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  2. Producer on Beyonce's writing Credits.

    Take that Little Hater
  3. Was This The Start of #LG6 Era?

    I love this look! It’s giving me RockGa teas with touch of TFM/BTW
  4. Lady Gaga at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (5f2 won)

    I loved seeing Katherine’s reaction
  5. maybe you snapped with this one
  6. Lady Gaga at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (5f2 won)

    That is crazy how... crazy people went when she was announced/spoke I can’t believe it
  7. It will be a hit just like the last single. Stay mad fatties x
  8. Sounds like a BOP and I believe it will be another hit for miss Ariana
  9. Say something nice about Perez Hilton

    He is Not as bad as hitler
  10. Apeshit Demo Leaks

    Let's not forget how everybody dragged Katy for collaborating with them, meanwhile Beyonce will get away with it
  11. Producer on Beyonce's writing Credits.

    Well would a collaborator really say something bad about her? That would just look stupid I don't want to say what is true and what is not, but I just think Beyonce is amazing as a singer and as a performer, that no one can deny! For the rest well
  12. Sweetener Artwork Revealed

    I am stanning all the new songs so far so I will try to forget this cover ever happened
  13. Apeshit Demo Leaks

    *pretends to be shocked*
  14. (Sensitive Dark Topic) What would you if Lady Gaga

    Agreed. Gonna lock this. If the other mods are cool with it then it'll get reopened.
  15. Applause had more longevity than BTW. Why?

    It's just because BTW was so extremly frontloaded because everyone was wating for what gaga would deliver next after one of the biggest debuts ever (TF+TFM). Any track from born this way would gone #1 atleast the first week. It also had it's biggest promo the first weeks (Grammys, video, radio deal etc). So it partly so many had already bought the song the first weeks that it could not keep on the charts later on and also when Judas/TEOG got released those got the attention instead, TEOG esspecially took over on radio fast. Applause on the other had a nice debut (Because it's gaga) but faced strong competition like Roar, Blurred lines, wrecking ball etc so it wasn't was big as btw in the start but people liked the song and radio started to really support it later on(it became her biggest radio it, although we can't really compare 2013 numbers to 2009/10 since more radio stations were added.) It also had a short but nice video unlike btw that tbh was very dark and long for most gp watchers that added replayabilty.
  16. Monsters here's the HD link for the full video of Gaga's entrance and award handout.. Thanks to our beloved @Nemo.. ❤️Download it fellas 🙌🏼
  17. Apeshit Demo Leaks

    And why the GP DESTROYED Katy Perry for working with them and they are silenced now?
  18. This is a pony fetish festival

  19. Lady Gaga at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (5f2 won)

    "Black moth******** Panther"
  20. Apeshit Demo Leaks

    Right I think about it all the time......... and on top of that the homophobes themselves continue to have mainstream careers society, explain me
  21. I believe in the Threefold Law. I'm not saying that he didn't have it coming, or that this isn't some kind of cosmic justification for his actions, but I find it utterly provocative to make fun of a persons death. I know this is GagaDaily, and that sarcasm and tar black humor is inevitable, but to me, that's just going too far.
  22. Apeshit Demo Leaks

    I like this better than the Carter version (whew saves me .9 seconds from typing Bey and Jay!)
  23. Lady Gaga at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (5f2 won)

    Wait a hot minute bitch I know that ain't real and I know with every fiber of my gay ass being that she would not do some **** like that but IMAGINE!!! BEHIND THE SCENES OF ASIB!!!! LG6!!!! AND HER MAKING MORE CHICKEN FOR HER DOGS!!! I hate her we stan a legend
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