFM are a ting and yang concept so if TFM is dark the fame is light
  3. idk why but im alergic to 99% of french songs
  4. LG6 needs to be DARK

    Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd says hi. But her making dark videos was how she got to where she is now in her career in the first place?
  5. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    I just threw away fruits because of freezer burn cuz I didn't use them up fast enough in my smoothies
  6. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    Yes, the food was too salty.
  7. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

  8. THEORY: Gaga Is A Hologram

    If she were really a hologram don’t you think they’d programme her to be able to dance? Debunkedt
  9. LG6 needs to be DARK

    Well, I also tagged it as an opinion so really, I need it. I don't know, while a light and colorful record would be cute, I feel like Gaga's lost her edge and became basic. Like she became somebody that her younger self would never imagine herself becoming. I guess that's the nature of growing up and maturing as a person and an artist, but I wonder if she's lost the theatricality that she snatched the game with in the late 2000's/early 2010's.
  10. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    Ik! My best friend's fiance is Venezuelan and she and her mom and sister haven't gone back to visit in 3 or 4 years cause they say it's too chaotic and unsafe to go now
  11. LG6 needs to be DARK

  12. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    I’m just.... at a loss for words. I have seen friends and family toss food away because of salt and we have thousands starving. I’m damn near tears.
  13. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    someone needs to help venezuela like asap!!
  14. Oscars performers revealed!

    Listen ya'll, my mexican goddes Natalia Lafourcade is performing and I'm not letting any of you ruin this moment of happiness with your "where's gaga??" and your "who" bullsh*t!
  15. Lana Del Rey in Studio With Jack Antonoff

    Omg I'm so here for it
  16. Farhan is back

    little monsters are thirsty 24/7 and need to worship their retail jobbed daddy
  17. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    PDVSA being a mess as usual
  18. Whaaa? Rob Fusari?

    The fact this song production is pretty nice and it have the 0,5% possibility of being a really old Gaga demo he just recorded gives me... a thrill n
  19. "exclusively on Tidal" HAHAHAHA cancelled my subscription about a month ago to move to Spotify
  20. Is this Gaga’s best immigration-themed bop?

    Jesús Cristo, sis
  21. Farhan is back

    do we really need a thread for every tweet tho so many "farhan is back" threads but nothing comes from it
  22. Farhan is back

    I mean I suppose he has a cute elf-ish charm about him sure
  23. Workers In Venezuela Too Starved To Work

    This is so sad
  24. Rumor: Beyoncé and Jay-Z to drop album on April 4

    Not on my birthday, please
  25. http://business.financialpost.com/commodities/energy/too-hungry-to-pump-oil-pdvsa-crews-skip-work-to-hunt-for-food/amp Workers that work for the Government Owned Oil Company are now so hungry that many are too weak to work properly and productivity continues to drop Given extremely low wages not keeping up with inflation many workers are simply walking off the job Last month in January a single week saw 10,000 workers quit.
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