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Infected Mushroom talks "Aura"

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The following is taken off Infected Mushroom's interview with Israeli weekend newspaper "Sheva Leylot" (7 Nights), translated by me:

 "She (Gaga) came into Zedd's studio, her producer, while he was working on our track", says I-zen. "It was one of its first demos she immediately fell in love with. Zedd called us saying "There's a problem. Lady Gaga wants your song."
We had some serious deliberation, we see ourselves as a band with a high artistic integrity and we avoid commercialization and doing cheap things such as Britney or Gaga. But suddenly there's a concrete offer on the table and saying "No" is a mistake, because it's a guaranteed lifelong pension. Each time the song is being played or sold, we get some pretty nice royalties. So we decided to give her the melody, as long as we are signed under our private names. We felt embarrassment for our fans. But she refused, she wanted "Infected Mushroom" to be credited. So, we decided to go for it thinking it won't make the cut or she'll eventually change her mind.

But she didn't. Do you like the result?

No. I think it's an artistic compromise. The song is too cheesy and commercialized. The way her vocals are over the melody is bad. But, what do I know about pop hits? we are honored that someone off Gaga's league found potential in our track and loved it.



Gaga is being mentioned again when they are talking about turning down Madonna's offer to be her opening act:

Our collaboration with Gaga will also expose us the an audience that haven't heard of us before. But when this new audience will come to our show expecting to hear similar songs to "Aura", they'll be disappointed.



I scanned the Gaga-related part off the interview, so you can check it (if you speaks Hebrew). :sweat: relevant quotes are marked, (those which are translated above):


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I'm gonna cut their heads.

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Wow…why are some many people only in it for the money :(

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Wow ****ing hipster assholes :wtf: :usrs:

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wow they dont sound very happy with what she did with the song.


"There's a problem. Lady Gaga wants your song"  :toofunny:

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Wow. How extremely rude of them :wtf:

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Wow. :rip: They're entitled to their opinions, but they could have said no.

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I kinda love that they're annoyed but still let her use it, speaks volumes :rip:

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Like, yea of course they are entitled to their opinion and artistic vision..but to rack on everything about Gaga so harshly..wow

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wow lol

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we avoid commercialization and doing cheap things such as Britney or Gaga.

:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

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Wow ****ing hipster assholes :wtf: :usrs:



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How f*cking rude. :wtf:


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lol. "we want to make a living doing this but will bite the hand that feeds us" have some respect you idiots.

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And funny how they think it's commercial yet our fanbase thinks otherwise :toofunny:

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Well, at least they were honest. 

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What the actual ****.

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