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Bad Romance live: Monster Ball or Born This Way Ball

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Poll: Which one do you like best? (93 member(s) have cast votes)

MB 1.0, MB2.0, BTWB

  1. Monster Ball 1.0 (4 votes [3.88%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 3.88%

  2. Voted Monster Ball 2.0 (41 votes [39.81%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 39.81%

  3. Born This Way Ball (58 votes [56.31%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 56.31%

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Which Tour Performance of 'Bad Romance' do you like best and why?

Monster Ball 1.0

Monster Ball 2.0

Born This Way Ball

Graphic Artist

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BR BTWB. The vessel intro >>>>>>>

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Well, in my opinion, BR was pretty much the most important song of the whole MB along with Paparazzi, so I'll have to say MB 2.0 The orbit and the outfit are great, even though she couldn't really dance with that outfit. On the other hand, the vessel is really cool as well.

Community Committee

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Monster Ball 2.0. To me it's more iconic and the feeling I get when I see it after all the other performances is such an amazing one :legend: I love the outfit too :flutter:

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BTWBall, it has the vessel, those Rah rah's teasing people + she did the floor choreo on the bridge :legend:

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TMB 2.0 version is so iconic. The orbit and the DRESS :legend:

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Posted Image

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BTW Ball, the outfit was more accommodating to the choreography and the vessel lead up is immense.

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TMB 2.0 >>>

I love the "We did it Little Monsters, we made it to the Monster Ball". It was a great, energetic way to wrap up the plot line. The intro to it was also suspenseful which made it memorable.

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Monster Ball 2.0. I loved the orbit and the dress <3

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Born This Way Ball. The staging is clear, precise and modern.

The Monster Ball's looks sloppy and lazy.

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Monster ball 2.0. I hate how she wears such restricting outfits though, she can't really do the choreo in the MB dress.

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I voted for Monster Ball 2.0 'cuz it's the only live performance of BR which I ever saw so :legend: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Btwb bad romance outfit and vessel and performance>>>>> the whole monster ball tbh!

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Born This Way Ball.
No contest.
I'm kinda pissed the tour is canceled because usually at the last couple of dates ( 10-15 ) Gaga PREFECTS the tour and every performance.And I
wanted to see that :( .
But yeah,Get well soon Gaga

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BTW Ball >>>

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Born This Way Ball.

I love it when she teases the crowd :P

BTWB Bad Romance would have been so much more better if she walked the Monster Pit during the first part of the bridge like in MB 2.0 though.

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OMG THE VESSEL INTRO BEATS ANY OTHER INTRO!! The rah-rah's it's like you know it's coming but you don't know when. AND THEN SHE HATCHES FROM THE VESSEL! = perfection

Therefore, The Born This Way Ball!

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Born This Way Ball hands down! F L A W L E S S! her outfit and stage presence are on KEY in that performance!

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ugh, I don't know! I loooove the intro for the BTWB with the vessel, but the MB 2.0 is so iconic with the orbit :legend:

I voted for both :classy:

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monsterball 2.0 because it's the last song of the show and i remember getting really into the whole atmosphere and getting quite emotional! i also love the orbit thing and the costume & shoes are quite iconic too

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