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  2. Cult of Law (beta)

    I’ll PM later. Probably tomorrow...
  3. So... gaga just needs the ASIB single to get 3billion views and she will pass her. Seems doable
  4. Let's discuss Poker Face

    The booklets have a lot of wrong lyrics though
  5. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    nn this
  6. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    No it looks good
  7. Gaga shops for Thanksgiving

    Yeah but it's Lady Gaga! She's more important than that holiday. (No offence to Americans. It's just a silly joke).
  8. Gaga: "Onion Girl is so good"

    Omg Gaga was so pretentious back in the ARTPOP days lmao i love it. She served high fashion looks and talked about her work and music and ARTPOP all the time and was so messy sksksk “What message do you want to give your fans listening to the album?” ”if they work hard maybe Jeff Koons will make a sculpture of you one day”
  9. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    these ones aren't that bad and were stylish at the time if they came out today, i'd be disgusted
  10. It did in sweden "Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that was officially launched on 7 October 2008" Back then they used to have a top 100 album chart + top 100 song chart and the top 3 of both showed the album/single covers. I know alot of gaga songs were always high in the lists and i know TFM was top 3 for months. I discovered telephone before being a fan in the top 3 songs with it's single art showing.
  11. I'll finally be able to move out someday.... ...hopefully
  12. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    i always thought this was the real one
  13. Well since I still believe this is the gen charts thread...
  14. Gaga shops for Thanksgiving

    queen of shopping for thanksgiving
  15. Let's discuss Poker Face

    Also "Dont care what they say... cause I was Born this Waaay" (from I wanna be with You )
  16. Let's discuss Poker Face

    God Poker Face has good lyrics
  17. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    When Gaga shared the Judas cover that time I was like wtf is this ****. But now I think it's perfect. Edit: I just scrolled up to see someone had shared it.
  18. Gaga shops for Thanksgiving

  19. Gaga's tattoos

    In the comments of your thread people said that the Bowie one was for The Fame, but I thing it's a reach... It better not because it's her worst tattoo
  20. Gaga shops for Thanksgiving

    My god these people should leave this woman alone. It’s Thanksgiving!
  21. worst single cover of a legendary song??

    Yes though
  22. Spotify didn’t exist back then but yeah
  23. Let's discuss Poker Face

    Luck and intuition would be the best words but I think it's love game.
  24. Younger Now era has ended

    I'm going to get dragged for this so hard but to me this is the album of the year, and mileys best yet. I'm sad no more singles and no tour but if its what she wants then I respect it. as long as she's happy I don't care what happens.
  25. Gaga shops for Thanksgiving

    Gaga's fam lives in West VA., so it seems she's pitching in for Thursday's feast. The pic was shot at a Kroger supermarket and she was all over the produce section. The hoodie may have done the trick, because we're told no one noticed her. Seems odd with the platinum blond hair that no one connected the dots, but they didn't. Gaga's grandma lives in West VA, and that's where her mom is from as well. http://m.tmz.com/#2017/11/23/lady-gaga-shopping-thanksgiving-kroger-west-virginia/
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