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  2. Favorite YouTube Video?

  3. Favorite YouTube Video?

  4. Favorite YouTube Video?

    just two videos that I like of very talented people:
  5. Favorite YouTube Video?

  6. Favorite YouTube Video?

  7. my dad turns 49 too in like a month mess anyways happy birthday christian! thanks for making our girl happy, keep it up.
  8. What will you feel if these were lipsynced on RPDR?

    I would feel like why those when there are still well known songs like Alejandro, Do What You Want, Poker Dace, and the Edge of Glory for them to do.
  9. Favorite YouTube Video?

    https://m.youtube.com/user/LadyGagaVEVO It's not one video
  10. Favorite YouTube Video?

  11. Like 6 songs in 4 years though? Half of which were delayed 20 times, including Fantasea 2. Wheres Business and Pleasure? Hardly a good track record, but ok.
  12. Drag Race Season 10 Cast Ruvealed!

    Some of the interviews were awkward af.
  13. Drag Race Season 10 Cast Ruvealed!

    blair st. claire is a cutie, i hope she goes far
  14. What did the animal imagery mean?

    i thought about how she explained her bones/spikes in the born this way era. she said they were always there and just come out when she feels in a certain way. living halfway between fantasy and reality and beeing a veehicle. maybe they represent monsters/demons/powers inside her that shine trough in certrain moments. or try to overtake her or how she trys to fight them/handle them.
  15. Oscars performers revealed!

    Natalia Lafourcade I'm so proud of her, she's so talented
  16. Japanese School Under Fire For Uniform Choice

    Edit: i messed up lol
  17. Japanese School Under Fire For Uniform Choice

    I am a proponent of school uniforms but this is excessive. Imagine that you have three kids that you have to buy these for every single year. Or like they get ripped or ruined in the wash because they are expensive and have to be “handled with extreme care”...what if they are dry clean only?
  18. First vs Last Award Show Performances Per Era

    I remember that Bambi awards show I suffered so much waiting like 2 (felt like much more) hours for Gaga to perform, I didn’t understand a word and that was hell.
  19. Japanese School Under Fire For Uniform Choice

    that's a mess tho. Those uniforms are expensive, if they can afford it then go for it. I just don't think these would matter eventually in their careers. I see those kids raking in em A's why can't it be Versace tho? Donatella might be able to use them coins to promote Melon Rizons.
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  21. Favorite YouTube Video?

  22. Drag Race Season 10 Cast Ruvealed!

    Time to bring in international queens. I'd actually be very much into that (as long as they speak good english) and I think it could be very interesting to see them represent their countries.
  23. Japanese School Under Fire For Uniform Choice

    If you read the article, you may find the answers of many of your assumption here tbh. It is said that the decision are made one sided by the school's headmaster. And that public school in Japan are for the less fortunate. Which is why it draw criticism from both, the regular folks and education board alike. There will be none of this if it was private school that does this. Hong Kong adopted British education system being colonised by them for ages. But in many countries, public school means just that, a school subsidized by government for the non rich. I grew up in Asia and well aware of the differences.
  24. Album covers you find creepy

    is it this one?
  25. Japanese School Under Fire For Uniform Choice

    That title scared me for a second
  26. Favorite YouTube Video?

    YouTube, the main video uploading website mostly everyone uses! That saying, there are millions of videos uploaded onto YouTube on a daily basis! What's your favorite YouTube videos?! To start off, mine are:
  27. First vs Last Award Show Performances Per Era

    it started out pretty strong, but then just crashed and burned
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