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Started by GagaUnderYou, 25 Nov 2014
Rumors on new Gaga music - last post by TimisaMonster

Started by BornSimon, 27 Nov 2014
Someone who worked on C2C spills the beans on the making of the album - last post by OBEY

Started by davidforever98, 07 Nov 2014
Lady Gaga is working on her next album? - last post by Tayfani

Started by evgenigerm2, 27 Nov 2014
Unreleased 'Born This Way' Era Photoshoot? - last post by Brooke Candy

Started by RevelUnderYou, 26 Nov 2014
What is this? - last post by Plantzombie

Started by Spyro, 24 Nov 2014
Gaga hinting at rock album? - last post by HORRORHOLIC

Started by FATCAT, 23 Nov 2014
Gaga to perform new material in Paris? - last post by Wet Fire

Started by Blackwillow, 23 Nov 2014
ARTRAVE DVD Will be filmed in Paris! - last post by natashaUK

Started by Bebe, 10 Nov 2014
Twista ft. Lil Kim and Gaga confirmed? - last post by thierryrreiht

Started by forslayage, 02 Nov 2014
Space performance not happening for another 10 years? - last post by jimakostsalas

Started by Squidward T, 18 Nov 2014
Lain Cook to work on a track on Gaga next album? - last post by JacePierre

Started by Glamourpuss, 16 Nov 2014
The Paris show will be live streamed. - last post by monster78619

Started by SomethingMore, 14 Nov 2014
Gaga & Tony to appear on The Queen Latifah Show - last post by TEANUS

Started by Guy Above You , 12 Nov 2014
Rumour: Onion Girl lyrics? - last post by Electra Heart

Started by judxs, 12 Nov 2014
Gaga filming artRAVE in Sheffield? - last post by TimisaMonster

Started by BottomSwineArt, 22 Oct 2014
RUMOR: Gaga to bring back the BTW Ball,Monster Ball AND The Fame Ball! - last post by Green Detox

Started by HausOfGypsies, 10 Nov 2014
Lady Gaga Ft. Sam Smith Rumor? - last post by PawsUpMonsters

Started by RBNLM, 08 Nov 2014
Gaga confirms RedOne collaboration backstage? - last post by MANiCURE

Started by SISTERV, 31 Oct 2014
Rumor: Gaga Teases Something Big Is Coming In May - last post by zaza04

Started by SomethingMore, 03 Nov 2014
RUMOR: Adele and Lady Gaga are working on a duet - last post by TimisaMonster
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