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Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 9Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 8Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 7Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 6Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 5Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 4Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 2Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 3Lady Gaga in New York City (July 27) 1Lady Gaga guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance 9Lady Gaga guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance 8Lady Gaga guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance 7

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PHOTO: Lady Gaga out in NYC

Added 22 minutes ago


How to be Nicki Minaj? :rip:

Added 39 minutes ago


Gaga on Extra

Added 50 minutes ago

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kanye is such an awesome live performer

less than a minute ago


Had the best dream last night! It was about 2014 Gags winning an award with the Poker Face video on Disney Land and performing Poker Face with a chinese themed FameGa outfit!... , it was weird and beautiful...

10 minutes ago

Alex tbh

Proof that Gays go to Heaven http://www.imgur.com/mORkYN0.jpeg

13 minutes ago

Comments (8)


i didn't buy hm&r

17 minutes ago

Comments (3)


i didn't buy hm&r

18 minutes ago

Comments (8)

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