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Mystery of BTWB 2013 TV trailer pro-shot footage solved?- OSLO?

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Here's the 2013 tour ad, with footage shot between Mexico and Russia (late October-November 2012). The lighting in Highway Unicorn changes colours (unlike in 2013) and Gaga has pink hair.

Bloody Mary
See 0:06. Only David and Jeremy are posing behind Gaga (Mark nowhere to be seen). Gaga has outstretched right hand.

Here's the exact same shot from Oslo at 2:31 below.

Bad Romance
0:24 in ad versus 5:20 in the video below. Gaga waves her hand in the same way:

Marry The Night 1st chorus (no fans)
And 0:04 in the ad versus:

Marry The Night Keytar/headbanging
And 0:12 (ad) versus 1:55 in the fan video by LauiiHD

So the pro-shot footage from the TV ad is from Oslo?

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Another thing to look for is Gaga would be wearing TWO mics that show. So look for two mic packs strapped to her. One for the arena, and the other for the cameras for the DVD to adjust her sound

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OMGGGGGGG :flutter: The bloody mary in the commercial is so magical :flutter:

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wow, detective!! Could be, could be, footage looks cool if it's for the dvd!

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Wow! This is so exciting! I wish that tour ad was played on National TV.

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I hope so :cry:
But its such a shame that certain songs that were sang in the American leg would not make the DVD.
If I was Interscope, I'd film every show :crossed:
I mean, why would they wanna film ONE show. Urgh. Its GAGA!! How can you film ONE FREAKING SHOW???!?!?

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So the film that's going to be shown in a city (forget which :flop) is the BTWB in Oslo? :legend:

I'm so excited now :excited2:
Oslo is one of my favorite cities in the world :legend:

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Well, they could use this as basic DVD and put the Hair studio version and the queen performance as bonus content on the dvd..
Pink did that with her Funhouse tour DVD ;)


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You need to get out more.

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I doubt this means that an entire DVD was filmed. They might've filmed certain songs to put in the ad, but if fans never spotted cameras on cranes moving around the arena during any of the shows, then I doubt an actual dvd was filmed.

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The BTWB hasn't been filmed.
There probably won't be a tour DVD.


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itz illuminiti

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Some of the shots in the commercial are not even that good, they can't release the dvd with this footage.

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