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Started by hmm, 21 Jul 2014
ISIS Terrorism Discussion - last post by Faysalaaa

Started by lego, Yesterday, 09:14 PM
Ferguson Unrest Discussion - last post by Chic
This topic is locked

Started by Kayla, 12 Jan 2012
Celebrity News belongs in the Entertainment section, News updates - last post by Kayla
This topic is locked

Started by Hybrid, 30 Jun 2014
Israel - Palestine Conflict Discussion Thread - last post by Twisted Shadows

Started by Mr J, 17 Jul 2014
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashes in Ukraine - last post by Mr J

Started by Jjang, 30 Sep 2014
Stephen Hawking : There Is No God - last post by Jjang

Started by Simon, 01 Mar 2014
Ukraine-Russia Crisis Discussion (Post all related news here) - last post by Simon

Started by No Angel, 10 Aug 2014
Missouri chaos continues post-Michael Brown's death - last post by No Angel

Started by Morphine Prince, 14 Jul 2014
Ebola Outbreak Discussion - last post by Pop

Started by Electric Venus, 24 Apr 2014
Mom whoops girls ass for posting nudes on Facebook - last post by Electric Venus

Started by Simon, 10 Dec 2012
United States of Europe? - last post by Simon

Started by Disclosure, 26 Jul 2014
Ebola virus news - last post by Disclosure

Started by MJHolland, 26 Aug 2014
If Britain were a U.S. state, it would be the second-poorest - last post by Morphine Prince

Started by Morphine Prince, 04 Nov 2014
Republicans take over the U.S. - last post by ctherainbow

Started by Disclosure, 05 Jun 2014
Protesters in Murrieta turn buses carrying detained immigrants away - last post by theMonster5

Started by Simon, 14 Oct 2014
ISIS declares Christians as No. 1 enemy - last post by Simon

Started by theMonster5, 08 Sep 2014
$4.67 Big Mac can pay for $15/hour workers? - last post by Economy

Started by Disclosure, 08 Jul 2014
Minneapolis locals claim Bar Louie's dress code policy is racist - last post by brizoda

Started by Didymus, 16 Jul 2014
"All gay men should take HIV medication" - last post by lucia4

Started by PACO, 09 Oct 2014
Teenager loses virginity on his mother's corpse after killing her - last post by No Angel
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