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Lady Gaga scores third no. 1 album with ‘Cheek To Cheek’

Lady Gaga has landed her third U.S. number one album with her new release, Cheek To Cheek, a collaborative jazz…

Gaga Daily’s exclusive Q&A with Lady Gaga

You asked… she answered! Lady Gaga took time out of her busy schedule to answer ten questions from fans at…

Lady Gaga’s special message to fans at Gaga Daily

Hey Monsters, Lady Here. It’s time to mobilize our monster community and spread jazz as far and wide as we…

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Morphine Prince

Walked my dog and got attacked by mosquitoes.

less than a minute ago


I'm at Starbucks getting some work done and they are playing Cheek to Cheek and it sounds so good playing on the speakers throughout :'(

less than a minute ago


I'm selling my One Direction stuff on eBay. If you wanna buy them: http://www.ebay.com/usr/danny-monro

2 minutes ago


aura, venus, and guy are such great running songs lmao

15 minutes ago

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